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14-05-2013, 17:59
OK, I know Nurgle + Skullcannons is the thing right now, so before you say 'needs more skullcannons' - that's what I'm trying to avoid!

So, I've tried to put together something Tzeentch & Slaanesh, that doesn't get too nobbled by warpflame rules.

Here's my list - noting that this is heavily influenced by 'what I have' rather than 'what I want' - so most of the new shinies are out for the time being. I've been playing a bit more khorne stuff with GUO so far since the book, but I fancy a change!

Lord of Change, Level 4 - Tzeentch, Exalted Gift, Lesser Gift (typically Wand of Whimsy) - 570

Herald of Tzeentch, Level 2 - Metal, Locus of Change (changes his unit to strength D6 each turn...) - 160
Herald of Slaanesh, Level 1 - Slaanesh, Locus of Swiftness (ASF), Battle Standard, Lesser Gift - 225

20 Horrors, Full Command, Gleaming Pennant (single Ld test reroll) - 295
24 Daemonettes, Full Command, Standard of Discipline - 309

5 Furies of Tzeentch - 70
5 Furies of Tzeentch - 70
6 Fiends of Slaanesh - 390

Soul Grinder of Slaanesh - Baleful Torrent, Daemonbone Claw - 310

=2399 points

So, the idea is to keep the LoC either hidden away from threats like cannons etc, or screened by the fiends/soul grinder. Hopefully Glean Magic will be rolled (fairly good chance with level 4 and the horrors getting one roll first...) to deal with some of the enemy magic. The fiends can work quite well as a reasonably effective, but fast hammer unit that can deal with slightly heavier chaff threats than the furies can manage (note the tzeentch mark on the furies means they'll be trying to keep within 18" of the LoC - one roll at Ld9 is better than a BSB reroll at Ld2!)

The exalted gift on the big bird is ideally going to be rolling a 1 or 2, or maybe getting +2T (for those GW wielding troops that would otherwise smash him up good and proper). Depends who it's up against though... same with the lesser gift on the herald of slaanesh, any of them could be useful except ASF (which can be swapped for something like the witstealer sword, or for +1S sword etc).

An unlikely, but probably hilarious combination that makes me giggle a bit is the following:
Treason of Tzeentch, Phantasmagoria + soul grinder fire thrower panic test...
As I said, very unlikely, but very very funny if it worked (for me... not so much the unlucky person it actually happens to)

Note - Kairos is not really an option, as my group doesn't use all that much special characters, plus I like the idea of being able to smack people around after getting a few spells off...