View Full Version : O&G 2500 - Oddball List

21-05-2013, 19:23

Goblin Great Shaman
Level 4, Arachnarok Spider, Catchweb Spidershrine


Savage Orc Shaman
Level 2, Lucky Shrunken Head

Orc Shaman
Level 2, Obsidian Lodestone (MR3)

Orc Shaman
Level 2

4 x Night Goblin Shamans


Savage Orcs (20)

5 x Night Goblins (20)
w/ 2 Fanatics per unit.


6 x Spear Chukka


2 x Mangler Squigs

2 x Rock Lobber

2 x Doom Diver

All the Hero shamans hide in a savage orc bunker located behind the Lord's spider for a lot of channeling action. Night Gobbo fanatic throwing units provide a screen for all the magic and shooting.

I'll be playing vs the new high elves for the first time this week and wonder how this would fare.

Comments & suggestions encouraged.

22-05-2013, 03:37
To many mages to do anything with. I would drop all 4 Gobo shaman, give the other shaman a dispelled scroll. I would take a bsb night goblin because they will be needed. I would make all goblin units archers and put bsb in one with poison banner. Any extra points should go to something that can deal damage, maybe some trolls.