View Full Version : Random Movement and Fly

05-06-2013, 20:01
Hi all. I have a question regarding Random Movement and the fly special rule. Specifically in the case of Aquiescence. I think its pretty obvious that the dragon will be moving the d6" from the spell, but the guy I was playing thought he would still be able to fly 10". I said no, it moves the Random d6", so we went with that but I didn't really have an arguement for why it would be random movement other than "because thats what the spell says". Was I right? If so, could someone give me a good arguement for it as I'll be using this spell pretty heavily at a tournament next month.

Also, this leads to another question. If a model has Random Movement and Fly does he still move like a flier (ie. fly over units?)

05-06-2013, 20:21
Once you get the random move special rule, you only move in the compulsory moves part of the phase. This prevents you from benefiting from the 10" fly move. There is an argument for being allowed to make a D6" flying move for your random move, but I don't see many situations where that's going to make any difference.