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31-05-2013, 15:07
Recently played 2 games vs. an Ogre army, testing 2 army lists: one being a power Nurgle bus, the other a pure Khorne (got a huge collection I built in the 7th ed.).

Ogre army list as follows:
2000 Pt - Ogre Kingdoms Roster -

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Tyrant (1#, 320 pts)
. . 1 Tyrant, 220 pts = (base cost 210 + Ironfist 5 + Heavy Armour 5)
. . . . 1 Sword of Anti Heroes, 30 pts
. . . . 1 Dragonhelm, 10 pts
. . . . 1 Talisman of Preservation, 45 pts
. . . . 1 The Other Trickster's Shard, 15 pts

Bruiser (1#, 184 pts)
. . 1 Bruiser (Battle Standard Bearer), 134 pts = (base cost 105 + Ironfist 4 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)
. . . . 1 Armour of Destiny, 50 pts

Firebelly (1#, 214 pts)
. . 1 Firebelly, 164 pts = (base cost 120 + Level 2 Upgrade 35 + Great Weapon 9)
. . . . 1 Dispel Scroll, 25 pts
. . . . 1 Ruby Ring of Ruin, 25 pts

Ironguts (9#, 437 pts)
. . 8 Ironguts, 369 pts = 8 * 43 (base cost 43) + Bellower Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10 + Lookout Gnoblar x1 5
. . . . 1 Gutlord, 53 pts
. . . . 1 Standard of Discipline, 15 pts

Ogres (3#, 93 pts)
. . 3 Ogres, 93 pts = 3 * 31 (base cost 30 + Extra Hand Weapon 1)

Sabertusks (1#, 21 pts)
. . 1 Sabretusks, 21 pts

Sabertusks (1#, 21 pts)
. . 1 Sabretusks, 21 pts

Mournfang Cavalry (3#, 240 pts)
. . 3 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry, 230 pts = 3 * 70 (base cost 60 + Ironfist 5 + Heavy Armour 5) + Bellower Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
. . . . 1 Banner of Eternal Flame, 10 pts

Mournfang Cavalry (3#, 220 pts)
. . 3 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry, 220 pts = 3 * 70 (base cost 60 + Ironfist 5 + Heavy Armour 5) + Bellower Mus 10

Stonehorn (1#, 250 pts)
. . 1 Stonehorn, 250 pts

Please note this may not be a power list, as both games were friendly with the purpose of testing out various DoC 8th Army book models and rules. The Ogre General however was more then competent with great maneuvering skills and knows his army well.

BATTLE 1 was against the Nurgles.

2000 Pts - Daemons of Chaos Roster -

Total Roster Cost: 1990

Plaguebearers of Nurgle (35#, 500 pts)
. . 34 Plaguebearers of Nurgle, 462 pts = 34 * 13 (base cost 13) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
. . . . 1 Plagueridden, 23 pts
. . . . 1 Banner of Swiftness, 15 pts

Epidemius (1#, 200 pts) - with Plaguebearers
. . 1 Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle, 200 pts

Herald of Nurgle (1#, 195 pts) - with Plaguebearers
. . 1 Herald of Nurgle (Battle Standard Bearer), 160 pts = (base cost 90 + Greater Locus of Feeundity 45 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)
. . . . 1 War Banner, 35 pts

Beasts of Nurgle (5#, 300 pts)
. . 5 Beasts of Nurgle, 300 pts = 5 * 60

Flesh Hounds of Khorne (5#, 165 pts)
. . 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, 165 pts = 5 * 33 (base cost 30 + Ambushers 3)

Skull Cannon of Khorne (3#, 135 pts)
. . 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne, 135 pts
. . . . 2 Bloodletter Crew, 0 pts

Great Unclean One (1#, 495 pts)
. . 1 Great Unclean One, 445 pts = (base cost 375 + Level 3 Wizard 70)
. . . . 1 Greater Gift, 50 pts (Balesword)

We rolled a Dawn Attack scenario.

Ist half:
Deployment under these circumstances is nothing to delve upon, being random. My opponent was unlucky having his Ironguts accompanied by the Tyrant and Bruiser being deployed on a far right flank.
In the centre the Plaguebearer horde got involved in a combat with Mournfang Cavalry setting them fleeing and pursuing (mistake!). PB’s did not catch the fleeing unit and furthermore ran into charge range of the Stonehorn and the other Mournfang Cav. Never do this at home, folks.  Result: massacring charges and a huge combat loss. Luckily still had some 20 PB’s with Epidemius and Herald so things were not as bad as they could be.
On the right I had my BoN and from turn 2 the Hounds entered the fray. These were faced with the 3 Ogres and a lone Firebelly. The Ogres were double charged and easily dispatched by BoN and the Hounds. BoN then stayed to attack the Firebelly (who hid in a handy nearby watchtower) while the Hound started moving center in order to support the main horde.
On the left my GuO moved centre to support the main troops while shooting of spells. I rolled for Blades of Putrefaction (augment, gives Poison), Curse of the Leper (aug/hex, boosts/reduces To) and Plague Wind (Vortex, small Template To test or die). I tried to pull of combos Curse of the Leper/Plague Wind (essential to work both as OK have high To) and in spite of 4 Irresistible Forces during the game the results were mediocre with all together some 4 wounds on the Ironguts and Mournfang (miscast results were very lucky for me and eventually GuO received only one wound from all the miscasts). Rolls on the Wind of Magic were also not bad (I even managed to get +1 ward) but resulted in no wound on the enemy.
Cannon of Khorne shooting proved uneventful.

2nd half:
PB horde (well, not anymore a horde now) stood firmly in combat with 2 x Mournfangs and the Stonehorn. Usually winning the combat due to ranks and banners. However the enemy held. Epidemius tallied all the hits and thanks to that my army was quickly growing stronger every minute. +1 S and +1 To makes those Daemons awesome! As I scored 21 wounds for Nurgle (that grants KB, not that it would help with Ogres much) Epidemius died in combat.  From that point it was a slippery road downhill. I still managed a flank charge with Hounds into the Stonehorn (1 measly wound, but eventually helped kill him), a front charge made by the Cannon into Mournfang Cav (destroyed them 1 turn later) and killed the Firebelly with my BoN, but all that was a swan’s song. On the 6th turn the Ironguts finally reached the battle in the center and my PB’s, Herald and Flesh Hounds evaporated.

Result: 1210 for Ogres vs 796 for DoC.

Aftermath: It is obvious I made many mistakes. Did not utilize the fact that the main fighting force of my opponent was lost far out on the flank and took 6 turns to arrive to the battle.
Epidemius is just worth it’s weight in pure gold. The kills score in quickly especially if the GuO can actually do damage, not just hex or augment. It is a must model for a comp army, but keep it safe out of the fight in the back ranks.
PB’s are great and with -1 to hit have great staying power. With additional traits from Epidemius they bring havoc to the battle. Herald, umm, not so sure but if you want a locus and Battle Standard you need him…
Cannon of Khorne proves fantastic. Not only does it shoot but also has a great charge (impact hits and +1 to strength), and unlike most chariots has very good staying power. A must in all DoC armies regardless of Mark.

[b]BATTLE 2[/] was with the Khorne army (OK same list as above).

2000 Pts - Daemons of Chaos Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1990

Bloodletters of Khorne (33#, 507 pts)
. . 32 Bloodletters of Khorne, 468 pts = 32 * 14 (base cost 14) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
. . . . 1 Bloodreaper, 24 pts
. . . . 1 Banner of Swiftness, 15 pts

Herald of Khorne (1#, 270 pts) – with Bloodletters
. . 1 Herald of Khorne (Battle Standard Bearer), 185 pts = (base cost 100 + Greater Locus of Fury 60 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)
. . . . 1 Juggernaut of Khorne, 50 pts
. . . . 1 War Banner, 35 pts

Skull Cannon of Khorne (3#, 135 pts)
. . 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne, 135 pts
. . . . 2 Bloodletter Crew, 0 pts

Skull Cannon of Khorne (3#, 135 pts)
. . 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne, 135 pts
. . . . 2 Bloodletter Crew, 0 pts

Bloodcrushers of Khorne (4#, 295 pts)
. . 4 Bloodcrushers of Khorne, 280 pts = 4 * 65 (base cost 65) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
. . . . 1 Standard of Discipline, 15 pts

Bloodthirster (1#, 450 pts)
. . 1 Bloodthirster of Khorne, 400 pts
. . . . 1 Greater Gift, 50 pts (2+ armour save)

Flesh Hounds of Khorne (6#, 198 pts)
. . 6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, 198 pts = 6 * 33 (base cost 30 + Ambushers 3)

Ist Half:
We rolled the Watchtower scenario. OK, that was lucky for me: the Bloodthirster flew straight to the tower and already in turn 1 was safely defending inside. Two Cannons went on the flanks, plus Skullcrushers on the left. Everything else was in the centre. Same for Ogres: Ironguts went for the tower, screened by 1 Mournfang Cav and the Stonehorn. The other Mournfang and the Ogres faced my Bloodcrushers. Sabretusks were used of course as chaff for blocking and redirecting purposes.
This time I was wary and maneuvered with care not to get the Stonehorn charge my horde. However, Firebelly managed to catch the Blodletters with a Fulminating Flame Cage. This spell, in case you didn’t know, apart from dealing some damage hits every model with a S4 hit when you move. So I just stood there, luckily the Stonehorn missed its charge. Phew! My Cannon charged a Sabretusk overrunning close to the Tower and Ironguts, clearing way for the Bloodletters to charge next turn. Unfortunately next turn Firebelly managed to cast the spell again (though I left all my dispel dice for the occasion) and set my Cannon on fire resulting in 3 wounds. In spite of the Cage I should have charged the Stonehorn but elected to wait (big mistake as you will see).

2nd half:
Bloodthirster easily defended the Tower from the Tyrant, Bruiser and Irongut Champion. Stonehorn and Mournfang Cav charged my Bloodletters and the impact hits killed around 15… Additional 5 went down to Combat and 5 to Demonic instability… My oh my.
Next Cannon flank charged the Ironguts near the tower hoping to keep the occupied and delay attacks on the defending Bloodthirster. It set 6 impact wounds and eventually healed 3 of its own wounds thanks to Gorefeast. I won the combat but The Ironguts held.
On the left Flank the Skullcrushers charged the Sabretusk overrunning far enough to be out of facing for the Mournfang Cav. Next turn they charged and killed the Ogres whilethe Cannon charged and sent fleeing Mournfangs. It tried to catch them but did not succeed.
Flesh Hounds appeared and tried to kill the Firebelly but he outmaneuvered them, so eventually they charged in the back of the Mournfang Cav fighting the horde of Bloodletters in the centre. Eventually my Herald killed the Stonehorn, and the Mournfang ran out of the table. The horde of Bloodletters was left with 1 model only!
Then the remaining units mopped up the opposition and at the beginning of turn 6 the Ogres were tabled. In the last moment the Firebelly burned the last Bloodletter.

Result: crushing victory for DoC.

Aftermath: I was surprised how well Khorne did since I treat them under the new Army Book as a fluff army really. Of course the scenario rolled was very bad luck for the Ogres and I would have won most probably anyway, keeping the objective in the hands (claws?) of the Bloodthirster till the end. Still, the way the opponent was destroyed was surprising. It’s is also true that the OK army was not very magic-heavy. Having now way to counter magic and no bonuses to dispel makes one rely purely on Khornes magic reistance. More Mages could have decimated my army.
Cannons: once again proved themselves more than worthy. The 2 cannons almost on their own dispatched a Mournfang Cav (220 pt) and a band of Ironguts (437 pt) with a Tyrant and Bruiser plus 2 Sabretusks (meh pt). Once agin they did much more in CC than in shooting (actually in both battles cannons shot zilch).
Flesh Hounds: ultimate DoC manhunter or war machine hunter but also can tip the balance of a fight coming in handy at the very perfect moment. Must have.
On both battles the most potent proved to be the Firebelly effectively dealing out damage, denying regen and also crucially halting my advance. And the Stonehorn. Never. Ever. Ever! Let it charge you.

1. Is there a way to boost anti magic for Khorne? Increasing MR? Any dispel scrolls I missed?
2. When playing Khorne (or any army that does not deal magic) do I roll for the Winds of Magic in the magic phase? We were not sure but elected to do so, as this is such a funny and fluffy phase for DoC now under the new Army Book rules.

Will be grateful for any comments on how to improve in the future.

01-06-2013, 15:57
Bloodthirsters can't enter buildngs. Otherwise yeah Khorne armies work. You do roll for winds of magic. Use the dice t dispel remains in play spells.

03-06-2013, 13:39
Bloodthirsters can't enter buildngs.

Yep, noticed this a day after the game... Happily this was a friendly encounter so no bad feelings beetween us for that mistake.

04-06-2013, 11:54
the skull cannon is a solid choice in the new book, that's for sure. I think they overly nerfed khorne, but against low magic like you faced here they seem to do ok.

Mono khorne has no ways of getting enough magic defense in more competetive builds, and hoping the opposing lvl 4 will miscast and kill himself is not the solution ;) demons are made to be multi-god

nice reps, thanks for sharing :)