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17-05-2013, 22:24
Is this a valid Army List tactically? I was just messing around but when I realized that I had created 4 solid units each lead by a Character and all causing fear I could not stop laughing. I was thinking run WL and PG in 7x3 Spears 5x6 Silver helms 5x3 laugh at the look on my opponents face when I tell them somehow my entire High Elf army causes fear, march the PG and Spears up the board flank with SH and WL. I have anvils I have hammers my magic phase is diverse if somewhat weak and I am fairly resilient against enemy shooting and magic. My only fear is that I am too character heavy and too light on troops also I wanted to add crown of command to my PG so they would be stubborn lol but did not have the points for it.

Anointed of Asuryan (General goes in WL) 220
Dragon Helm
ASF, Fear, 2+ ward versus fire, MR (2) & 6+ WSv for unit

Loremaster of Hoeth (goes in PG) 280
Armor of Caledor

Noble (goes in Spears) 145
Armor of fortune
Enchanted Shield
Shrieking blade (Fear)

Noble (goes in SH) 147
Ogre Blade
Cloak of Beards (Fear)
Dragon Armor
Elven Steed w/ barding

Spears x29 286
Standard of Lichebone Pennant

Silver Helms x 14 322

Pheonix Gaurd x 20 320
Fear, Witness to Destiny

White Lions x 20 280
Forest Strider, Stubborn

Lords 500
Hero 292
Core 608
Special 600

19-05-2013, 13:12
I think your choices of Fear in every unit is points heavy. Why taking more than one noble? They are poor fighters compared to their points. Better might be:

- Archmage as Lord
- Maybe a supporting mage/Loremaster

You should consider if every unit needs the "fear", because some units are support units. The effect of fear is poor as well for their WS is only dropped to 1. White Lions is a hammer and already have stubborn. Giving them fear is just not helping you that much there. Terror should be better (terrifying mask of EEE?).

If you although choose to run this army you need a Death-Archmage to drop your opponents leadership instead of a loremaster of Hoeth. Take Aspect of the Dreadknight and Doom&Darkness and you can let them fly by terror. Some champions may take magic items as well. Saves you a lot of points.

I fear that you will be surrounded by flanking enemies when playing this list for you have no flank protection and no units who remains back while shooting. When your opponent plays defensive and has much shooting, especially warmachines, your blocks are very vurnerable.

20-05-2013, 12:46
You are probably right about the Archmage, but I am tired of always relying heavily on magic, so I was thinking a more Combat oriented army with just enough magic to get by hence the Loremaster. Defensively against magic the PG get their 4++ and WL get 4++ because of Anointed ward and magic resist and offensively the Loremaster can buff the PG and Spears . High Elves are always vulnerable to shooting it is one of our weaknesses but Phoenix Guard and White Lions are the two best elf units at surviving shooting...especially if WL also have a ward save because of Anointed. Against shooting my two main blocks have a 5+ 4++ and a 3+ 6++ if anyone wants to shoot my spears instead they can go ahead. Fear actually only cost me an extra twenty points...PG and Anointed cause it naturally, I used two ten point items which is 5% of the list to get all four. I did not biuld the list around fear I just had some extra points lying around so I went for it. The Silver Helms can protect one flank but the other is exposed maybe I will drop the one noble to add some Reavers and a Eagle Claw to protect the other flank and hunt warmachines. I could get some Swordmasters instead to put on that flank but they are more prone to getting shot than anything else in my army and with loss of re-rolls on top of that they are not my first choice anymore.
minus one Noble -147
minus Lichborne Pennant -15
minus Dragonhelm -10
plus 5 Reavers +80
plus Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower +70
plus one Silver Helm +21

Fighting Newfoundlander
20-05-2013, 14:34
I think those changes would be for the best, otherwise you're army will fall to my 130 points of Manglar Sqiggs :) - you need either a couple throw away units, or some shooting in there somewhere.

Asuryan's Spear
20-05-2013, 16:18
2 magic armour on your BSB is not allowed

20-05-2013, 16:46
Cool idea but don't forget that Fear doesn't do that much anymore. It got nerfed into the dirt from previous editions and BSB+General auras and the 2 magical banners (Gleaming Pennant & Standard of Discipline) will give you a hard time even reducing your opponents WS to 1. But give the list a try,it might work for you and you'll never know if you don't try:)