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20-05-2013, 11:51
My first attempt at HE. I've been playing skaven and i'm bored of slave blocks but have brought multiple isle of blood boxes hence the current core. I've bolded the mini's i currently own. Welcome any advice, before i get the rest of the army in few days.

I'm debating dropping 10 sword masters or 1 of the reavers to get some more variety. I'd really like a phoenix but the army is way more pricy points wise than i expected. I'm even happy to change my choice of lords but at the moment the plan is Alith anar goes with the white lions. Hopefully the banner of swiftness plus swiftstrider gives some unexpectedly scary threat range on the charge. If im facing an army which is definitely coming to me I might run him with the sisters and shoot at monsters. Also wondering whether sisters are worth it or whether 1 minimum sized unit of dragon princes might work with this army better seen as im aiming to get in peoples faces.

Otherwise missile troops will concentrate on killing redirectors. reavers kill warmachines then charge any units in melee in flanks or rear. I'm really tempted to put the razor banner on the sword masters but realise this may not be optimal.

Alith anar

Lore master of hoeth, book of hoeth
Shield of the merwyrm

30 Seaguard shields and full command

5 ellyrian reavers bows and spears
5 ellyrian reavers bows and spears
5 ellyrian reavers bows and spears

30 Sword masters of heoth full command
sword of battle, banner of the world dragon

20 white lions fc, banner of swiftness

Lion chariot
Lion chariot

10 Sisters

2400 exactly.

22-05-2013, 02:30
Hello! I have a few suggestions, feel free to do with them as you please.
First, I'd drop the Loremaster, and use a Lv4 with Shadow. By dropping the toughness on an enemy unit you will get a lot more mileage out of Anar/Bolt Throwers. Not to mention Mindrazor is great on Seaguard/anything and Pit gives you a way to deal with enemy monsters.
Which brings me to my next point, I'd drop the two Lion Chariots and go with 3 Bolt Throwers. You have plenty of close combat strength, and this gives you a pretty good shooting phase as well. You also save 30pts.
On the Swordmasters, I'd split them into two units of 15 or 14 as you lose attacks the more ranks you have with those guys. Also, drop the Sword of Battle unless you play a lot of ethereal stuff.
I'd also redesign the White Lions unit, you have them designed to close in fast, but that means Anar is not shooting his Moonbow if they are marching. If theyre not marching, that's a lot of points spent just sitting around. So I'd put Anar with the Seaguard, that way they can walk & all shoot, and give you a safe place for your Archmage to hang out. Give the White Lions the Banner of the World Dragon, and one of the Swordmaster units Banner of Eternal Flame to deal with monsters.

22-05-2013, 11:09
Cheers for the comments much appreciated. Yeah i'd realised that my first list was kinda split focus and half wanted to charge forward half wants to stand back. And the swordmasters seems more fun in two units rather than being another great block which is the type of game i'm trying to get away from. Regiged things to the below.

Little sad to shelve the white lion chariot though, ill probably swap it in and out with the dragon princes in till i find what works as my indulgent looks cool unit... Means i've only got 2 bolt throwers but I picked up an eagle to redirect with. Although 50 point to redirect feels horrible after using 23 point rats before...

Alith anar
Arch mage

30 Seaguard shields full command
5 ellyrian reavers bows and spears
5 ellyrian reavers bows and spears
5 ellyrian reavers bows only

15 swordmasters full command
15 swordmasters full command banner of eternal flame
20 white lions fc, banner of wd

5 Dragon princes

eagle claw bolt thrower
eagle claw bolt thrower
10 Shadow warriors + Shadow walker with reaver bow


edited for fluffyness - shadowwarriors over sisters, and cause our gaming group features Dark elves but no vampire counts