View Full Version : What did Angron's armour look like prior/during to the Horus Heresy?

13-05-2013, 11:33
Hey guys, I'm about to start painting the FW Angron. I don't read the HH series novels and am a bit oblivious to most things published about the HH apart from what GW published themselves. Most pictures I see of the model painted is either all gold or the red armour. Is there anything that dictates that or would his armour be more like his legion's colours?


13-05-2013, 12:02
Well, the FW scheme and art has him in purely gold armour, and the artwork in Collected Visions likewise depicts gold armour.

13-05-2013, 12:24
Probably something like this:


13-05-2013, 13:25
In Butchers Nails, Lorgar tells him he should just paint it red because he was covered in blood, and I think it was white to begin with, but I'm not sure.
I remember it being described as looking like something belonging to a feral world a few times, but colour-wise I'm not sure.

13-05-2013, 14:23
It was gold, but he didn't maintain it very well, so much of the time it was covered with patches of old, dried blood. Thus the Lorgars comment.

A Shadow
13-05-2013, 22:26
In Betrayer it says it's bronze, crafted to resemble a primitive gladiators armour

13-05-2013, 22:59
Alright, thanks guys. I guess I'll go for what's in the books then. :) WIPs should pop up shortly in my Sci-Fi Painting Log if you're interested.

The Anarchist
13-05-2013, 23:05
it often said to be brass and bronze and I belive often said he has bare arms with his blades chained to them too, in the gladatorial manner. Also can't think of him ever having been described as having a helm, though he must have done so as at various points surely it would have been needed?