View Full Version : 2500pt High Elves List - Phoenix Guard-centric

23-05-2013, 00:45
Archmage - 285
-Lvl 4 Life, BoH, Golden Crown

Caradryan - 170

BSB Noble - 149
Armor of Caledor, GW

25 Spearmen - 255

9 Silverhelms - 227
Shields, Champ, Muso

15 Archers - 150

20 Phoenix Guard - 375
-FC, Razor banner

21 SMs - 353
-FC, Banner of the World Dragon

RBT - 70

Flamespyre Phoenix - 225

Frostheart Phoenix - 240


So, I've always loved the Phoenix Guard and the new Phoenix models are gorgeous kind of an obvious inclusion for a PG themed army. The Frostheart Phoenix in particular seems like a great force multiplier in conjunction with the PG, that will keep even the meanest units from killing much and adds some needed killing power the PG lack on their own. The Flamespyre phoenix can make for a super Eagle in terms of harassing and redirecting, plus it can deal some nice potential damage to horde units (and I expect to face Skaven in an upcoming campaign I'm designing this list for).

I'm still fairly green at Fantasy, having only played intermittently since 8th ed came out, so any thoughts would be appreciated. In terms of additional models for changes I have more Spearmen, maybe 10 more Swordmasters, an Eagle, another Mage, and one more RBT.