View Full Version : Tandem bona causa triumphat (Stirland forever)

Lord Solar Plexus
10-05-2013, 14:19
Background: Last League game of the 2012/13 season.
Size: 2,500
Scenario: Dawn Attack
Restrictions: None really. Open lists except for magic items. No SC's, re-roll watchtower.
Empire list

Waltar, HA, luck shield, Tal of Preservation
L4, Heaven, Powerstone (in Halberds 2). Sig spell (Snowstorm), S6 Magic Missile, Harmonic Convergence, Comet

BSB, FP, ench. shield, Tal of Protection, Sword of Striking (the +1 to hit one, in Greatswords)
L2, Shadow, DS (in Halberds 1). Miasma, Mindrazor
WH, brace, Iron Curse (in Greatswords)

49 Halberds, M, S, 5 Archers
49 Halberds, M, S, 5 Archers

5 Pistoliers
35 Greatswords, FC, 15 Swordsmen
3 DGK, S, BotEF
Great Cannon


435 points of mounted L3 / General. lore of VC (in Black Knights)
mounted BSB, L2, lore of VC (in Black Knights)
Necro, L2, lore of VC (in Ghouls)

2*5 Wolves
28 Ghouls
32 Zombies
34 Skellies

2 Bats
1 Spirit Host
10 Black Knights
5 Hexwraiths

5 Blood Knights

Deployment & Vanguards

Pistoliers move up cautiously with the aim of either luring some of his cavalry or knights into a failed charge or to get into his backfield and harass stuff. Except for a magic missile they would be pretty safe there. He also moves up his vanguards.


Turn 1 (Empire)

Pistoliers move to engage the Wolves on my left. DGK move up behind to hopefully deal with the Blood Knights. The Halberdiers and Archers disentangle and Archers move up to run interference, especially against his breaker of Black Knights (I later found out they had a banner that lets them re-roll misses), BSB and General.

Magic starts with a dunce move (c)LSP: A magic missile at the Hexwraiths without checking whether I'm in range. Of course I'm not, so there. With the L4 out for now, nothing else happens.

Pistoliers kill 3/5 Wolves on the left, Archers kill 1 Wolf on the right, the cannon kills 2 Black Knights.


Turn 1 (Vampires)

No charges. At this time, we figured his vanguarded units could not charge but in retrospect I have my doubts. We didn't look it up though and were both of the same opinion, so there was no debate here. Anyways, magic (he 3 Nehek's, a vortex, a solid magic missile and a RiP spell like that does increasing damage) restores all Black Knights and the one Wolf on the right. I let the RiP damage spell on the Greatswords through since they have MR 2, lose two models and that's it. No shooting.


Turn 2 (Empire)

Pistoliers move to the rear of the Blood Knights. DGK charge the left Wolves and the Greatswords charge the Bats. I'm not sure why he put them so far forward. Perhaps he intended to double charge with both units of knights. Halberds set up good charge and support positions for whatever might come.

Magic sees me get an IF Banishment through on the Hexwraiths that kills them all. Phew, that was important - only my Captain had a magic weapon and he was way too slow to ever catch them. Had they caught my Pistoliers or, worse, my DGK, that flank would have been so completely gone. The rest of my dice go to dispelling the hex on my GS at basic complexity. Shooting kills the obligatory two Black Knights.

In combat, I dispatch the two Wolves and the two Bats with no effort. One GS also dies.


Turn 2 (Vampires)

I was a bit worried that he would now couble-charge the Greatswords - Blood & Black Knights (both 14-15" away) and the Zombies (6"-8" or so) were all in range but luckily he held back. I do think this was a mistake, considering the considerable damage output of his knights but he didn't want to fail a charge. The Blood Knights instead charge the Swordsmen who hold. He cannot possibly kill all 15 in one round and I only need one to survive. For some reason or the other, 9 survive and hold. In his magic phase he had raised the Black Knights up again and killed Archers 1 with a magic missile. Not sure what his plan was at this point, especially with his Black Knights...but I'm not complaining, every turn they're out of combat is fine with me.


Turn 3 (Empire)

DGK charge the Blood Knights' flank. Greatswords go hell for leather and charge the Ghouls with his Necromancer, incidentally the target of my Witchhunters accusation. H 1 charge his Wolves. Waltar moves up, rest shuffles for better positions. I again divert his Knights but I'm running out of diverters. Magic sees me getting Harmonic Convergence on the GS and I think some buff on the DGK but I'm not entirely certain. Shooting...ah, shooting. Small digression: I've always had a love/hate relation with cannon, never killed a thing, and ended up so frustrated that for this season's league list I only took one out of tradition, peer pressure and sheer disbelief. In the first game, it died turn 1...you get the gist. Now his Black Knights are showing me the flank...and the cannon explodes.

Never mind! Here comes the melee. Blood Knights go first and kill all Swordsmen. Demis follow and kill all Blood Knights. Greatswords kill half the Ghouls and lose two of their number. The WH kills the champion. H 1 kill his Wolves and reform into a bus, ready to receive the Black Knights or flank them.


Turn 3 Vampires

Black Knights charge Archers and turn around to the centre. Skellies move up in support. Spirit Host moves in front of Waltar. He gets Vanhels on the Skellies, so they're in my flank (H 2). In melee, my Greatswords kill the remaining Ghouls for two casualties and reform into a horde. The WH, incidentally, kills his prey - in close combat. Okay, it was just a Necromancer but it was satisfying nonetheless. :-D


Turn 4 (Empire)

Greatswords and DGK charge the Zombies (they had grown over time to 50 or so), that was an easy decision. What's much more difficult is the situation in the East. I can charge his Black Knights with 100 Halberdiers. Sounds good? At first glance, yes, but one contained my L4 (the L2 had left his unit before, not shown, played no part). The Waltar was within 18" but could not boost them. He could even have charged to the front as well...but if I did not wipe the unit out, Halberds 2 would find themselves with the Skellies in the flank. Would you have done that? I did not. I charged the Skellies and repositioned H 1. Shooting & Magic was uneventful except Convergence on the GS.

In combat, the combined might of 30 Greatswords, a Witchhunter and three Demigryphon Knights caused something like 25 wounds on the Zombies and not a single loss on my side. With flank, 3 ranks, standard & charge, the whole unit went POOOF. Everyone reformed towards the now pretty lonely Knights...Skellies and Halberds hit each other with 6:8 respectively.


Turn 4 (Vampires)

With the west gone, the Knights turned around again. Nehek raised all Skeletons back. Then he cast this vortex that does d6 S4 hits per rank and killed 11 Halberdiers. They still managed to win, killing 10 this time and losing 5 or so.


Turn 5 (Empire)

My Demis, GS and Altar were all either too far away or too precious to charge the Black Knights. Halberds 1 were looking the wrong way, the quick reform had brought the Knights out of my charge arc. Clever. I do however charge the Pistoliers into the remaining Skellies' rear. I manage Convergence on the Halberdiers and I think a boosted Miasma on the Skellies. I lose just one or two Halberds and kill like 15, which with flanks and ranks is enough to sent them packing, despite their BSB and the fact that they had the Warbanner. H 2 reform for the inevitable last turn charge. My BSB leaves Halberds 1 to at least provide a re-roll.


Turn 5 (Vampires)

Finally the Black Knights charge in (they've been strutting to and fro for long enough). I'll make this short: They kill enough to leave me with just one rank while they have two, I only kill one, and the rest including the L4 is run down.

On my last turn, nothing really happens. I could not have charged the Knights with the other Halberdiers because - again not shown in the graphs - my BSB was in the way and the Demis and GS, respectively, were 20 and 17" away. It does look a lot closer in the pictures but we measured it twice.

End result. +650 points for Stirland! Pretty cool, if you ask me, especially after the beating I got from two Skaven in the league and the abysmal luck against Dwarves (GS + BSB vs Hammerers + Thane + BSB, all hammerers are dead, Thane + BSB on their last wound, I still have 20 guys but just lost by 1 or so - and fail two re-rollable Ld 9 HtL tests. BSB gone, GS gone, 600+ points for him).

Anyway, I think it was okay that he got the Halbs. I had to sacrifice something to get superiority elsewhere, and it were the Halberdiers who had to suffer. Also, it made him feel less bad. I'm happy that diverting worked as well as it did, and that I managed the matchups I wanted. Killing the Blood Knights was a bit lucky, otherwise the Demis would likely have fled, what with 9 dead Swordsmen.