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20-05-2013, 17:31
Hi people,

can you help clarify how the flammable rule works. Given that

BRB pg 45 - Multi-wound models and multi-wound weapons wrote:
If a unit of creatures with more than 1 Wound on their profile is hit by a weapon that causes multiple wounds, determine how many wounds are caused on each model individually (remember that each model cannot suffer more wounds than it has on its profile)

the flammable rule says

BRB pg 69 - If a model with the flammable rule suffers one or more unsaved wounds from a flaming attack, each unsaved wound is doubled

Now I have always interpreted this to mean you evaluate each model and how many wounds it has left to determine how many wounds it can take.

For instance a unit of 3 treekin takes 3 wounds. 1 treekin has 2 wounds already. Now the treekin with 2 wounds takes the first wound. You check if it has received wounds equal to its profile. It has therefore no multiplication. Now the second wound is taken by another treekin. That wound is multiplied.So 2 wounds to that treekin. Finally the last wound is taken on the same treekin. Again no multiplication as that would mean 4 wounds to the treekin. Final result 2 dead treekin or 4 wounds in total. This is also as far as I can see the approach taken by Shandakor on the Asrai forum. http://www.asrai.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21370

However my gaming group places it differently. You don't take into account how many wounds the model has already. So the above example would mean each 6 wounds on the unit, as 2 wounds is less than the three on the profile.

Lord Inquisitor
20-05-2013, 17:44
No, the unit has taken 2 wounds. They are not tracked on individual models. You are capped by the maximum number of wounds per hit but then they're applied to the unit. You do not have "wounded" models, the unit carries two "floating wounds". The exception is if the unit has a champion.

So if you take 3 flaming wounds against the unit. These are doubled to 6, then applied to the unit.

To give another example, let's say your unit with 2 floating wounds is hit by a chaos lord with the hellfire sword (ouch!). This does D3 wounds and flaming attacks. Let's say he wounds you three times, each wound does D3 wounds and then multiplied by 2. He rolls a 1, a 2 and a 3 for the number of wounds done for the three wounding hits. 1 is doubled to 2, 2 is doubled to 4 but capped at 3 as each treekin has only 3 wounds. 3 is doubled to 6 but capped at 3. Final wounds is 8, but since your unit has taken 2 wounds already that's 10 and they all die.

22-05-2013, 02:22
I agree with lord inquisitor. I played it your way at the start of 8th. And there were a fair few arguments about what model I was attacking/shooting. Changed over to inquisitor's play style and everything seemed to play smoother. More stuff tends to die, but I'm OK with that