View Full Version : 3000 Night Goblin Squig Cult Tournament list

28-05-2013, 14:54
Hi mates, was looking for some C&C on this list for an upcoming tournament.

So have played 10 test games or so and switched list up 5 or 20 times, so here is the current incarnation! Tournament is this sunday!!! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!

Lords 467/750

Gobbo general, LA, enchanted shield
NG warboss GCS dragonhelm potion of speed, spear, shield, light armor

heroes 425/750

NG big boss GW bow BSB +1 LD
NG big boss gw bow crown of command
NG big boss gw
NG big boss gw ironcurse icon
NG Shaman lvl 2 dispel scroll, ruby ring
NG shaman lvl 1, power stone

core 752/750

41 Night goblins bows nets FC (skarsnik, shaman, and crown of command boss go here) (horde)
68 NG spears, nets, FC, horde (2 bosses go here)
50 NG HW, Nets, FC
20 NG bows (bunker for bsb and gen)

special 760/1500

30 squigs 10 herders
15 squigs 5 herders
15 squigs 5 herders
5 squig hoppers
5 squig hoppers
goblin chariot
goblin chariot

Rare 595/750

Doom Diver
Doom Diver
Rock Lobba
Rock Lobba
Mangler Squig x 3
Pump Wagon spik rolla outrigga

my thoughts at first... I don't like not having a lvl 3/4 for dispel purposes... The power stone may go to waste if I don't get enough decent. Skarsniks prodda and ruby ring aren't reason enough for it. Adding an orc shaman would help I think, at least getting gaze... and if I went ahead and went lvl 2-3 could hope for hand/foot? Finding room for a wizard hat would be pretty excellent as well because, it's just too much fun to me. 161 for that I think? Would also help make the power stone more worthwhile and give me a bit more magic variety..

I also think I actually intended to use charmed shield, but typed enchanted out.

the crown of command is working out very well for me. another boss thrown in to absorb challenges might not be a bad idea. If I drop a chariot, and power stone, I could pick up 2 bosses with GW? I could even bump him up to a lord instead, and have about 40 points left over? enough to add 1 more boss w/ gw and a 5 point magic item/upgrade somewhere

31-05-2013, 20:03
So did some more revising.... I caved and dug up the wizard hat boss as he's more fun that the boss on squig. also added orc shaman.. It's not nearly as squig themed as it was previously but I feel like this will be more fun to play and will wait to bust out the barrel-o-squigs for a 5k game maybe.


Goblin warboss charmed shield dragonbane gem, LA (general)
NG warboss GW wizard hat
Savage orc great shaman dispel scroll (level 3)


NG big boss BSB shield LA +1 LD banner
NG Shaman lvl 1 power stone, ironcurse
NG shaman lvl 1 ruby ring of ruin
NG shaman lvl 1scroll of shielding, obsidian amulet (MR2)
NG big boss crown of command, shield, LA
NG big boss gw
NG big boss GW

20 NG bows (general/bsb bunker)
41 NG bows nets FC - 1 fanatic (skarsnik, crown of command, MR2 shaman, and 1 vanilla boss go here)
48 NG HW nets FC (1 ng shamn 1 gw boss here)
67 NG spears nets FC (1 ng sham, 1 orc sham, 1 wiz hat boss here)


squig herd 30/10
squig herd 14/6

doom diver x 2
rock lobba x 2
mangler squig x 3
pump wago, squiggy rolla, outriggas
pump wagon, spiky rolla

So I dropped 2 units of hoppers, 1 herd and the squig boss.. and picked up a bit more...

I also included a lone fanatic so I can honestly answer "yeah i have some" when they ask if I have fanatics. hehehe. Usually set down a baggy full of 20 of them on table just to mess with people.

I included more bosses in hopes of accepting challenges with them to prevent skarsnik, crown of command, wiz hat, etc being challenged and killed.

any added dps they do is great as well. skarsniks unit will have 4 characters in it which worries me for sword of anti heroes. eh..

I realize wiz hat isn't optimal but...

way i see it is...

I have a lvl 3 big waag, 3 lvl 1 lil waaghs anda lvl 2 random lore + ruby ring and skarsniks prodda... I should be able to get 2-4 direct damage spells if I roll decently. between those, sneaky stealin, and hopefully foot/hand.... hoping to have a good grip on magic phase. I realize with 5 channels on a 6+ and only a lvl 3 I wont be king of it... but scroll of shielding, dispel scroll, and power stone I hoped would help. I considered bringing forbidden rod as well.