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23-05-2013, 08:37
With this new army book out, i've finaly had the chance to play with the new rules. With the marauders being overpriced this edition i'm trying to find something else. I've noticed that the chariots are awesome and work there points well. So here is a shot at the cavalry theme:

Sorcerer Lord - 310pts.
Mark of Nurgle, Demonic Mount, Dispell Scroll, Charmed shield

Exalted Hero - 213
Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut, BSB, Soul Feeder, shield

Chaos Chariot - 120
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Chariot - 120
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Chariot - 120
Mark of Khorne

Chaos Chariot - 120
Mark of Khorne

5 Skullcrushers - 390
ensorcelled weapons

3 Dragon Ogres - 204
Great Weapons

1597 pts.

Strategy is pretty simple. Just move as fast as possible to the other side of the table and start tearing every unit. Just make sure the chariots charge. Exalted hero goes with his Juggernaut friends, and make sure your sorc stays behind the dragon ogre's.

Any thoughts, comments, tips are welcome.

23-05-2013, 11:34
make sure your sorc stays behind the dragon ogre's.

And within 3" of the Skullcrushers. Charmed Shield. Barding on his mount?

23-05-2013, 13:56
Thanks. Forgot to give exalted hero a shield. With an armor save of 2+ it will be hard to hit.
So gave my sorc a charmed shield.

23-05-2013, 14:07
I read Cavalry theme and got interested with what you'd come up with, and then I see a bunch of chariots on core...

Probably a fun list to play but doesn't really feel like a cavalry force.l

23-05-2013, 14:21
It's all just mounts, so couldn't figger out a better name ;)
Sorry for the disappointment!

23-05-2013, 15:11
I think it's not going to work. You may park everything in one unit of 60 skaven slaves (or any other unit with many ranks) and you won't break it, and more often than not in second close combat phase you loose the combat because of flank charges and without impacts. I don't see how sth like that could work with 8ed rules. Your threat is not loosing unit because of wounds but because of pursue and caught. Maybe if it were knights, you could inflict every round enough wounds to win a combat till there is not enough foes left to be steadfast. But cannons and bolt thowers will cause much pain to such an army.
btw: imho better to take nurgle mark on chariots, because frenzy you are going to loose after lost combat and horses doesn't get extra attack from mark of khorne.