View Full Version : Ultramarine shoulder pads??

18-05-2013, 19:31
Hi all,

I am looking at building a couple Ultramarine models for an RPG and was wondering if the Finecast shoulder pads that GW currently sell are the same size as the current plastic should pads, or if they just use the old 2nd ed mold.


19-05-2013, 00:34
I believe they are cast from the old metal ones, which look fine and integrate nicely with newer stuff. The metal ones I have are the same size as the current plastic ones.

19-05-2013, 08:05
In the sprue of the commander and perhaps also the command squad there is also a shoulderpad with the Ultramarine icon. Maybe look at some bits sellers who have them.

19-05-2013, 08:52
I'm an extremely old fashioned Ultramarines gamer who follows all the old Codex Ultramarines standards. In that, basic troop got the normal Ultramarines 'U' on their shoulder, sergeants had the 'U' with a red skull in the centre of it and finally, squad leaders had the 'U' with a red starburst design in the centre. At one point, you could order all three variants from GW mail order, but now, you can only order the basic 'U' symbol (annoying as I have loads done up 'correctly' but now I'm limited to only the basic 'U'). As pointed out though, the plastic captain set comes with a plastic shoulder pad that has a 'U' with a skull in the centre - perfect for your sergeants once again (though I'm afraid squad leaders are on their own). One thing I am liking now though is the freedom of individualising marines, either through embellishment or through taking liberties with their tactical symbols. I will admit, the solid symbol shoulders make life so much easier, but a little flexibility goes a long way.