View Full Version : Icarus lascannon or quad gun, 100% no fliers. Yes or no

26-05-2013, 11:14
im currently working on a 1500 pt space wolf list and want to use an aegis defence line for some tactical deployment of long fangs. I know 100% there will be no fliers in this game but is it a good use of points to put a gun emplacement in. there will be a rune priest with divination to support the long fangs and i guess he could use his BS 5 on the gun so is tempting. what do you think yes or no and what gun, thanks

26-05-2013, 13:11
Why not, it still gives you cover in case they have AP3 and a good weapon.
I would take th Icarus for anti heavy vehicle, but it depends on what your list needs. If you have enough AV go for the quad

26-05-2013, 17:00
I always say "if bs5 or more, take the las, less then 5 take the quad". The las will hurt all av whilst the quad can't. The Las will instant death most hq choices you face, the quad can wound them out but is less likely too.

26-05-2013, 19:21
Are you in a group that doesn't allow flyers or just for one game? Anything high toughness go quad, against tanks go lascannon.

26-05-2013, 19:33
thanks for the advice i play with two other friends and none of us own fliers yet. my list is up at the top of the page in the list section, 1500 space wolves please take a look any comments welcome. i will be going up against eldar, two or three walkers few jetbikes and scorpions snipers and a like

26-05-2013, 19:40
Versus Eldar, I would say Quad.
This (http://www.3plusplus.net/2013/05/killing-flyers-in-40k-part-1-quadgun-vs-icarus/#more-6891) link shows their power against fliers, but it is applicable to ordinary vehicles as well.
Quad is better against AV10-12, although Icarus has an edge versus AV12 if you use Prescience.

26-05-2013, 20:15
I would usually prefer to take another squad rather than a wall - like in Big when Tom Hanks asks "whats fun about a building"?

27-05-2013, 17:30
You (almost) always want the Aegis Defense Line.

After that you have to consider what you need next:
1) If you have multiple reserves, take the comms relay. Getting a reroll on reserves rolls is golden at 20 points.
2) If you are low on melta guns or plasma guns take the Icarus. I don't really like the Icarus in general unless you've got some greasy special rules going on ala Eldar Exarchs.
3) If you're worried about AV12 and below take the autocannon. 4 TL S7 shots with interceptor can be very good even against non-flyers. 50 points can be a bit steep for this, though, so this might not be worth it if you're strapped for points.

27-05-2013, 22:32
it's also worth considering that the two guns are good for more than just flyers, I have lost count of the number of games where I picked up the first blood point by blowing up a drop pod that shows up turn one. These guns have also stopped the resident guard player from bringing marbo, and the resident elder player from trying to out flank warwalkers anymore ( last time my quad gun blew up two of the squad and one of the scatter lasers of the last). Anything coming out of reserves is fair game and being able to slag them before they shoot you can be a big game changer.