View Full Version : Expanding my Necron army - Help needed, please

Sir Requiem
15-05-2013, 17:54
Hi there. I'm new to Necrons and I'd like to know what could be some good next purchases.
If you could help me, I would highly appreciate it.
I currently have:

1 Overlord
30 Necron Warriors
6 Scarabs
6 Destroyers
2 Ghost Arks
3 Night Scythes
3 Annihilation Barges

I was thinking about 2 boxes of Immortals, and 2 other boxes of Wraiths.
I want to increase the number of Warriors too.

Any recommendations?

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

15-05-2013, 17:56
Well like you said you already seem to have a desire to field Immortals and Wraiths. More warriors is always a nice addition to a force.

colonel kane trine
15-05-2013, 19:54
Wraiths are brilliant definately worth getting.
I havent had much luck with immortals and would add more warriors over them.
I have had great experiences with nightscythe transported deathmarks with a despairtek.