View Full Version : Warshines of Chaos: A Waste of Points?

John Vaughan
22-05-2013, 18:01
I played me a game against TK yesterday, and took with me a pair of shrines with the mark of Tzeentch. It had been a while since I had played with the new Warriors rules, so I wasn't accustomed to what the new shrines could do. Over the course of the game, it occurred to me that they can do effectively NOTHING. They're not that great at combat, their bound spell is easily dispelled, and the dice compete with other more powerful casters. Killing unit champions doesn't grant rolls on the chart, so what exactly are these bad boys good for? How do you use them? Thus far, I've seen them as a waste of points.

22-05-2013, 21:09
I found they have almost 0 killing power (no impact, no stomps and mine use to be khorne with str 5) and the buffing 1 model is not to great because they have to follow certain models around. Honestly they are garbage, mine is a nice center piece on the shelf.

Just fyi, killing unit champions does allow a roll on the eye of the gods. :D

22-05-2013, 21:42
Yeah I was definitely going to chime in and say champions do give you rolls ... but by and large the nerf-stick has beaten the Warshrine pretty hard this edition. They were stupid-good before, and so now we must suffer. Sure am glad I never built my Tzeentch army around one ;)

22-05-2013, 22:04
They're not as good as they were, but I find Tzeentch warshrines to be great. Obviously it depends on your build though. The bound spell is good if you don't have a level 4 caster in the army. In the first couple games my opponents decided not to dispel it and I ended up with a chaos lord and couple exalted heroes walking around with multiple extra A, S, T, and save by the end of the game which really helps them do what they are meant to do (smash face). Once they know what its capable of, they will throw dice to stop it so cast it first so they have to decide whether to let it go or try to dispel and have less dice to stop your other caster. The other great use is that it is T5 5W with 4+armour and 3+ward. Throw it into anything that doesn't have high static combat res (monsters, cavalry, monst. inf/cav) and it will hold them there. With luck it will hold them all game (had that happen a couple times now).

Fighting Newfoundlander
22-05-2013, 22:48
I really only see them as effective in a Khorne only list. If they're not competing with actual spells, then it's nice to actually have a magic phase, and you can always throw 6 dice at one and see how it goes.

23-05-2013, 08:59
Two is probably a waste. But i find one can work really well, but only with chosen and an army with many unit champions. An ogre champion with extra A,S or T is awesome for example. It's only easy to dispell if you dont use many dice to cast it.

24-05-2013, 12:22
Probably depends on your army.

If you're using chosen, they're pretty good at ensuring that the squad gets a good buff at the beginning of the game. They also increase the chance of your getting a daemon prince (either with chosen, or after you win a challenge).

If your opponent fears the bound spell, then you can at least try to draw some dispel dice, or even try 1-dicing it. If they don't, then you can slowly make your characters stronger as the game goes on.

In terms of combat, it seems more like a tarpit unit. Assuming average WS, on average it takes 48 S3 or 18 S4 attacks to inflict a single wound - and that's before you add in Mark of Tzeench or Nurgle. With those, you can probably keep some units locked in combat for the entire game. And, since you're not bleeding CR, you can use it to pin units while you move knights to somesuch to flank them.

It's not an amazing unit, and it doesn't fit well into all armies. However, it's relatively inexpensive, and is a decent support piece if your army has a strong chosen or character focus.

24-05-2013, 13:45
You only get the roll for killing champions if it was inside of a challenge.

The extra dice rule also says it only applies to a "model" so I don't believe it affects the chosens initial roll.

That being said it doesn't cost a lot of points for 4+d6 str 4 hits and a 4(3) up ward, this thing is extremely tanky, maybe I'm just not used to my army yet and you can get a better deal elsewhere "nurgle chariots?" but these things seem like a huge pain to deal with unless you can get them on static rez.

Lord Inquisitor
24-05-2013, 14:00
Warshrines are ... fine. They're not amazing but they're not a huge investment in points and they can pay dividends. I've played against them a few times and they've seemed reasonably okay. One game they helped my opponent gain a daemon prince, which was huge in that game.

While they compete with units like chariots and chimerae for points, they're a decent roadblock and the giver of glory is an annoying bound that can stretch your opponent's dispel dice or ratchet up your characters if your opponent lets it though.

24-05-2013, 14:19
Warshrines are a sneaky little unit that by themselves aren't amazing, but they can support our blocks of infantry like nobody's business.

The buff plays on your opponents fears quite handily - do they risk allowing you a "free" Daemon Prince on the board? Even if they shrug the (slight) chance of that off, watching an enemy character (or unit champions - don't forget we can buff them too) becoming more and more dangerous each turn can be disheartening, and if it draws out dispel dice, so much the better.