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15-05-2013, 21:11
Hi guys please take a look at this list. Bit of back ground to the list. I recently painted the vitlich model in its traditional blue colour scheme for a painting comp at a local gw store which I got some great feedback from and enjoyed painting the colour scheme so much i want to do a whole woc list in the same scheme ie very pale skin and bright blue armour plates. I also love the new slaughter brute model and and the dragon ogres as such I really want to have these in the list.. The list is for a new club campaign I'm joining in the next few weeks at around the 2400 mark. Problem I'm having is finishing the lit off and keeping it in theme I'm not sure if I need more characters units or what ? Help ! Oh and it's a fluffy campaign nones taking uber power builds

So the list


Lv2 mot familiar 185p

Lv2 mot feedback scroll 195p


21 warriors mot shields FC 387 p.

21 warriors mot shields FC 387p

30 marauders shields FC 300p


4 dragon ogres great weapons 272p

Gore east chariot 130p


Slaughter brute 205

Comes to 2067 leaving 333 to play with

Any suggestions guys



15-05-2013, 21:31
I'd definitely drop one of the level 2's and make him a Lord level 4 on a disc of tzeentch with a 1+/3++ wardsave with re-rolls of 1 on his ward save. Or you could make him a Tzeentch Chaos lord on a disc with a 1+/3++ re-rolling 1's for the ward save with the stubborn crown.

You could also get a Daemon Prince too, as they are amazing.

Take a dispel scroll instead of the feedback scroll.

I'd say get some Skullcrushers, but you're going for Tzeentch right? I'd say get some Knights then, at least 6.

You also really need a Battle Standard bearer, so definitely get one of those. Never leave home without a Battle Standard Bearer, he will make or break a game for you.

Possibly make the Slaughterbrute a Mutalith as that is more of a Tzeentch thing. Also Slaughterbrute are pretty terrible, especially as you have no Lord level character to provide you Slaughterbrute with Weapon Skill 8 or 9.

Chariots are only good if you run 2 or more.

You have no re-directors/chaff units. You need at least 2 units of war hounds or 2 units of Marauder Cavalry, or this army will suffer greatly as Warriors of Chaos have no shooting really and as such need throw away units to get your units into the combats you want them to be in.

I'm goina be totally honest and say that you should go back to the drawing board with this army. Warriors of Chaos are a good army and tough, but they are easily taken advantage of against faster opponents and can be forced into unfavourable combats. There's only so far you can rely on your chaos armour to protect you. The biggest thing you need to understand with a Chaos army is how to properly get your units into combat to make them effective because that's where you want to be, everything in the army must be designed to get into combat as quickly and efficiently as possible, or you will easily become bogged down and destroyed piece meal.

Good luck, hopefully you can post pictures of your army when it's finished.

15-05-2013, 21:45
Ok cheers

Thinking of dropping the lv2 with the scroll then and replacing him with a sorcerer lord but what build gives u a 1+\3++ save..?

15-05-2013, 22:08
Ok revised list

Lv4sorceror lord on disc mot
Talisman of preservation
Third eye
Tricksters helm

Lv2 mot dispel scroll

Exalted bsb mot halberd and shield

Core 6 marauder horse shields mot

6 marauder horse shields mot

21 warriors mot shields FC

21 warriors mot shields FC

10 chaos hounds

5 chaos hounds

4 dragon ogres

6 knights with lances and standard mot

Bang on the button for 2400

Cnc guys ?

15-05-2013, 22:09
By the by I'm going to start a plog to put pics up ASAP and have completed a 3k list to extend this to include the slaughter brute so I can paint it up along with some other bits from the range that take my fancy

15-05-2013, 23:11
This list looks a lot better than the last.

A couple of things that I could critique.

I would put the flaming banner somewhere in the army. Preferably on the Knights, then they can go monster hunting with their lances.

You have no magical attacks in the army so I would say either put enscorcelled weapons on your knights or give your Lord or BSB some kind of magical weapon. These will save your life when you encounter ethereal units.

Split that unit of 10 dogs into 2 units of 5 dogs, they are only in the army to die anyway. This way you have 2 sacrificial units rather than one more expensive/ less wieldy one.

You now have an excess of chaff units, so you could go ahead a cut some out to save points. 2 basic Chaos Chariots are really good too.

16-05-2013, 14:37
I personally don't like chaos knights. For the same points I find dragon ogres are way more point efficient but that's being picky!