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09-05-2013, 09:34
Well title says most of it.I found myself wanting to get back to fantasy and I have gotten some Vampire models on the cheap so I am mostly building for what I have.My plan is to create a balanced list that does not suck real bad so I would appreciate your input.

Lords(625 pt max)

Vampire Lord(lvl4,Heavy armour, Amulet of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Sword of +2 Str, Red Fury, Quickblood) 501
Coming at a hefty 501 pts this is the combi-lord that is the center and soul of the army.He puts out many re rolling s7 attacks that generate more attacks and can support the army with spells.Maybe the sword of strife would be a better fit?

Heroes(625 max)

Necromancer(lvl2, dispell scroll) 125
Backup caster and scroll carrier

Vampire(2 hand weapons,armour of silvered steel,Dark Majesty,Fear Incarnate)
Not sure about this guy.want to try a trick by puting him in the skeleton unit(see below)

Core Units(min 625)

30 Skeleton Warriors(full command, Screaming banner)
block number 1 fear vamp goes hear to watch the fun when opponents fumble their ld checks.
30 Ghouls
combat unit run in horde
2x5 Dire wolves
20 Zombies(command)
cheap expendable can grow BIG!


1 Corpse Cart
Dont know how usefull it is.Like the looks!
30 Graveguards(great weapons,full command,Banner of Barrows)
another hefty points investment.still i think its one of the better choices for General bodyguard
6 Vargeists
This I actually do not own but its the only thing missing from my list.I like the look and they seem to be a nice effective if somewhat fragile unit


SO thats that.It come to 2470 so I can perhaps beef up the skelleton unit more or add bats/spirit hosts.
Another option is to drop the 2nd vamp and add a Vargeist.
Please any input is MUCH appreciated

10-05-2013, 06:14
It has been my experience that fear causing builds often do nothing. Fear Incarnate and the screaming banner are points I would spend on more skeletons or ghouls. 30 especially for ghouls is not enough to be in horde formation. 35 minimum with 40 being better.

Corpse carts are very slow. I doubt I would take one unless one of your characters is carrying the bound spell for Van Hel's.

I would also run that level 2 vampire with the lore of shadow.

Split those vargheists in units of 3 and buy them champions. You can always just charge both units into something if you need all 6 in there. Having them able to split off to target different things will be invaluable.

14-05-2013, 20:45
Vargheist advice sounds really solid.I should have thought that.
Is the corpse cart that much slower than the entire army? it is mainly infantry.

I agree that 30 ghouls might be too few for a proper horde.I will try and squeeze some points for another 10.An easy fix would be dropping the corpse cart maybe.I have to test it.
If I do not use the fear causing build for vamp and skellies what do you think would be a good replacement?

Again thanks for the advice so far!

14-05-2013, 21:10
If you don't care if you get charged, the corpse cart is now slow. Lists with a lot of mortis engines and screams tend to use corpse carts because they don't move forward very fast, preferring to cast spells and scream at their opponents. Corpse carts have a hard time keeping up even with infantry. Their 6" range is limiting when infantry march out of their radius by turn 3, or can charge out of it by turn 2. They're fairly frail/weak for a chariot and are only useful against other weak infantry. What's nice though is that skeletons and zombies who normally cannot defeat weak infantry alone usually can with the help of a corpse cart, but he risk is that if the combat goes bad your corpse cart is likely to die from combat resolution.

For a magical banner for my skeletons I usually give them either nothing or the banner of swiftness for +1 movement. I find the best use of skeletons is to add ranks to break steadfast. Since this is dangerous to do from the front, I like to flank things with my skeletons to minimalize casualties and thus negative combat resolution. That extra point of movement can be the different between a flank and a front charge. The way you've got your list now though, it might be better to skip the skeletons altogether and get two 25-ish sized units of ghouls.