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07-06-2013, 16:43
Hi all, was hoping to pick some brains (or eyes) here on warseer.

I've got a load of SM models kicking around and as a change to painting Tau, I'm considering painting up some of these to break up the monotony. I want to have my own chapter so I can be a nerd and make some nice background and history for them. However, for the colour scheme, I was wanting to go for a cross between the Sons of Orar (sorry for the horrible pic, was the only one I could find quickly that had the part I was interested in):


And these chaps (from the GW site):


My question is two-fold (as I've never in my 15 years of painting been able to name a paint colour from just looking at it).

Firstly, What colour is used on the SoO aquilla / honours that gives them that dull metal look, and secondly, what do you think is the specific red / combination of reds used on the second lot of chaps?

Cheers lovies xx