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12-05-2013, 02:53
Let me know what you think :)


Vampire Lord - 433
Red Fury, Quickblood, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse Icon, shield, heavy armour, barded nightmare

Master Necromancer - 220
Lvl. 4, Master of the Dead


Necromancer - 125
Lvl. 2, dispel scroll

Necromancer - 135
Lvl. 2, Cursed Book


30 Skeletons - 180
Full Command

30 Skeletons - 180
Full Command

30 Skeletons - 180
Full Command

10 Direwolves - 80

10 Direwolves - 80

10 Direwolves - 80


Corpsecart - 105
Bale fire

Corpsecart - 90

9 Black Knights - 314
Full command, barding, lances, Banner of the Barrows

4 Vargheists - 194

6 Hexwraiths - 180

6 Hexwraiths - 180


Mortis Engine - 240
Blasphemous Tome


19-05-2013, 19:31
The problem is you have to many anvils and not enough hammers only the black knights what oter models due have

19-05-2013, 21:12
Only heed my advice if you are trying to make a competitive list otherwise ignore.

The skeleton units are too small. Get two units of 45 instead.
The dogs are too big, make them 5 man units instead. Use the spare points to buy a zombie bunker of 20 models for your necromancers to sit in.
I don't take 1 corpse cart, and certainly two is a huge waste of points. You can make them work, but in this list they don't. Your black knights are far too fast for them, so you won't give them asf. Your skeletons are tarpits and won't kill anything even with rerolls to hit, which they almost certainly won't get due to their crappy initiative. They don't care about striking in initiative order because they have the models to take it. The balefire upgrade is too short range it will rarely do anything.
Your black knights are too small and the banner of the barrows is a waste on them. They are just extra wounds for your vampire lord, he will do all the killing not them. 14 knights is a good amount. Lose the banner.
I like one unit of 5 hexwraiths just as a sort of troublemaker, but two units of six is overinvesting in units that only pay off 50% of the time.

With the points you save you could purchase a fair bit, perhaps replacing a level 2 necro with a level 2 vampire on barded steed with a great weapon to ride with the lord, providing another invocation for those black knights.
I would recommend getting at least one preferably two spirit hosts, which are just ace for the price tag. Hydea? Spirit host. Abomb? Spirit Host. Stank? Spirit Host. They are a solution to so many problems...
Also if you can squeeze in a terrorgheist they are wonderfully powerful, and it will distract your opponents shooting away from your mortis engine. Target saturation etc...

Hope this helps!

19-05-2013, 22:47
I like your list a lot, it looks like a really fun one and avoids the usual cheese you see from VCs. However, if you are looking to build a tournament winning/generally competitive army you would need to change a lot.

Some general advice:

-The Unholy Lodestone is a better option than Balefire on the Corpse Cart (generally speaking).
-One Corpse Cart is plenty
-Dire Wolves are really only good as chaff, so units of 5 is preferable.
-A single unit of Hexwraiths is enough.
-Two units of 45 skeletons is better than three units of 30.
-Graveguard are always an option to keep in mind.
-Terrorgheists are a must for any competitve VC army - they are very powerful and fill opposing players with dread (and hatred for the VC player :D)

As I said, I quite like your list and I think it would be a lot of fun to play with. So, if you are playing for the joy of it - keep your list as it is!