View Full Version : Fleeing through enemy units

27-05-2013, 10:09
Im sure this is in the rulebook somewhere obvious, but ive been reading it for the past 20 mins and cant find an answer to this. So yet another possibly stupid question from me!

Played a game last night where through some strange manouvers, some elves were behind my goblins lines. I went to charge the elves with a wyvern and they took a terror test and failed, so ran away.

We pivoted them and rolled distance and they ran. However the run move took them through a unit of goblins, who were also fleeing (from the elves the previous turn infact!)

Normally if you move into a fleeing unit its destroyed. I get that. But what if you are fleeing into a fleeing unit. What happens?

And also just so I know, what happens if the goblins werent fleeing, would the elves count as charging, or just ignore them, or what?

Apologies if im missing some very obvious stuff!

27-05-2013, 10:22
Actually if you flee through an enemy unit you just take dangerous terrain tests. I think this is the case regardless of whether the unit is fleeing or not.

27-05-2013, 10:23
Aye ive just found this, I was reading in the combat section and stuff but just found it on page 25. It doesnt specify if the enemy unit if fleeing or not, so makes sense that is what is intended :)