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immortal git
26-05-2013, 23:39
So I'm trying to make the strongest list possible with the models I have, I do have money that I can spend, however things such as beer seem more important on this fine bank holiday! So I'll tell you my list and then leave you a list of what else I have.

Savage orc warboss
+3 Attack sword
Charm shield
Potion of stregth (Theres nothing this guy cant kill in my experience.)

Savage orc great shaman
Level 4
Fencers blades
Lucky shrunken head

Black orc big boss
Talisman of preservation
Enchanted Shield

Night goblin shaman
Ruby ring
Dispel Scroll

37 Savage orc big uns

40 Night goblins
3 x Fanatics

6 Trolls

50 man Squid herd
30 Squigs
20 Herders

3 x Goblin chariots

2 x 1 Boar chariots

2 x 1 Mangler squig

So thats the list. I also have: 40 night goblin spearmen. 20 Black orcs, 40 night goblins with bows. 40+ Orcs with additional hand weapons, 24 orc bowmen, 30 Common goblin bowmen, araknarok spider. 15 spider riders and 4 fanatics for the night goblin units.

What are your thoughts good sirs!

immortal git
28-05-2013, 14:54
Any input guys?

Id'git Thwompa
28-05-2013, 20:01
Nigh goblin unit seems a little small to be honest. Also I would worry about your manglers and fanatics destroying your boar chariots. I find doing pump wagons + Chariots best when not fielding manglers and fanatics, and vice versa.

Where are your characters placed? Do you think you will get enough out of the night goblin shaman or do you figure you will likely be throwing lots of dice at your big waaagh spells ?

immortal git
29-05-2013, 01:18
the night goblin unit is only as big as I have painted but I could add more as long as they arnt in a horde.

The shaman is just for an extra channel and to hold th bound spell and such just incase my great shaman dies (He'd be in the big uns.)

All the characters apart from the night goblin shaman are in the big uns, and the shaman goes in the night goblins.

29-05-2013, 13:23
Nice list but there's 2 points that you should change...

- You cannot have the LSH and a Dispel scroll on your SO Shaman. Just give it to your NG Shaman instead.
- I wouldn't give a magic weapon to your bsb, you'll lose the ability to switch to great weapon before combat.

immortal git
29-05-2013, 21:03
Two good points sir! Give it the old switcheroo to the enchanted sheild I guess.

31-05-2013, 15:28
Enchanted shield ain't good either If you want to use great wep. Try dragon helm or some such.