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04-06-2013, 02:29
- Archmage: Lvl 4, Book of Hoeth, Opal Amulet
- Loremaster: Leaping Blade, Shield of the Merwyrm, Golden Crown, Potion of Foolhardiness
- Noble: BSB, Armor of Silvered Steel, Luckstone, Additional Hand Weapon
- Spearmen (x33): Full Command
- Archers (x15)
- Archers (x15)
- Sword Masters (x23): Full Command
- Phoenix Guard (x19): Full Command
- Great Eagles (x2): Swiftsense
- Great Eagles (x2): Swiftsense
- Frostheart Phoenix

The idea here is pretty simple. The Eagles go a-hunting. The Archers try to weaken the enemy or kill warmachines by a thousand needles. The Phoenix Guard and Spearmen are my anvils, especially with Shadow. The Sword Masters are my Hammer. The idea is that the Guard and Spears hold up units, while the Masters and Phoenix flank. The Archmage goes for Shadow. The Loremaster's job is simple. Give Earthblood to the Masters, bubble Wildform. Combining Miasma and Iceshard, I can hopefully put whatever comes at the Spearmen to hit on 5's or 6's (especially stacking Miasmas).
Thoughts? Do you think the list is solid, or would you work it over?

04-06-2013, 04:50
Do you need both the level 4 and the lore master, considering how many dice the lore master can get though its prob best getting either him or the arch mage, not both
your swordsmasters are probibly a little to big, 2 units of 12 might serve you better for flanking ran 7 followed by 5
Other than that looks good, though not sure of the point of the equipment on your bsb, if you have the armour of silvered steel you don't need the lion cloak or shield because the don't add anything, your capt at the 2+ the armour gives you so you migh as well give him a GW- the other option drop his kit completely, give him the rever bow and potion of strength and hang him out with some archers avoiding combats

04-06-2013, 21:23
Forgot about that clause of Silvered Steel. Yeah, took those out for a Potion of Foolhardiness. Now I am 1 point below 2,500, but oh well. :)

The thing about the Loremaster is that, as many options as he will have, only half of them, at most, will be viable. The damage spells (Searing Doom, Fireball, Shem's Burning Gase, and the Death Spell) are viable before getting into combat. The augments/hexes (Blizzard, Wildform, Earthblood, Miasma) will be viable after getting into combat.

I figure that for the first half of the game, I will really not want to cast stuff with the archmage (only Pit, and depending on the army, I might get more out of just using the Loremaster). Once I get into combat, the Archmage takes over the magic with the augments/hexes from Shadow. The Loremaster can take leftover dice for tipping combats even further in my way.

At any moment, the Loremaster can be doing something, so I figure having a character that is NEVER deadweight (like, say, a prince before getting into combat) is worth it.

09-06-2013, 03:23
you have too many upgrades/magic items. get rid of them, squeeze in another phoenix.