View Full Version : Opinions on new High Elf characters.

04-06-2013, 02:31
So from those who have fought with and against the new High Elf characters, what are your thoughts on them?

Loremaster: Not good as either a specialized combat character, OR a main caster. However, I think he can be a good compromise to have BOTH a combat lord AND a support caster. This way, you can get fighting power AND magic instead of having a Noble/Prince and a Lvl 2. This guy is great as a jack of all trades to help out. Personally, I prefer kitting him out as a combat lord w/ magic on the side.

Anointed: Great combat character with HUGE survivability. Armor of Silvered Steel, some more items for utility, and you are golden. This guy is amazing, I think. Combine him with high magic on a lvl 2 and you have a unit that can consistently have a 5+ or 4+ Ward Save.

Sea Helm: Great for Sea Guard, but otherwise, you are better off using a Noble as your BSB.

Handmaiden: Meh. Noble can do all her stuff, pretty much. Personally, I think she's great if you HAVE the Everqueen for the Horn of Isha. Otherwise, again, go for a Noble.

Allariele: The new Teclis of the book. Gives you great survivability, lets your characters regenerate, AND lets you double-tap a spell on one magic phase. COnsidering this can be a game-winning spell like boosted Earthblood, Timewarp, Flesh To Stone, she's amazing. The fact that she can get a High Magic spell makes her even BETTER, because you can boost the Ward Save further. Amazing utility and magic in a character for a reasonable price. Her Banner makes her EVEN BETTER, effectively forcing an extra die use on dispels, making magic even MORE favorable for you.