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30-05-2013, 09:54
Hi, I am very new to both Skaven and Warhammer Fantasy. I've played a lot of 40k before but want I want to take the step over to fantasy.
So here comes a list I've made, I will be playing mostly for fun so no need to make it the perfect list but feel free to come with any opinions, tips, and pointers for this list and future Skaven lists.
Since I want to have a certain theme on my army I have decided on a few units I will not have in the list at all, no matter how good they may be: Gray Seer, Slaves, anything from clan Pestilens.
Here comes the list.

Queek Headtaker - 215
Total - 215pts

Chieftain - 45
BSB - 25
Sacred Banner of the Horned Rat - 70
Shield - 2
Total - 142pts

Warlock Engineer - 15
Wizard lvl 2 - 80
Staff of Sorcery - 35
Total - 135pts

Clanrats x40 - 160
Clawleader - 8
Musician - 4
Standard Bearer - 8
Shields - 20
Ratling Gun - 55
Total - 255pts

Clanrats x40 - 160
Clawleader - 8
Musician - 4
Standard Bearer - 8
Shields - 20
Ratling Gun - 55
Total - 255pts

Stormvermin (Queek bodyguard) x34 - 374
Fangleader - 10
Warplock Pistol - 8
Musician - 5
Standard Bearer - 10
Storm Banner - 50
Poisoned Wind Mortar - 65
Total - 522pts

Doomwheel - 150
Total - 150pts

Hell Pit Abomination - 235
Total - 235pts

Warp Lightning Cannon - 90
Total - 90pts

TOTAL - 1999pts

30-05-2013, 17:14
Considering your self-imposed conditions, the one thing you're really missing is chaff and drops. If you drop the Sacred Banner you can fit a couple of small rat darts which will help out a lot more.

The Storm Banner is a double edged sword in a list like this as well. Since the FAQ it'll also affects your shooting and I'm pretty sure you'll be needing that WLC in play from the off.

I'd take the Razor Standard in it's place to make yourself a decentish tin opener.

31-05-2013, 15:49
What works really great with skaven is the combination grey seer (skitterleap) with warlock engineers who throw and shoot skyre stuff at enemys (doomrocket, brass orb etc). Warlock engineer with magic is nice to teleport as well for he can create a huge miscast in the enemy lines if lucky. Invest some points in big units of slaves slaves slaves and some giant rats.

Just numbers is soo good in 8th edition... ;)
Hell pit rocks
WLC is fun
Doomwheel - zzzzaps all the big monsters down (if lucky)

Skaven is cool ;)