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24-05-2013, 15:53
I realise that none of the LOTR factions are going to see any models for the next three years at least, but are there any changes and or new models people would like to see.

For starters,
My main preference is the for Minas Tirith forces and I would like to see,

Boromir given the option of reducing his heavy armour to just armour, so that he could accompany Rangers, note he would not be allowed to take the Banner of Minas Tirith in this case.

Guard Captain with the Bodyguard rule, purely for completeness, it seems strange for a captain to fail his courage test while the rest of the Guard warband remain, and obviously only able to lead warbands of Citadel or Fountain Court Guard.

Ranger Captain unnamed, so we are allowed to play with the list without the named heroes restricting the game to a set time period.

The Citadel Guard split into two choices, one mounted the other on foot, I may be missing a rule but the idea of Minas Tirith having heavily armoured, mounted, Longbow armed archers just does not feel right.

All the Guard entries being given options for Banners and Musician, ideally with some, very minor, rule addition, again this is only for completeness hence the desire for some minor rule tweak.

Giving Rangers the option of a Warhorn.

Change Minas Tirith Banners
Minas Tirith Banner Bearers come in two sizes, large, as carried by the knight or the figure in the pack with the Horn Blower, or smaller sized as sold in the two pack blister with the Captain, personally I would like to see a small differentiation between the two, possibly an extra inch of range on the larger ones for 5 or 10 extra points and maybe a limit of the numbers in use.

So that's my thoughts, anyone else have any thoughts.


24-05-2013, 23:20
I'd love the Numenorians to have more then one type of troop, I mean, we saw cavalry in the films right? As it is they have not been updated since the films began and have not aged well.. they can be used well, but they tend to depend upon high elf allies, as the introduction of more heavily armored armies, various special rules, and warbands have hurt them a fair bit (A warband of a numenorian captain with heavy armour and shield and 12 numenorians, 6 with shields 6 with spears, only costs 44pts less then a warband of a high elf captain with shield, and 12 hih elves, 6 with elven blades and 6 with shield and spears, so it is only in really big games where their "cheapness" (compared to the elves) really makes a difference. That said a basic warband of a captai with shield and 5 numenorians with shields can be good with an elven warband in 300pts, but it would be nice to have options. And I would love more charecters/magic/artefact options for both the high elves and the Numenorians as well.
I'd like most factions to have access to seige weapons, as it is if a dwarf player turns up with more then one ballista you beeter hope to get really lucky with bow fire or have your own if you don't want it to decimate your force/snipe heroes, wider access would help.