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17-05-2013, 23:53
Ever since the new FAQ stated that a General's Inspiring Presence affects the strength of Mindrazor, I have been dying to run a list that uses strength 10 zombies. Here is my go:

Vampire Lord - Level 1, Lore of Vampire, nothing else
Vampire Lord - Level 4, Lore of Shadow, Black Periapt, nothing else
Vampire Hero - Level 2, Lore of Shadow, Dispel Scroll, nothing else
Wight King - Mounted with barding, BSB, +1 Shield, Dawnstone, Lance, Heavy Armor

80 Zombies w/ command
80 Zombies w/ command
40 Zombies no command
6 Dire Wolves
6 Dire Wolves
14 Black Knights, barding, lances, full command, Banner of the Barrows
3 Vargheists w/ champion
3 Vargheists w/ champion

The idea is to put the 40 zombies with the 3 vampires in the back with the two zombie hordes in front of them. The Vargheists and Wolves are chaff/flankers/war machine hunters, and the Black Knights and Wight King are there for a unit with some punch. The idea is to tarpit important units of your opponent with the hordes of zombies and then use Mindrazor, Enfeebling Foe, Withering, and Miasma in those combats. This might result in (hold your breath!) the zombies winning a combat!!!


18-05-2013, 06:55
I dont see it. If you get okkhams off, they will still need 5+ to hit. Thats like..8-9 wounds on average AFTER getting okkhams off fighting anything but gnoblars. So they will need miasma and okkhams, ie a very good and lucky magic phase.

The 14 Black knights and 6 vargheist wont be the saving grace, dont mean to put you down but im picturing how it would go. Its easy to bypass any zombie horde and go after the knights, or just charge in to the zombies on their turn. Granted 80 is a lot, so as other big units point denial plays a part in it but any other combat troop will make them bleed cr and even if you get okkams off they will still propably win combat.

Il say like what i say to every other okkham based list. You only need one unit to have okkhams on. The rest should be units that help that one or can hold their own.

19-05-2013, 19:04
Disclaimer: if being competitive doesn't matter at all to you then you can disregard all of this advice.

I'm gonna have to echo Kefkah here, I don't think your list is competitive at all, for the points that Kefkah has raised.

Personally If I was going to do a shadow list in which I wanted to guarantee okhams (which isn't something I would necessarily recommend) I would go for a master necromancer lvl with vampires as your general, and then three vampire heroes with lvl 2 shadow and kitted out with survivability and some combat ability. You grab a horde of skeletons with spears (a better choice for okhams than zombies, although still not as good as most okhams lists like dark elves can put out with corsairs or witch elves). You put all your vampires in another infantry bus that goes side by side with your horde of skeletons, so then you've got two units with some punch, one that has three reasonably killy characters and the other has the threat of okhams with 40 attacks as well as overwhelming numbers.

Hope this helps!