View Full Version : Creating Calas Typhon

17-05-2013, 22:53
Ok so I am entering the WW Horus Heresy Betrayal Gaming Weekend and my army is going to be led by Calas Typhon.

Now rules wise he is simple: Cataphractii Terminator Armour and Deathshroud Power Scythe, however I am unsure as to what head to use as he obviously isn't particularly corrupted yet.

My thought was to use the Typhus head but lop off the pus/boils off the side of his helmet, but was also trying to think of maybe an unhelmed way of modelling him.

Any thoughts?

17-05-2013, 23:48
Just use a normal deathshroud for now for when they will bring out his model..

considering he is the entire reason DG fell to nurgle than stay undivided.. it will be stupid if they dont bring out his model.

A Shadow
18-05-2013, 06:24
It's mentioned several times that even pre-Heresy he had that one horn on his helmet