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04-06-2013, 01:23
So, I have two questions for the forum:
How many characters do you think are necessary?
How many characters do you think are acceptable?

I generally think you want at least a Mage and battle standard bearer at ANY points value. After that, I don't know. I feel that you could likely get away with that even at higher points values like 2.5k and 3k.

My general feel is:
- Lvl 4, BSB at 1.5k or less
- Lvl 4, BSB, Support Mage at 2k
- Combat Lord, BSB, Lvl 4, Lvl 2 at 2.5k

Since my army is High Elves, I generally think that going Lvl 4, BSB, Loremaster is a good combination at 2.5k. However, I believe that the investment is quite good at 2.5k. From that point on, I don't think I want more characters until I start hitting the "DAYUM" points values of 3.5-4k.

04-06-2013, 04:58
Depends on the army

For example my empire tends to be quite hero heavy due to the fact I want warrior priest in all my combat units a level 4 and a bsb

for high elves for high elves you could probably get away with either the level 4 or the lore master (how are you going to get the dice to support 12 spells??) and then a bsb-- maybe a seahelm or a handmadien depending on what army your running

04-06-2013, 05:04
It depends entirely on the army.

My Snotling Warband (old rules) had a single Snotling Warboss at 3,000pts. Other armies have 2-3 characters, depending on the size.

04-06-2013, 08:07
I usualy run around three at 2000 points. At 3000 and above I'd probably run with a couple more. My base set up is usualy a BSB and a level 2 Wizard then I'll either run a level 4 Wizard or a combat Lord. I've run more and less in the past but this type of set up seems to work best for me. If I was to play with armies like Empire or Goblins I would concider going to for more Heroes to improve my combat blocks.


04-06-2013, 08:09
Sorry double post

04-06-2013, 08:26
I tend towards at least a lvl4 and a BSB with most of my armies. I do like a level 1-2 as well just for the added flexibility.

In empire I usually have a captasus and a priest as well (or arch lector). I haven't tried it myself but light mage spam seems to work wonders for some (with WAlter)
In o&g a bunch of gobbo heroes are easily included as they're so cheap, same for wolfrider bosses.

I always prefer more troopers over lots of characters, although I see many successfull plays with character heavy armies. I just don't like deathstars and such....

Lord Solar Plexus
04-06-2013, 10:42
Depends on the army


And it depends on the game size, the player, the list and probably some factors I cannot think of right now. People here often play without Lords, I've played a lot of 1k games, both one-off and campaign games and so on. I have half a dozen lists without a wizard or a BSB. I need Ld more for Ld 7 INF than for Ld 8 CAV that can take a Gleaming Pennant, I rather took an Engineer in one list over a mage, and I couldn't fit two heroes into 250 points with my WoC... ;)

04-06-2013, 12:03
As others have said, how many characters are necessary depends heavily on the army. Some armies can probably do fine with just one or two characters, whilst others may include 10+.

As a VCs player, I tend to spend a lot on characters. My general (usually a VL or SGK) is always expensive, since I have no intention of skimping on points for the most important model in my army. Then, for heroes, I'll usually back up my Lord with:
- Vampires (if I need extra combat power in a different unit to my lord, or if I want some Shadow spells).
- Necromancers (as backup casters if I'm using a VL, or primary casters if I'm using a SGK. They also tend to be used as caddies for Dispel Scrolls and other arcane items).
- and/or a Wight King (as a BSB, and/or to sit in the same unit as my Lord and carry Nightshroud, Rod of Flaming Death, Fencer's Blades or any such).

In terms of how many characters are acceptable, I'm not sure there is a limit. I think it's more likely to depend on how they're used. For example, there's a difference between 5 heroes being used to support 5 different squads, and 5 heroes being made the front-line of a single squad, to block all attacks against R&F. Although, even that is subjective - if someone wants to use 5+ Night Goblin bosses as their front-rank, they can go right ahead. Even when used like that, 30pt heroes don't bother me. ;)

04-06-2013, 12:10
I'm personally a big fan of heroes.

Unless I'm taking a monster rider I usually field several lesser heroes. Oh I loved my old Dogs of War semi-characters... It just feels a right having a proper command structure in the army instead of fielding 2 wizards and then bulk up.

04-06-2013, 15:09
Very rarely more than 2 for me (a Lvl 4 and a BSB). I play wood elves and need to be as efficient in points as possible as most of the book is probably overpriced by about 20% these days. I feel it is best to keep the characters to a bare minimum and save as many points as possible for more bodies.

The only exceptions are occasionally an eagle noble, which can be useful from time to time, or a treeman ancient, which is basically a monster in a different slot, allowing me to run 3 treemen. However, at 2400 some tough choices about equipment/spites have to be made if I want a lvl 4 and a treeman ancient so he rarely gets used at that level and below.

04-06-2013, 15:32
SKaven I rarely take more than the basic 4: a BSB, Grey Seer, Warlock Engineer (no magic level just items) and Plague Priest. although sometimes I have been known to splurge on a Chieftain or Warlord to bolster up the killing power of my Clanrat or Stormvermin Hordes.

I have been tempted to run with 2 chieftains in a grey seer bunker unit so I can hide my caster in the second rank as bascially a 90point defensive item but true-fully my rats aren't that cheesy (yet ;) )

04-06-2013, 15:50
In my standard 3,000 point Empire army I have 7 characters. Some of them are just there for utility and do not carry any magical items. As mentioned above, it really does depend on; 1) the army you have, 2) the size of the battle and 3) your personal preference.

04-06-2013, 20:25
When I'm using Asur I normally have 2-3 characters. 1 Archmage/Loremaster+BSB and sometimes a Handmaiden.
The more elves you can fit into a list the merrir:)

04-06-2013, 21:30
With a lizardmen 2800 for fun list i have 5. Lvl 4, Additional lord, 2 heroes and a priest to carry a dispel scroll.

With my high elf lists at 2800 pts I bring 3 or 4 usually with the minimum equipment because they are so expensive for what you get.

15-06-2013, 15:25
It is army dependent. Wood Elves got away with 2 (3 now with the GE rider) but Beastmen historically had upwards of 6, 2 lords, BSB, 3 hero casters.

Goblins can spam the little buggers.

17-06-2013, 09:51
My WOC only run 2 at 2.5K. I run a level 3 DP and a BSB and that's it. Works well enough.

17-06-2013, 09:53
Might be better to ask how many points people spend on their characters as each army can be very different in terms of points cost.

17-06-2013, 11:54
I use a lot! But I have a goblin army. Every unit has a bigboss with great weapon in it. So that 6 or 7. Then I have a warboss, .lv4 night gobbo, .lv1 night gobbo for scroll, and bsb.

17-06-2013, 12:28
So, I have two questions for the forum:
How many characters do you think are necessary?
How many characters do you think are acceptable?

We almost exclusively play 2.5k. Mostly I tend to use a lvl4, a lvl2, and a BSB (WoC). I would have liked to take more, but frankly they aren't good compared to goons. And honestly, the lvl2 (w Skull of Katam) is there to make the lvl4 worth her points. It would probably work to take a lvl2 with a Dispel Scroll as General, plus the BSB. Think it's more fun this way though.

Acceptable: I wouldn't have a problem with someone utilizing their whole character allowance.

I use a lot! But I have a goblin army. Every unit has a bigboss with great weapon in it. So that 6 or 7. Then I have a warboss, .lv4 night gobbo, .lv1 night gobbo for scroll, and bsb.

No Warbosses for individual mobs then?

17-06-2013, 14:41
I tend to stick 2 big bosses in instead Of 1 warboss since the cost is similar. It means that one doesn't get tied up in a challenge too! I might be been daft though, I'm far from an experienced fantasy player.