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13-05-2013, 03:48
Hahlo Im new to fantasy, I've allot of empire models but recently ran across some chaos models a friend gave to me was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to develop this pile of chaos bits into something viable:
I have:
3 chaos chariots, old beat up metal ones
A metal lord on demonic steed
6 metal chaos knights with hand weapons
10 hellstriders with whips
A mounted Slaanesh lord on steed of slaanesh

I guess Im just wondering how many points this is, and if I could make this into a viable list for casual play, I don't know current chaos very well...
Any tips?

13-05-2013, 04:16
Well the chariots are good for core, and you can use the Hellstriders as just that, Hellstriders. Have them replace 2 units of dogs for chaff/hunting (since they're a little more powerful). The Slaaneshi lord can be a unit champion for the Hellstriders if you don't want to mount a character on one. The demonic mount guy is good for the BSB if you can get a flag on him. Otherwise, you can use him as an exalted or lord to put with some skullcrushers. The knights have often been replaced with gorebeast chariots, but since yours are the core variety and you have no GBC, Knights with hand weapons (ensorcelled weapons) are fine.

As for additions, pick up a Daemon Prince (honestly 2, otherwise you just lose models if you ever roll a 12 on EoTG) and some Skullcrushers to flavor. Probably you'll want some Chimarae or regular Warriors as well.

13-05-2013, 04:41
Your non-characters are about 830 points on average. You can increase this with some options. Your characters could be worth anything from 126/140 each to over 400 depending whether they are a hero or lord plus options. Chariots are core but IMO you need more to fill out your army. Chaos Warriors, Forsaken and Marauders. Pick at least two units from these options. This will give you a solid base for you to play a few games and decide for yourself where to take your army.

I forgot to mention the EotG table. Will you need to pick up one or two Demon Princes AND spawns. You will need them rather or not you decide to use them in your lists. The Eye of the Gods table could turn any champion or character into a Demon Prince or Spawn depending on rolls so you will need the models.

14-05-2013, 05:56
You probably need either some chaos warriors or a bunch more chariots to fill out your core a bit.
After that, well the army has many options to you just need to decide what sort of force you want to play - i.e. all infantry, fast cavalry/chariots and also how many ogres/trolls/monsters you would like to include.

14-05-2013, 14:01
I'll probably sound like a total tool, but ...

Find a way to get the book, or at least go to your local GW shop and browse through it.

You're seriously lacking in the Core department with only 3 chariots in there ...

Getting the main rulebook would be good also.