View Full Version : 2400 High elf army, slightly different

18-05-2013, 06:00
I found an item (moranion's wayshard) in the new high elf book, and wanted to try it and see how it works.

Archmage, Book of hoeth Talisman of Perservation lvl 4
Joins the Phoenix guards

Noble, Long bow, greatweapon
Moranion's wayshard
Joins the archers

Noble Battle standard bearer (Botwd) greatweapon, dragon armour
Joins the white lions

30 archers musician

30 spearmen full command

1 bolt thrower

1 bolt thrower

18 white lions full command banner of ethernal flame (3x6 ranks)

17 phoenix guards full command lichebone pennant (3x6 ranks)

Lion chariot

Lion chariot

14 Swordmaster full command with banner of swiftness (2x7 ranks)

i think it could work, just got to keep moving see how the enemy feels with 30 archers in his back

18-05-2013, 15:14
The lions can take the dragon banner on thee own so you could save points on the noble since he doesn't bring much to the tAble. Maybe use those points to get more lions or Phoenix guard