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Dr Rockso
09-05-2013, 20:39
I've been re-iterating and trimming fat off of this list for a while now and I think I've finally come to a really strong final list.

Level 4 with Death Magic
Book of Hoeth
Tali of Preservation

Noble BSB-154
HA, Lion Cloak, GW
Ring of Khaine
Golden Crown

9 Silver Helms-227
Champion and Standard

9 Silver Helms-227
Champion and Standard

5 Ellyrion Reavers-90

5 Ellyrion Reavers-90


29 White Lions-417
Flaming Banner

10 White Lions-xxx

5 Dragon Princes-165
Champion and Standard

Rare xxx





Ok, so some explanations. Silver Helms are both in Bret Lance formations in a 3x3. White Lions will be fielded 6 ranks deep with the arch and BSB in them, more on this later. The idea is to be extremely mobile with plenty of drops so that I am picking my winning matchups. The large unit of WL are basically my anvil for the various cavalry and hammers I have here. As long as the BSB and one WL is alive, I have LD 9 stubborn re-rolling. The other unit of WL are there for an extra drop, another damaging unit and as a roadblock. I think they'll be 3x3+1. I have them in 2 units because 30 WL should be more than enough for how I intend to use them.

However, I only really want the WL in winning fights. With 4 redirecting units, 2 of which are unreal redirectors, I should be getting all the fights I want and scary deathstars of doom should never reach my WL. The arch will stay in the WL until the last second and then will bail and become an independent character if my WL are about to get into a dangerous combat. Ideally the enemies shooting will be in combat or dead by the time this is necessary.

As for gunlines, I'll have 9 units that will easily be able to charge on Turn 2, Turn 1 even for some of them, so they'll get one turn of shooting really so they have to hope they really do something and with the high tough, ward save, reviving monsters in tandem with a significant amount of 2+ saves, I like my odds.

The 2 frosthearts are there to support and duo-charge stuff.

Death mage is to snipe characters and big things that are scarier than my scary stuff. Against elite armies the arch snipes the heavy hitters then debuffs the elite units or purple sun's them, against hordes he removes force multipliers and makes steadfast irrelevant.

Basically, I'm looking at a flexible MMU style army list that relies on tactical and strategic superiority rather than raw power to win. What do you guys think.

Food for thought:

Death or Shadow. I'm thinking death because pendulum, okkams and shadow steed all have minimal use in my army

Mounted BSB. Mount him and add him to SH perhaps?

Is there a better hammer unit or use for the points I spend on the 10 WL?

How would you increase this to 2,500 without just adding unnecessary fat.

Dr Rockso
11-05-2013, 16:44
Bump for comments

11-05-2013, 16:51
I'd say take death, or beasts. You have a lot of cavalry so beasts would give you +1 to cast on those units and make them hit harder.

I'm not sure what the 10 man unit of white lions is there for, I'd say take them out and add 2 bolt throwers, or if you don't have the rare points maybe a couple of tiranoc chariots.

Drop the flaming banner on the white lions and put it on the dragon princes for monster hunting.

12-05-2013, 08:51
If you're only running your white lions 5 wide, I don't think you need so many. The biggest benefit of running that deep is being and breaking steadfast and getting combat resolution. While it's good for breaking steadfast, you don't need the the steadfast yourself because you're stubborn and there are a lot cheaper ways than 130 points to get 1 combat resolution. I would reduce the unit to 24 and see how it goes.

The unit of 10 white lions I would replace with swordmasters. I would never take white lions in units smaller than 15 because you're just losing out on attacks. I think 15 swordmaster attacks is of higher quality than 10 white lion attacks in most situations. The most common situation, regular toughness 3 troops, it is loads better. If you're set on running them 3 wide, then I guess who white lions, but the unit feels very sub-optimal.

Dr Rockso
15-05-2013, 03:54
Thanks guys. I wish I could get BTs but I have no rare points for them. However I think I'll be taking both of your advice and run the DPs as monster hunters and replacing the WL with a bigger group of SM. If I feel the need to switch the banner back I can always do so with ease.