View Full Version : 2500 WoC Fast List for casual play.

23-05-2013, 21:21
Meta: Empire, Ogres
Lords: Thulsa Doom
Chaos Lord: Mos, steed of slaanesh, Flail, Helm of many eyes
Chaos Sorceror Lord, MoS, Lore of Slaanesh, Chaos Steed, Level 3, power scroll
Thoth Amon
Chaos Sorceror: MoT, disk, Dispel scroll, third eye of tzeench, Lvl 2 Lore of ?(Death, Metal?)
Ex Champ:Mok, Demonic Steed, BSB, Collar of Khorne, Talisman of protection
5 Chariots:MoS
2x5 warhounds
10 Hellstriders with scourges: muso
5 Chaos knights:Full command, MoS, banner of movement
5 Chaos knights:Full command, MoS, Rapturous Standard
7 Skullcrushers: Muso, banner, Banner of flaming attacks

I just plan on having fun but don't want to get housed, I plan on pairing the Lord with the hellstirders. The BSB with the crushers, and the sorceror lord with a unit of knights. The Disk wizard as support for the Chariot wave...
I'll support my chariots and Crushers with the Disk BsB, and use the Knights and hellstrider unit to cause trouble elsewhere...
The hounds are chaff/throw away...
I'd love to get some Maurauder horsemen involved... Possibly with flails and Mok, perhaps MoS and throwing axes...
Sorry, dont have points or a rulebook handy, any suggestions?
Haven't played against ogres before, the empire however, I love the empire!


23-05-2013, 21:39
I see more and more list with only chariots as core. Perhaps drop some Hellstriders / Knights. I think you might want a chimera or 2. Flaming attack and regen of those beasts are insane.
Why not a demonic mount For your character? Its way stronger imo

Perhaps put a exalted hero with bsb on a juggernaut.

23-05-2013, 22:23
Oh right, I'd actually meant to have a demonic steed. I'd debated dropping a skullcrusher and adding an exhcamp BSB on juggernaut. I would then make the disc lord a lvl 2 caster and swap some equipment around.

Fighting Newfoundlander
24-05-2013, 01:32
The Lord can't join the crushers as he's got a different mark. Perhaps he could go in with the knighs (on a horse)?

24-05-2013, 07:33
He can if you give him a juggernaut, which needs MoK. 2 rows of 4 wide with a hero bsb in it is a pain in the ass for any opponent.

24-05-2013, 18:16
Made some modifications, Gave an Ex champ MoK to throw him in with the Crushers, Added some knights and changeds some gear arround. Made the chariots MoS for the slight speed and to shave some points around.

Lord Solar Plexus
24-05-2013, 18:53
Hmm, I still don't see why it would be a good idea to pair the extremely slow chariots with the fast stuff.

24-05-2013, 22:26
Yeah, I'm really experimenting at this point... I feel that the MoS would make the chariots quicker, but originally favour the MoK...
My tactics with the chariots will evolve allot over the course of play. At any rate my main goal is to dominate the movement phase, I know my Empire friend is using a gunline. As for the Ogres, I don't know. Its going to be a narrative campaign too, and I know I might run into problems with the varrious scenarios also.