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24-05-2013, 19:05
So decided to finally start a second army after my very swelled empire army, anywho the idea is a bit of a take on all comers list there is room for variation in places but this is pretty much the standard layout I'll have

Archmage @ 260.0 Pts
General; Magic Level 4; Lore of High Magic
Dispel Scroll [25.0]
Talisman of Protection [15.0]

1 Mage @ 120.0 Pts
Magic Level 2

10 Silver Helms @ 250.0 Pts
Full Command + Shields

10 Silver Helms @ 250.0 Pts
Full command + Shields

23 Swordmasters of Hoeth @ 369.0 Pts
Champion, Standard
Banner of the World Dragon [50.0]

23 Phoenix Guard @ 365.0 Pts
Champion, Standard

1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower @ 70.0 Pts

1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower @ 70.0 Pts

1 Frostheart Phoenix @ 240.0 Pts

Total Army Cost: 1994.0

As mentioned on the whole this is the rough template for the list, I have seaguard ellyrian reavers to swap out against bigger more horde like armies and also sisters of avalorn which i'd like to try in place of the phoenix at some point

Idea is to have a mage in each of the special units making the swordmasters ethereal whenever i can bolstering the survivability added by the world dragon banner and also boosting the phoenix guard ward whilst casting.

I'm not too sure whether to use high lore again for level 2 or something else

Anyway would love to know thoughts and criticisms etc so feel free to comment :)

24-05-2013, 19:11
i thought the ethereal spell was just for your magic phase- otherwhise looks an o.k list

24-05-2013, 19:21
Good points i need to read a bit more carefully

24-05-2013, 21:16
Take the book on the level 4. It's amazing and if you get off the 6 spell it is essentially a scroll because who wants a str 4 on every model in a unit every turn. 19+ to cast and to dispel in other turns...it really makes the opponent think

03-06-2013, 21:41
i would take the loremaster instead of the archmage, especially since you already have a second mage.

03-06-2013, 22:17
The Loremaster is in his element at smaller game sizes, so could work at 2k or under. Depends entirely on what you're trying to do.

L2 would be best served in the Phoenix Guard, as they only need 1 spell cast to max out the ward save. For the L4, I'm not sure I'd be going High Magic at all, when Shadow and others are still so good. Sapping enemy stats is just groovy.

Any chance of getting any chaff units in there? Bolt throwers aren't terrible at 70pts but Eagles and fast cav can be handy distractions/redirectors.

05-06-2013, 21:23
spend 5 pts more on the Ironcurse Icon. so you can protect your swordmasters better vs warmachnes.