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Resist The Dawn
16-05-2013, 00:40
I had an idea for the fluff for my Necron army. This is barely considered and I have not fleshed it out yet. I was hoping the community could help flesh it out and give me some ideas.

I was thinking that my Necron Lord, Who would be a destroyer lord, Would not have forsaken the C'tan as the rest of his kind did, But instead worshipped one, and seeks to revive him. This particular C'Tan, Tentatively titled The Destroyer, would have the same end goals/ideals as the Destroyers themselves. The Destroyer Lord would be seeking out the shards of this C'Tan, trying to restore "The Destroyer" to his Former Glory. This would even bring him into contact with his own kind. Most necrons would be against this, so I will be using mainly Warriors and Canoptek stuff, avoiding the 'Crons that think too much. Does this idea make sense? And does anyone have any ideas for improvements and Alterations?

Now I also want to make a suitably imposing model to represent this particular C'tan. Does anybody have any ideas? I wanted something similar aesthetically to the other C'tan, at least in the way that they have are tall, lithe floating creatures with thin strands of robe dangling off of them. Perhaps He has bits of Necron technology grafted onto his epidermis, giving him a sort of Cyborg C'tan look. Anyways, what does the community think?

Resist The Dawn
16-05-2013, 23:50
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Brother Alexos
17-05-2013, 00:07
This is a cool idea for a Necron army, and a very characterful retcon of a retcon. The one thing you may want to expand on is what your necron lord was doing when the other C'tan were destroyed, and how his lord was destroyed. Otherwise its gold.

As for your C'tan model itself, I would suggest trying to make the Necron equivalent of a Hellstorm Cannon. The background of this weapon being like an energy projector that kills everything by ripping apart at the molecular level. This will replace one of his arm. The lower half of his body will be like the body of that Necron tomb stalker from Forgeworld.

Hope I helped!!

Resist The Dawn
17-05-2013, 02:30
I posted this same thread over on Dakka Dakka, and the people there pointed out that a C'tan wanting to destroy all life was basically the nightbringer. So I think a new C'tan, one that reshapes the world around him as he sees fit, would be pretty interesting. Call him The Shaper or the Molder. Now to figure out what he changes things into.

17-05-2013, 03:38
I had a very similar idea actually, and think it's the best way of bringing the old necron style to the new fluff!

Other note, you would also imagine these Necrons to be absolutely furious at the rest of their race. They literally watched their gods be destroyed by them. That certainly inspires a special kind of hatred.

Resist The Dawn
17-05-2013, 04:07
I hadn't considered that aspect CaptianOtter. They would be angrier at other Necron's than any one else! This presents intriguing story elements :)

27-05-2013, 13:22
I like the idea of this :) as for 'Crons thinking too much' its hard to go wrong with Destroyers (who're like the Destroyer Lord so expect requests of extermination everything!), Wraiths, Deathmarks and the Slivertide of Warriors and Immortals too :) However my question would it how did you go from a Noble to a Renegade Destroyer Lord? Granted you'll be limited to Destroyer Lords as your HQ but you'll be back up by the Destroyer Shard :O