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27-05-2013, 03:14
I've got a tournament coming up at the end of next month, so I'm rushing to finish getting things painted (a large chunk of this list doesn't exist yet), but this is the list I'm thinking of bringing right now.


Daemon Prince - 515 Pts
Chaos Armour (20), Demonic Flight (40), Mark of Nurgle (10), Level 4 (140)
Magic Items; Charmed Shield (5), Ironcurse Icon (5), Talisman of Protection (15)
Gifts of Chaos; Chaos Familiar (25), Scaled Skin (20)


Throgg - 195 Pts


18 Chaos Warriros - 390 Pts
Full Command (30), Mark of Khorne (36)
Halberds (54), Shields (18)

17 Trolls - 646 Pts
Additional Weapons (51)


6 Chaos Knights - 294 Pts
Full Command (30), Mark of Khorne (12)
Lances (12)

4 Ogres - 190 Pts
Mutant Ogre (10), Mark of Nurgle (16)
Great Weapons (32)


3 Skullcrushers - 270 Pts
Full Command (30), Banner of Swiftness (15)

Total: 2,500 Pts

The Ogres are a little fluffy, but they're a fun unit to play around with, everything else has a fairly-designated role.

27-05-2013, 06:44
Its a nice list, but the first thing that stands out to me is the Daemon princes magic item selection. The charmed shield is great and I see taken on most princes, but the Ironcurse Icon and Talisman of Protection are pointless since he already has a ward save of 5+. I would drop them and give him a cheap magical weapon; the sword of striking is good with the princes high weapon skill. Also like most Woc lists your army is small, I would try and fit a few 5 man units of warhounds, their cheap and can make all the difference. Oh and the soul feeder gift for the prince is nice, its cheap and can make all the difference of keeping your 515 point prince alive.

Best of luck :)

27-05-2013, 20:59
Ah, I finally read the actual Rule Book entry on ward saves, and realized they're not like Mark of Tzeentch, as in they do not stack. So yes, you're right, that is 20 wasted points.

And yes, warhounds would be useful, I'm just too in love with everything in this list to find room to cut ~40 points...

Will take both those facts into consideration though for the next re-write, I do have 60 spare hound-type models lying around after all.

Cheers. :)

27-05-2013, 21:42
Best magic item loadout for DP is: Sword of Striking, Dragonbane Gem, Charmed Shield

Second Best is: Other Tricksters Shard, Dragonbane Gem, Charmed Shield

I like the first because it is always useful, but you could potentially chose the second depending on your meta (lots of DoC for instance).

Your Troll Horde will be nasty, but easy to redirect.

I'd drop the Ogre's. 4 Ogre's with Great Weapons won't get you much. You'll find that they die very fast unfortunately.

Three Skullcrushers isn't quite enough. They really need to be run in at least 4 in order to be fully effective. So with the points from the Ogre's I'd add another Skullcrushers.

I personally don't like MoK because I find forced overrun to be a huge disadvantage, but some people like it. I'd prefere MoK on the Knights and Warriors though.

With the other extra points from the dropped Ogre's, I think you could afford two units of dogs with vanguard.