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17-05-2013, 06:19
I made this list for a little tournament, but was wondering if it would be any good.

3x 5 giant rats with packmaster

2x 30 clanrats with hw/shield and warpfire thrower (bus formation

23 clanrats h/w shield (bunker for warlord and bsb)

3x 20 slaves with musician (bus formation)

grey seer with talisman of preservation, earthning rod, ring of ruby

Warlord with Armour of Destiny, fencing blades, ironcurse icon
(general just there for ld 7 bubble)

Chieftain BSB with Storm banner

Warlock engineer lvl 1 with doomrocket

Warlock engineer lvl 1

Doom wheel

Warplightning cannon

Plague claw catapult

Hell pit abomination, Warpstone spikes

7 gutter runners with slings poisoned attacks

6 poisoned wind globadiers with mortar

any comment would be helpfull, thanks

The French Guy
17-05-2013, 15:04
I think you got a nice base but I would point out some stuff.

You wrote your warlord is here to give a LD7, however, your greyseer is already doing that. I would dish it for more rats.
Then, the warlocks, I like to give mine only a doomrocket, and an orb to the second, just to be some bomb-cady. You could throw in a dispell scroll. I feel like the level 1 is expensive.

Second point, you really need more bodies in your units and maybe to merge some of them: 20-30 rats/slaves won't stand.
Slaves should be around 50, then if you just take 20 clanrats for weapon teams that's another thing, but you need 2-3 anvils of numerous rats and some hammers.

But looks like your only hammer is the HPA, if somebody concentrate fire on it it will die.
I guess that's why you took a stormbanner, but as you also have interesting firepower, it seems like kind of a waste IMO.

Hope it helps! :)

17-05-2013, 21:24
Slaves should be 40 min 50 good and 75 in the bigger games.

20 just means you loose SIN early on and break/explode 20 are useless

17-05-2013, 22:04
Hey french guy
thanks on your reaction and tips.

I always have the problem when i take a wizard as general that it dies (mostly by my bad rolls) that's why i didn't take the grey seer as a general, perhaps i'll take your advice on the warlord and sub him for more rats after a few test runs and my grey seer lives to tell the tail ;)

missed the errata on the stormbanner, which makes it a bit harder for my shooting indeed, got to work on that one (thanks for the head's up).

if my warlock is a lvl 1, then he can take the dispell scroll (arcane item), without the lvl 1 he can't.

i'll go for a 2x30 slave unit (got only 60 slaves at the moment), and perhaps squeze in a unit of plague monks or redo my list and put in a block of 18 rat ogres (but that would be mental i think).

More tips are always welcome

Sorry boli, missed your comment when i was replying, got to get me more slaves then ;) thanks
thought that 3x20 would be oke with redirecting