View Full Version : Terror and Unit Psychology

15-05-2013, 20:45
Here's a Little thing that cropped up in discussion while discussing the good ol' Cloak of Beards

If a character who causes Fear stands in a unit that doesn't... does the unit then cause Fear for the purposes of Terror tests?

I'd argue no, because usually you follow unit psychology in any case, not to mention the obscene amount of exploits this would open up for.

What's your take on this one?

15-05-2013, 21:25
no, its a majority thing. your "unit" causes fear but is still susceptible to it. so terror still causes terror in your unit.

16-05-2013, 06:38
Also, if a Character causes fear and the unit they are with doesn't, the enemy only takes a fear test if the character is in base contact.