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14-05-2013, 20:39
After a hiatus in the hobby, I've come back to Warhammer with greenskins and am currently playing a 500pt campaign with the occasional 1500pt game thrown in for good measure (based on the old Denizens of the Deep campaign). However, I want to grow this fledgling force, so starting with the Battle for Skull Pass set I've done a bit of shopping - but I'm not sure where to take it next. It stretches to about 2000pts or so (more if I go nuts on characters).

Here's the breakdown of everything I have, with a few observations:


Orc Warboss with Great Weapon
I usually stick this guy in a unit, has been reliable but hasn't done anything remarkable

Orc Warboss on Boar with HW/Shield
I don't have any other Boars so, when I've played him, he's been on war machine hunting duties. Except for diabolically bad dice rolling he's been solid.

Orc BSB on foot
Only used once, did OK but nothing special

NG Warboss
In the last game I gave him the Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh! for a bit of a laugh. Rolled him up to 10 strength 10 attacks and then proceeded to roll 9 1s before he broke and legged it off the table. Usually a bit more conservative and stick him in a unit of NGs

NG Shaman
Stick him in a unit of NG archers, does reasonably well when not subjected to animosity but has an unfortunate habit of dying


20 x Orc Boyz with HW/Shield
Usually upgraded to Big 'Uns, solid as a rock and form the centre of the battle line

20 x Savage Orcs with +HW and big stabba
On paper, these guys look ferocious. However, in experience they have been disappointing and rarely have much impact on the game - either being decimated before they get close or failing to do any significant damage

40 x NG with spears & shields (2 sets of command for 2 units of 20)
From the skull pass box, otherwise would just have one command group. In smaller games I run a unit of 30 with the NG Warboss in it. Will have to get at least another couple of boxes of these fellas

20 x NG archers
BfSP again, usually look after the shaman but have an infuriating habit of being the one unit I'm guaranteed to fail animosity on and then charging into the meanest looking unit they can see

4 x Fanatics
Mixed up between the units, I find they either do absolutely nothing or have a devastating impact. They're fun anyway, so I'll definitely keep using them.

10 x Spider Riders with spears and shields
Have been a mixed bag, my opponents tend to dispatch them quite quickly at range before they can creep down the flank or do any damage. When they do get into combat they've been so-so.


10 x Black Orcs
Only had one proper chance to use these chaps as they cost a fair few points for a 500pt game, but they didn't disappoint. I placed them badly but they soldiered through a hail of crossbow bolts to dispatch the ranged unit and then rear charge a unit of cold-one knights who were preparing to flank charge the Big 'Uns; stopping them in their tracks and giving the Big 'Uns a chance to break a horde of spearmen - I need more of these

1 x Troll
When this guy doesn't spend half the battle giggling to himself and licking his knees (stupidity), he is an utter hero. In 500pt games he can do massive damage all by himself - big fan, provided he passes LD


3 x River Trolls
Mostly purchased for the plastic vomit sculpt, these guys are beasts! Remember that horde that I mentioned the Big 'Uns breaking earlier? Well it's these guys that did most of the actual killing (and chasing down the unit) while the Big' Un's provided ranks and combat resolution.

I believe that's everything I have, so far I've worked out that I need more of everything - but that's not especially helpful. And given the sheer variety of choices in the O&G list I'm bewildered by the options! So, more Black Orcs, more NGs, more Trolls and more Boyz for sure. What else is missing?

14-05-2013, 23:30
I am not the most experienced one to take advice from on here but I can tell u some of what every is going to tell u. 20 savages is not enough. This unit should be 40 with the big un upgrade. They will also recommend the savage shaman with lucky shrunken head. I personally do not use savages. . I just don't like the look but you have twenty now so go big. 40 black orcs would be the next big step. Use the 40 night goblins with spears as one unit 5 wide (bus formation). Give them nets. The battleaxe on the NG war boss is funny but getting str 10 means he was WS 2. Most people only use the battleaxe with a black Orc war boss because he is base 7 WS. The spider riders should be broken up into two units of five used mainly as chaff. Trolls rock. The black Orc war boss in your shamans bunker will guarantee u do not lose out on a magic phase and u will not foolishly charge. Lastly we have war machines in the doom diver and rock lobba which would great additions to any army

15-05-2013, 07:18
Okay what I see as missing are the war machines. A bit of shooting gives you more options to deal with the enemy and more ways to play the army. As well as increasing the size of your units a bit more I would get some spear chukkers, a doom diver and a rock lobber as your next additions to your army.

17-05-2013, 12:18

i agrre on the savage orcs bigger is better but if you currently playing a 500 point campaign i would look into the idea of war machines like ratarsed pointed out. for good fun i would look at mangler squigs aswell for good fun their worth the mention.

17-05-2013, 21:16
Thanks guys, in the 500pt games the campaign rules mean I can use warmachines (in bigger games however...)

Apart from that the advice is, more everything and a savage shaman (although the idea of a frenzied caster sounds like a recipe for disaster!) What about wolf riders, chariots and squigs though? Are they worth the cash? I'll probably get an arachnarok at some point as well - mostly because of the pure awesomeness of it, rather than any battle plans.

Wharfrat - Is a Black Orc warboss worth it for a gobbo bus? Seems like a good way to kill 1-6 gobbos every other turn, but I'd be willing to experiment.

Fighting Newfoundlander
17-05-2013, 22:05
The Black Orc w/ Goblins is actually solid. If you're going to kill anything, gobbos is the thing to kill. Though he's nice w/ big unz too, because losing a turn or two with them really hurts.

Black Orcs are great, so yeah, you'll want more. But I think Big Unz are better for their points. I play with the normal orcs in part because I like the models more, but being cheaper and with a magic banner can be nice as well, and then you don't have to take the shaman with head combo. You have options. Because they die more easily you'll want more regular orcs for Big Unz then you'd need savages (but they are way cheaper in actual money terms).

Otherwise, I agree with: a bus of NG w/ netters and warmachines!! You'll enjoy having more trolls as well.

Wolf riders are decent, but you already have two units of fast cav (once you split them). I think Chariots are the better option. Wolf and boar and snotling. All have their place. I'd grab goblins to start I think, just to have that extra buffer against panic for those all-important Orc units, they're also faster and can partly fulfill some cav duties,. like going after warmahines, and because they're so cheap they'll be amazing in 500 point games. Orc Chariots do way better in assisting your combat blocks in tough fights, because they don't give away wounds like the gobbo's do.

Also in anything more than 500 points, and even at that level, I'd always be taking a BSB.

18-05-2013, 20:25
Losing your magic phase to animosity is the worst. I have been running the bloc bsb in my Mage bunkers for a while. However last week I went without one and lost two magic phases. I was so mad. I just don't see myself writing lists without them now