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08-06-2013, 08:41
Please Note: I've been having problems with photos (first with photobucket and then with google). I have worked through the plog to replace the images (what a tedious process), if you notice any gaps please let me know.

Now that this log has got to more than a few pages I thought I'd do a bit of a contents list -

Page 1:
I introduce my Tau Empire project:
Test out my colour scheme for fire warriors and kroot;
Start converting a battlesuit commander;
Design and print a sheet of transfers; and
Paint a unit of fire warriors

Page 2:
I put together a unit of pathfinders;
Mess about with some LEDs;
Convert an Ethereal;
Paint the Pathfinders;
Finish my battlesuit commander conversion and paint him;
Talk a bit about my super awesome ;) drone 'stands';
Build and paint my skyray/ devilfish; and
Build and paint a unit of XV25 Stealthsuits;

Page 3:
I paint my converted Ethereal;
Build and paint my Riptide;
Build and paint a collection of models, mostly pathfinders; and
Build and paint my Skyshark/ Razorshark;

Page 4:
I paint missile drones for my Broadsides;
Show off the whole army;
Build and paint my 3 Broadsides;
Paint another couple of Pathfinders;
Start a conversion of Longstrike but then decided to get the GW model;
Paint Longstrike;
Paint Darkstrider;
Show off conversions of a load of crisis suits;
Paint one of the crisis suits; and
Did a group shot of my Broadsides

Page 5: (new pics from here)
I paint another crisis suit;
Build and paint my Finecast battlesuit commander;
Paint a unit of Vespid;
Show off the painting over the last year; and
Paint the Burning Dawn Ethereal.

Page 6:
Paint Shadowsun
Start building my Stormsurge

Page 7:[B]
Started painting the Blackstone Fortress Kroot mercenary Dahyak Grekh

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

Some of you might be aware from my Chaos log that covers my Daemons and Chaos Space Marines that I have from time to time been distracted by various zenos projects. The main one of which is Craftworld Eldar, which is the army that originally got me into 40k many years ago, but there is also a sizable pile of Ork stuff in my hobby room, sadly mostly unassembled and unpainted.

My past dabblings have included:


The recent attention that GW has given to the Eldar and other non-space marine forces has tempted me once more. However, I am planning a new project to kick off this log which is something a bit different...

08-06-2013, 09:28
The suspense is killing me :)

24-06-2013, 20:28
A different kind of project
For several years I've been taking part in the Tale of 40k Painters, and jolly good fun it has been too. Traditionally around about May time I've looked ahead to the next year of the Tale and thoughts of what I might do project wise. This year was no exception and so it was that I was thinking about my armies and how I came to start them – the answer for all of them was that I'd just collected loads of stuff for each without much thought as to where I was going with the army. I realised these armies would go on forever with a never-ending list of unfinished modelling projects and this realisation made me want something else. It dawned on me that I could plan a reasonable sized army that I could paint in a year of the Tale and at the end it would be finished, something that my existing armies could never do. At about the same time GW released the new Tau Empire Codex and this was all I needed. So what I have resolved to do is plan a Tau army and paint all of it over the course of the 2013-2014 Tale of 40k Painters.

The start of a plan
Having said I would plan the army I went straight out and got the old Tau Battleforce (with Kroot and a Devilfish) while it was still available, reasoning that if I got the new version when it came out all of that together would probably get me a good way towards an army. That plus the old version had Kroot and I've always liked Kroot. I've also decided to get Pathfinders and a Hammerhead/Sky Ray. The former because who can turn down plastic pathfinders, the latter will be combined with the Devilfish from the old Battleforce to make both a Hammerhead and a Sky Ray (this may require a few extra bits, but that's no problem). I've also got 4 Kroot to bolster the unit (something of a goody bag from a Games Day circa 2000).

The plan comes into focus
So now armed with the Tau codex, the old battleforce and a box of pathfinders I have started to plan out the army and the beginnings of a schedule of sorts for the Tale. The force will be made up of, with basic points costs:

Battlesuit Commander – 85pts (1)

2 x 12 Fire Warriors – 216pts (2 and 3)
16 Kroot – 112pts (Although I'm not counting wargear, I know I definitely want sniper rounds) (4)

3 Crisis Battlesuits – 76pts (includes a shas'vre) (5)
6 Stealth suits – 190pts (includes a shas'vre) (6)

Fast Attack
a Piranha – 40pts (7)
10 Pathfinders – 110pts (8)

Heavy Support
a Hammerhead Gunship – 170pts (I know I want to include Longstrike) (9)
a Sky Ray Gunship – 115pts (10)

The total for this lot comes to a little over 1100pts, which might mean something towards 1500 with wargear. This is a good level I feel. This conveniently breaks down into 10 sections (the numbers in brackets) so can be done over a year in the Tale (with the customary 2 Jokers), although I won't necessarily do them in the order numbered here.

But what about the colour scheme I hear you ask. Well I've been busy there too...

24-06-2013, 20:48
The Colour Scheme
(Wow, I've got all this way without talking about the colour scheme I plan to use) Anyway, I have been thinking about this quite a bit. For this to work over the year of the Tale I knew I wanted a scheme that would be fairly quick and simple enough to do on all the models without having to think too much about how to paint any of them. I initially tried out a couple of ideas on a gun drone that I had picked up somewhere, which helped narrow down my ideas. I then decided to do a more complete test on a fire warrior:


This confirmed that I am on the right lines and with a bit of fine tuning should prove to be both quick and effective. It is really simple as it is just Dheneb Stone and Khemri Brown with a wash of Gryphonne Sepia and Devlan Mud. I wonder whether the armour could use a highlight, either that or go a bit lighter with the washes. I also think maybe a darker brown would be better for the other parts. I will continue to think on those points. Sept markings I think will be red. I also plan to do a test Kroot, so expect one of them soon(ish).

You'll notice this chap doesn't have a base. Basing was also going to be an important part and again needed to be quick and easy. I also wanted a break from the rather dark basing I've been using for my Chaos armies. I think a desert theme could be good, taking inspiration from old Tomb Kings coverage in White Dwarf. I'll use mostly sand and small basing material with maybe some static grass and the odd tree taken from the old jungle trees set that should make reasonable palm trees.

So this is where I've got to so far. There won't be much activity here until closer to the start of the 2013/14 Tale of 40k Painters year in August/September. Until then I plan to finish off the current year of CSM and Daemons with a month to spare and use any spare time to build as much of the Tau models I have by then as prep for the coming year. I'll also be trying really hard not to get distracted by all the lovely new Eldar models (Damn you GW!).

Please let me know what you think.

25-06-2013, 09:51
I think the colour scheme is great, once you have the red Sept markings on I think it'll take the model to a whole new level. I agree that simple desert bases would look great, with maybe command or suits featuring larger desert rocks would really add some flavour to the models. I look forward to seeing these later in the year.

P.S Don't get distracted by the Eldar release (I did, I love the Wraith models).

07-07-2013, 10:47
So I've had a chance to do a test of the colour scheme for the Kroot. I'm not a fan of the standard green colour scheme so tried to come up with something a little different. I'm happy with the skin colour, which is just a Pink Horror drybrush over a Scorched Brown base but not so sure about the other colours I've used. I may be worrying unnecessarily. I think I need to do a little more silver highlighting - I didn't do any on the shoulder pad.


I've also manged to find the old jungle trees I mentioned, which I think came with an Eldar battleforce many years ago. I think with a bit of chopping and gluing they should make passable palm trees for use on HQ/ larger bases etc or possibly instead of flying bases for drones. I'll have to have a play around to see what works.

10-08-2013, 21:40
So I've just signed up for the Tale of 40K Painters for the 2013-14 year for Tau and I must say I'm looking forward to it a lot.

If anyone is interested in the Tale you can take a look at it here - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?378463-The-Tale-of-40k-Painters-2013-2014-Sign-Up-Thread. misterboff has been running it for a number of years and has links to all the previous years in his sig. I have to say I've found it great fun and I have a huge number of models painted thanks to taking part in the Tale.

12-08-2013, 20:13
Some actual modelling progress for you this time.

First bases. After some thinking and general internet trawling research I was inspired by these bases from Micro Art Studio:
(image copyright of Micro Art Studio used without permission)
Edit - I should really learn not to link to other websites:rolleyes:

So after a bit of milliput and sand gluing I had these:

They are not that impressive it has to be said but they are basically bases with a ridge across them (the slightly out of focus bit in the middle) covered in sand. I think they will be quite serviceable for the fire warriors et al.

Next up is some work on my Crisis Suit Commander. A while back I'd decided that I wanted my commander's weapons to be under-slung like those of the stealth suits and also not knowing what weapon load out would work best had decided to magnetise the weapons as well. So I got my drill, metal wire and magnets out and came up with this lot:

The first pic is an arm with magnet and locator hole. The second is the fusion blaster with locator pin and magnet receiver (just a bit of wire glued into a shallow groove drilled/cut into the weapon). The final pic will be obvious to the sharp ones amongst you and is of course a flamer that has had some cut and shut work to enable it to be under-slung (the small mushroom thing and the rear canister were cut off and repositioned).

Also on the work bench at the moment are a number of fire warriors in the process of being built as I intend to paint 12 of them of the first month of the Tale. I'm also working on some modification of the body of my commander to mark him out as something a bit special, which is proving quite fun. More on that soon when I've got something worth showing.

25-08-2013, 16:00
Hello again,
Just a text based update for you this time but I'm making progress towards more photo worthy stuff. I've recently been concentrating on getting 12 Fire Warriors assembled, based and undercoated ready for the start of the 2013-14 Tale of 40K Painters next month. I think its good to get started with a troops choice. Having completed the last step of that this morning I can get on with somewhat more interesting things. One of those things being modifying my Crisis suit commander. So far I've been concentrating on the chest and lower body areas but I've now turned my attention to his head and legs. I'm going to write up in quite some detail my thinking when I've got some pics of him so for now I'll just say that I'm going for a nod towards several different battlesuit designs. Another area that I'm thinking about is modifying the stealth suits as I've come to the conclusion that the Tau in them must have had the top of their heads cut off to fit in them. I also think it would be nice to have some head movement so I'm thinking about cutting through to seperate the head/carapace from the body and adding a little bit to the neck area. Still very early days on that but as there are only 6 max in a unit it is do-able.

08-09-2013, 11:54
Here is my thinking on modifications to the commander's battle suit:

To start with I collected together images of the current battlesuits from across the internet (all images used without permission, copy right of GW):

Plastic XV8 battlesuit, Fine Cast commander, Farsight, see the GW website. (Edit: GW changed their website and the links here broke)

Forgeworld's XV9
Forgeworld's Shas'o R'myr's Battlesuit

Comparing these battlesuits with each other and particularly the new Fine Cast commander with the original XV8 battle suit I decided that I wanted to try to pick up some hints of the other suits in my modifications:
Head Here I wanted to get away from the standard square feel of the original. I really like the head on the Forgeworld Shas'o R'myr suit (very similar to the one on their Broadside suit) so after some thought I realised the best way to achieve something similar would be to cut up a Stealth suit and use the head/ carapace with the lower section trimmed away. I intend to shamelessly copy an idea from Lew_b81's Shadowsun conversion (See Lew's excellent Tau Drop Troops project here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?375459-Tau-Drop-Troops) and use the little mushroom bits from the XV8 flamer as 'cheeks'.
Body For the body I wanted to pick up the more triangular feel to the new commander, compared with the older suit. The new commander is much taller than the old design and also has the ability to turn at the waist which adds to the height and gives the model an extra sense of movement. Finally most of the newer suits have the Tau symbol on the central section of the body. To this end I have added plasticard to the upper sides and lower front sections of the chest area. I have also cut through the body and capped the two sections. I've cut a disc to act as a waist. Finally I added a Stealth suit shoulder pad with Tau symbol to the central section.
Arms Here I wanted to pick up the distinctly cooler under-slung weapon position of the XV9 and Farsight models so I magnetised the various weapons to attach under the arms (shown previously).
Legs The legs on the new commander, Farsight and the XV9 models are all longer or give the impression of being longer than the original XV8 so here I've decided to add to the length of the shin part by replacing most of it with the additional targeting piece from the XV8. This also means that I can get over the other problem the XV8 has which is the straightness of the legs. So that the shin doesn't look too disproportioned I am going to add knee pads, which will hopefully help to move some of the additional length to the thigh. Forthe knee pads I'll be going for something like those on Farsight, which could come from Fire Warrior right arms
Feet I'm not that keen on the new commander's platform soles so I'm going for more of a Farsight type design with thin strips of plasticard glued vertically on the the two larger toes and just a thin sheet on the soles to add a little more height.
Other I've decided I will remodel the central air intake to be slightly curved on top like the new commander and the XV9. I may also add a raised front edge.

So it's still a little rough in places but here is where I've got to:









15-09-2013, 11:05
I thought it was about time for a little update. I don't have a huge amount to show right now as I've just about finished the base coat colours on 12 Fire Warriors. I thought I'd talk a bit about the colour scheme and bases etc and some other stuff I'm working on.

First I thought I'd cover the colour scheme. I've been doing a lot of thinking and trawling the internet and I came to the conclusion that there wasn't enough contrast in the colour scheme I had test run (back in post #4) and taking quite a bit from Lew_b81's fantastic winter themed drop troops I decided that instead of Dheneb Stone I would do the armour etc in white and some mechanical type bits in Stormvermin Fur. This would give more contrast between the under suit and the armour and between those parts and gun stocks etc. So here is one of the Fire Warriors in this new scheme prior to washes (I've since neatened him up but you get the idea):


Next up - bases. I realised pretty much straight away that the pic I showed of my initial basing ideas was really rather poor. I am still convinced this is the way to go so I've made more bases and taken a better photo:


Lastly I thought I should tell you about what I'm working on for the sept markings etc. Unfortunately I don't have any pics for this one. As you might remember I had decided I would do red sept markings. This gives me a bit of a problem because the GW transfers are basically just black and white so I was faced with free hand painting my own. I wasn't too bothered by the idea, more concerned that it would take some time to do something like 3 sept markings per Fire Warrior but also the larger stuff on battle suits and vehicles could be quite difficult. Anyway to cut the story short I've decided to do my own transfers. I've got some transfer paper and I've done a couple of tests. I'm now working on small sept markings for the footsloggers and thinking about larger designs. If anyone knows of some good examples please let me know.

22-09-2013, 22:07
Hmmmm...that head could have some potential. I think it would look a little too big on a regular crisis suit though. Maybe on the scaled up Enforcer version or something on that same scale, but who knows? Maybe a broadside or riptide could make use of it. I may, as is my custom, swipe the design and then fiddle with it a bit myself. All in all, it's a good neutral color scheme you've got going on. You've seen my log so you know I like the flashy tau schemes, but yours is shaping up to look like a nice cadre.

Bases: Maybe add some half-buried tiles from an ancient desert ruin? I think it could work very well and give your bases a touch of extra character. Just get a tube of plumber's putty (2 minute or 4 minute is best for this) and mash up a great big chunk of it. Take any kind of can or bottle like shaving cream or shampoo or whatever and roll it out nice and flat on a wet surface so it doesn't stick. Once it cures, peel the flat slab up and then slice it into squares with your hobby knife. Boom, you got tons of basing tiles.

22-09-2013, 22:39
I'm looking forward to seeing more! The addition of the waist on the Crisis suit is going to make a huge difference, and I'm really annoyed that I didn't see it! All future Crisis suits of mine will have waists (and I'm thinking about going back to my Commander to add one). Great spot.

23-09-2013, 00:57
Take it from me, it's a lot easier to do the cuts for a Crisis waist before the model is assembled. Post-assembly refits are a bit of a pain in the butt.

23-09-2013, 19:06
bossfearless, Lew_b81 - Thanks guys. The commander's head will have some reduction in the chin area so its more in line with the Forgeworld heads. This really is a special one off for the commander, future crisis suits will have more standard heads (but not totally stock obviously). Adding the waist has added to the height of this chap but also makes him more in proportion as well as a whole load more pose-able - my only problem now is whether to do it on future crisis suits. As bossfearless points out (from experience by the sounds of it) chopping the things up later isn't a great option. Anyway I'm happy to take my time with him to get it just right. The point on the bases is well taken, I'm thinking of ways to break them up, although many will be just sand. I'm thinking that eventually my Tau will fight my Orks (mostly a mass of grey sprue in a box) so maybe some Ork related junk could go on a few bases. Also thinking about the odd tuft of dead grass. I don't know really, just chucking ideas in. It looks like I've got 4 palm trees from the Jungle Trees I found, I'd like more but where to get them? The trees will go to commander, crisis suits or Kroot.

Painting on the Fire Warriors is being held up by the transfers, which I'm still working on, almost there on an A5 sheet. More on that soon, hopefully.

25-09-2013, 17:08
An additional note on the Crisis suit modification - the hips have a rectangular top section so I added a couple of little triangular pieces to the front of them (see the pics above). This allows a larger diameter disc to be used for the joint between the hips and the upper body, otherwise its limited to a disc that looks too narrow.

Its taken a while but I'm just about finished designing the transfer sheet. I did a test print last night and decided I could get more on as I wasn't using the whole width of the A5 sheet. I've mostly gone for very small line based symbols similar to the type of thing the official GW models have, but I've tried some larger and more creative stuff as well. I was intending to do a full A4 sheet but I think the A5 will be plenty for the models I've got planned, even allowing for about 3 per model. I'll do a final test print later and then go for it with the transfer 'paper'.

08-10-2013, 16:16
A quick picy update for you. I've finished the transfer sheet and printed and sprayed it. I've started to attach transfers to the Fire Warriors so I thought you might like to see some pics:


So this is the shoulder pad then helmet of one of the carbine guys and then one of a rifle dude who got the shoulder pad and helmet transfers the same as the first guy but also got one on his gun. It's going quite quickly so I think I'll be finished with the transfers on this group of 12 fire warriors tomorrow.

14-10-2013, 16:49
I just came back to check on what I put in my last post and realised I need to do an update soon as the Fire Warriors are looking very different now from those pics above. I've gone with Lew_b81's sponging technique and attacked them with some Stormvermin Fur (meant to be equivalent to Charadon Granite but isn't really an exact match, just as well I got a pot specifically for this army). I didn't do as much weathering as Lew and now that I've done the washes (Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade) the weathering is quite subtle. I've also just about finished detailing such as the Fire Caste symbol and lenses etc so almost complete. The one thing I need to decide on is whether to paint the pulse rifle ends in a glowy way or just leave them dark I've also done a bit more testing on bases and decided that the sand will be Dessert Yellow with a Bleached Bone drybrush. I've got some Woodland Scenics' field grass in Natural Straw and Harvest Gold to do some long grass on some bases - I felt the 2 colours were needed as either on its own might have been too uniform. Anyway pics soon, honest.

17-10-2013, 17:13
So I'm very nearly there on finishing the painting of the first 12 fire warriors. I have a problem though - I got on to painting the rims of the bases and merrily broke out the Steel Legion Drab, which is meant to be the new equivalent of Graveyard Earth that I have been using for my base rims for years. Anyway I did 2 bases and suddenly thought 'This doesn't look that good'. So the problem I have is what colour to use for the base edges. I'd like some help with this please so I've painted a base with a black rim and taken a pic of him with one of his buddies that I painted brown and one that is still the spray white so slightly greyish white:


What do you think? I'm wondering about a mid grey like whatever Codex Grey is now. Ideas welcome.

PS - comments on the Fire Warriors are welcome too.

31-10-2013, 21:42
Big update for you tonight. First ahead of posting them in the Tale of 40K Painters I have 12 finished Fire Warriors for you:




31-10-2013, 22:24
And there's more:


This is a squad and a half - 8 guys with pulse rifles and 4 with carbines. I went with brown edges to the bases. After having all the samples lined up on my desk for a week and seeing them every day I finally decided a couple of days ago that the brown edged ones were the best.

31-10-2013, 22:36
and there's even more! In spare time over the last 3 weeks or so I've be putting together Pathfinders and I've finally got them all on bases:



With extra bits I've picked up I've been able to make 2 squads. The first is just 5 strong and has the 3 ion rifles. Their shas'ui has a cape from the High Elf archers, which fitted really well. The second is 8 strong and has carbines and markerlights. Their shas'ui has a little Tau symbol thing, which again was from the High Elf archers - a crescent shaped piece with the hole filled and a little scored line to make the symbol.

12-11-2013, 17:15
So a bit of a change for this post. Having been inspired if that is the right word by bossfearless I dismantled an old lightsaber toy with the aim of adding some swooshing type noises to a hammerhead. The next thing you know I'm ordering this http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006HJCQSW/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. It arrived a couple of days ago. Why on earth are you ordering some weird little helicopter toys I hear you ask and the answer is because they have these:


They are very basic LED circuits pretty much made up of the LED, the 3 little batteries and a micro switch. This makes them really small, small enough to fit, with a bit of persuasion, into a hammerhead's railgun or ion cannon and maybe many other places as well. At a fraction under 50p each they are cheap as chips. The only downside is they are only blue. Looks like my hammerhead will have light and sound!

12-11-2013, 23:10
Ooooh, good times. Let me know how the sound turns out, very interested!

17-11-2013, 10:26
So continuing on from my last post I spent some time yesterday fiddling about with one of the LED circuits and the ion cannon from my Hammerhead. I finally got the circuit to fit. I came up with the idea of using the rear ammo/power pack bit as the switch topper and the switch itself fits nicely in the rear of the gun, replacing a small part of at the top:


I also did a bit of drilling through the barrel to get the light to shine out the end of the gun. I think its a pretty good result. I've just held the two parts of the back half of the gun together and balanced the barrel in place here so there is quite a bit of light spilling out but still quite a good beam coming from the pointy end:


I want to do the same with the rail gun but with the barrel being open on the top and bottom I'm not sure how to direct the light along it and not just spill out from the back of the gun. Ideas anyone?

Painting progress - I've undercoated my Pathfinders and am about half way through painting trousers etc in Baneblade Brown. After that its on to the gun stocks etc in Stormvermin Fur.

30-11-2013, 17:17
Distractions of a different kind this week. I got hold of some bits and did this:


He is mainly based off of the body and arms of the Warhammer Empire battle wizard. I did some careful trimming on this left hand so he has the correct 3 fingers. The right hand is from some High Elf archers that I got ages ago for converting Eldar with, again carefully trimmed. His head is a spare from the Pathfinders. The blade for the honour blade is a High elf sword. I'm trying to decide whether he needs anything more before being based and going into the painting queue.

On the subject of painting I am making progress with the Pathfinders. No pics as half painted models aren't that interesting. Neatening up is taking longer than I'd thought it would so I may not be able to finish the full 13 I'd set out to do.

10-12-2013, 07:09
I'm preparing to post in this months Tale of 40K painters but I thought I'd post here first. These are the Pathfinders I have been working on. Not quite as many as I'd hoped - I have another 2 about half painted as well as the drones which are base coated. As Photobucket has changed things again I can't find how you change sizes of uploaded photos atm so they may be a bit small, who knows? (Edit - Not too bad actually)



02-01-2014, 10:17
I thought I'd show the more or less finished conversion work that I've done on my battlesuit commander:


So from the feet upwards -
The feet have had the toes lengthened slightly with a layer of plasticard. They have also had a vertical line added to give a bit of detail.
The legs have seen quite major work with the lower parts being replaced completely with bits taken from a flamer and target lock. The upper legs have been chopped and then lengthened with plasticard by about 1.5mm
The body I've talked about before but the big change here is obviously the waist, which adds a fair bit to the height. I've also added plasticard to various bits to try to add to the triangular shape as well as a stealth shoulder pad with the fire warrior symbol. I've also filled the slots on the jet pack and added magnets for additional systems - so far only a target lock but I will add to that.
For the weapons I had previously magnetised them so I just added another fusion blaster to give an alternative.
The arms got similar work to the legs to generally lengthen them and repose. I added to the bottom of the shoulder and to the fore arm with plasticard.
The head is one part I may change as I had been working on a stealth/forgeworld inspired long sloping version but I've hit a bit of 'writer's block' on that right now. I've added to the standard head with some pulse rifle sights on the cheeks and (although not visible in the pic) a bit of plasticard at the back to just length the head and give a slightly different shape. It's also magnetised.

I will be finishing him off today with a view to painting starting tomorrow and finishing by about Wednesday next week. I'll try to do a shot or two of him once he's put together.

02-01-2014, 15:43
So after a little more filling of holes (liquid greenstuff to the rescue!) and some careful gluing I now have a completely put together battlesuit commander:


I think I forgot to mention that I had put together 2 shield drones for him. They are just made from standard gun drones with crisis suit shield generators on the bottom and the bottom part from old EPIC banner poles. I'm going to disguise the wire stand with some long grass once they're painted.

15-01-2014, 17:17
Well it took a bit longer than I originally planned but I have now finished my battlesuit commander:


I'm rather pleased with I have to say. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that he is standing slightly lower on his rock than before he was painted. This was not actually due to an accident, although I did knock him over a couple of times during which all that happened was his right foot came off, so I took this as a hint that he maybe a bit on the tall side. He now stands about 9cm rather than 10cm tall. Painting wise it was all very easy really, the trickiest bit being getting all the transfers to stay on (there are 21 in total on him and his drone buddies). I think the grass disguising the wires for the drones has worked well so I think I'll try it again in the future. Talking of the future I'm planning on painting up my first vehicle in the shape of a Devilfish/ Sky Ray that I have about a third of the way assembled. It won't be getting that much in the way of conversion or lights etc, just a blue underlight, which will hopefully look pretty good.

C&C always welcome

15-01-2014, 17:28
As always I enjoy your work. I think Weathered Tau is something that if done correctly is very effective. I think so far your off to a fantastic start. Your conversions are spot on! And I LOVE, Love, Love the re-posed commander.
The only real criticism I have is that his read head seems like it could use a highlight? or is that the photo and there is one and its just not showing up? Great work as always.

15-01-2014, 19:53
Those drone bases are absolutely brilliant. I'm so copying this idea.

So two questions:

1) What wire do you use - it's so thin, but presumably very sturdy?
2) How are you making the grass, or where did you get it?

16-01-2014, 17:23
razormasticator - Thanks mate. There is a highlight on the red but it got knocked down with the washes so is very subtle, the pics aren't the best either. I'm pretty happy with it as it is but I might see if I can just raise it a little on the head.

Those drone bases are absolutely brilliant. I'm so copying this idea.

So two questions:

1) What wire do you use - it's so thin, but presumably very sturdy?
2) How are you making the grass, or where did you get it?

1) The wire comes from cable ties. I seem to collect quite a few and have gone for the the stiffest ones, although actually it doesn't have to be that strong as these are only drones we're talking about. I've dropped them both a couple of times, from some height as well, and they haven't been too badly affected. One got something dropped on it and it took a bit of careful straightening. I'm going to use some steel wire I have, which came from a florist I think, for other heavier stuff. I used it for my Plague Drones in my Chaos thread and its not that much thicker than the wire for the drones but super strong.
2) The grass I got from a local model train shop and is Woodland Scenics' field grass. I got 2 different packs - Natural Straw and Harvest Gold to give a bit of randomness to it, as they are a bit too light and too yellowy respectively. Its pretty cheap, something like 3 a pack and you get loads. If you compare that with GW's Mordheim turf for instance at 8 I think its good value. It comes in lengths of about 7cm long and is actually quite tricky to work with. So far the best way I've found is to get a small bunch of each colour, roll them between my thumb and finger to get them a bit mixed and then carefully apply a small spot of superglue in the middle. Once its dry I cut through the superglue and that gives 2 tufts of grass about 3-4cm long, which is plenty long enough to allow for cutting down to the right length.

Construction of the Sky Ray is coming along, should be ready to spray it at the weekend.

19-01-2014, 08:42
While I'm waiting for it to dry up a bit outside so I can spray I thought I'd give you some pics of the completed Skyray. First we have the front weapon/ sensor mount that I have magnetised so I can swap between a Devilfish with the burst cannon and the Skyray with the sensor.


Here is the missile rack with missiles attached and showing the small bits of wire and magnets used for attaching them. I have to say it took a lot long than I had anticipated to put all of the rack and missiles together.


And finally a rather dark shot of the underlighting. I've cut through where there is the shape of a roundish hatch on the bottom, just in front of the internal door. I've also cut a small hole through at the bottom of the internal door. This means that I can easily turn the light on and off as the circuit and switch is in the rear troop compartment, I can swap out the whole thing as and when the battery dies (and while painting) and also the light is only shining out of the middle of the under side.


I've also magnetised the back hatch so it can be opened but otherwise stays closed.

08-02-2014, 08:41
So its been a while since I've posted anything and really its just because I haven't got anything worth showing right now - The Skyray is coming along nicely with most of the sub-assemblies finished with basic colours and the hull just about there on the white base coat. Its taking a while as there are a lot of large areas and its taking a good few coats to get a good white all over. Anyway I think I'll be finished next weekend.

After that I had been planning to get the piranhas painted up but then I went and did something rather rash and this guy turned up in the post:


In other news I have now officially been in the hobby for 25 years - I can't really remember when I started but the oldest White Dwarf I have is no.110 from February 1989.

10-02-2014, 19:42
So its been a while since I've posted anything and really its just because I haven't got anything worth showing right now - The Skyray is coming along nicely with most of the sub-assemblies finished with basic colours and the hull just about there on the white base coat. Its taking a while as there are a lot of large areas and its taking a good few coats to get a good white all over. Anyway I think I'll be finished next weekend.

After that I had been planning to get the piranhas painted up but then I went and did something rather rash and this guy turned up in the post:


In other news I have now officially been in the hobby for 25 years - I can't really remember when I started but the oldest White Dwarf I have is no.110 from February 1989.

Congrats on 25 years! I started 40K in 1989 myself. Rouge Trader days veteran here as well.

15-03-2014, 09:14
Congrats on 25 years! I started 40K in 1989 myself. Rouge Trader days veteran here as well.

Thanks mate.

I'm just finishing off the Skyray and will be posting pics very soon. I was intending to get pics of it up at the pre-wash stage but didn't fit it in.

15-03-2014, 10:04
Right so the paint is still drying but I have pics.

First the Skyray from various angles:

And with lights:

And bits swapped out for the Devilfish:

02-04-2014, 16:13
I'm not sure where March went to - we're now at the beginning of April and I'm still someway off finishing the Stealth suits. If I can get a couple of good sessions in over the weekend I should finish them the following week. I'm going with a dark colour scheme with most of the model being the dark brown/grey colour and the main other colour is Adeptus Battle Grey.

This time of the year is traditionally when I start thinking about future painting plans. Although I had come up with a plan and an army list that I was aiming to complete in the year of the Tale of 40K painters it hasn't worked out quite as planned. I've made several additional purchases (Riptide above and Broadsides) that mean I won't finish everything. I had a vague notion that I might move on to Orks for the next year of the Tale starting in September as it seems a commonly held belief that they will be getting a new codex (or 5 knowing GW, I'm rather hoping for a speed freaks dex) in the next few months. What I think I may end up doing is splitting the year half and half between Tau and Orks, in that order. That should give me enough time to finish off the additional stuff for my Tau but should also mean that I won't have to wait too long to indulge in shinny new plastic. Anyway there's plenty of time to come up with a plan.

14-04-2014, 17:48
I've just posted pics of my stealthsuits that I've finally finished over in the Tale thread for this month. Here are some bigger versions of the pics:


15-04-2014, 18:49
Your Tau are spectacular sir. Great color scheme. Are you still working on the Ethereal? I'd had an idea for a conversion like that, but wasn't sure if it would work...seeing yours makes me confident that it could. :D

Can't wait to see more.

15-04-2014, 21:12
Your Tau are spectacular sir. Great color scheme. Are you still working on the Ethereal? I'd had an idea for a conversion like that, but wasn't sure if it would work...seeing yours makes me confident that it could. :D

Can't wait to see more.

Thanks buddy. I haven't got much further with the Ethereal, just covered him in red paint as a start. The wizard model lends itself very well to conversion to an ethereal, the tricky bit is trimming a finger of hands if you use the wizard's human hands or similar. Of course there are plenty of spare hands on the Pathfinder sprue which could be an option.

25-04-2014, 16:45
I've decided that I will finish off the Ethereal and then move on to the big suits. This will get me back on track for posting in the Tale of 40k Painters - as I'm a bit ahead on my points painting target I can afford a smaller month that I can finish quickly. Hopefully have some pics soon.

04-05-2014, 08:22
I've finished the Ethereal. I decided to go with a gun drone and a shield drone, although I have made up a second shield drone that I will paint up at some point. Next up will be the Riptide.


04-05-2014, 21:21
Nice Ethereal, especially liking the robes...he looks as if he is contemplating something.

Also, was the tau lettering freehand or are they transfers?

05-05-2014, 06:41
Nice Ethereal, especially liking the robes...he looks as if he is contemplating something.

Also, was the tau lettering freehand or are they transfers?

Thanks mate. The letters are transfers, from the GW sheet. I cut long strips of the smallest letters and applied them in one go but using a sharp knife to cut across the strip so the lettering would follow the folds and contours of the fabric. It worked incredibly well and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I don't think I could have managed to paint lettering that neatly at that size.

15-06-2014, 11:40
It's been over a month and I really meant to put up some photos before now of the WIP of my Riptide. Anyway he is now finished and here are the pics to prove it.

I've set him up so he can take either main weapon but I've only painted the ion accelerator so far. I've also got the choice between twin linked SMS and fusion blasters as in these 2 pics:


Here is the first part of a 360 with the SMS on:


15-06-2014, 11:57
Second part:


I painted it in a about 12 sub-assemblies and stuck him together at the end. I mercilessly chopped the Honoured Imperium statue in half and built the sand dune against it with off cuts of plasticard. You may notice that the shoulder pad is on upside-down, this was an accident but it looks pretty good, although it did mean I had to be a bit creative when attaching the shield - set at more of a 4 o'clock position on the arm rather than the standard 3 o'clock position.

Up next I think will be a bunch of random models - fire warriors, pathfinders, drones. They are all put together and painted to some extent but some way from being finished. I'm also going to start putting together my Sunshark Bomber, including the option of the Razorshark Strike Fighter. I'm not around for quite a bit of July so the bomber probably won't see much paint until August.

22-06-2014, 08:19
As I seem to be making good progress with my collection of 'still to do' bits I thought I'd give you a pic of them to show you what I'm up to.


Here we have (from left to right) a fire warrior, a pathfinder with rail rifle, a pathfinder, a shield drone, a fire warrior with pulse carbine, another fire warrior, the recon drone for the pathfinders and finally another pathfinder. They are all at the weathering stage now with the sponging done and the washes still to come. I think I'll be on track to finish these by about Wednesday, certainly this week.

I've started to put together my sunshark/ razorshark that will be my next project. No pics as yet as I haven't got to any interesting bits by which I mean bits where I'm doing something different from the standard 'straight out of the box' construction. I hope to have it all put together by the beginning of next week. As I said in the last post I'm going to be variously busy/away during much of July so I really want to get as far along with the plane as I can.

Finally for this post I thought I'd show a close-up of some of the lettering on the Riptide. This goes along the torso under the right arm and isn't that obvious in the pics I've shared so far. If you could see the whole of it you would see it says 'Shas'len'ra' in the Tau script which means 'Cautious Warrior'.


25-06-2014, 19:50
I'm getting better at predicting how long it will take me to finish painting stuff up. If proof were needed here is the selection of stuff I've been painting up finished as predicted in my last post on Wednesday. This is some fire warriors, pathfinders and drones that were all my 'still to do' in past months of the Tale of 40K Painters. I'm particularly pleased with the grass disguising the wire for the drones especially the recon drone as it got the thicker wire I usually use to pin stuff with. It's not hugely exciting so just front and back views and a group shot.

Fire Warriors:


Pathfinders, including their recon drone:


The group shot that also includes the added shield drone for my Ethereal so he can have 2 or stick with the shield drone and gun drone I did originally:


25-06-2014, 20:04
I've also been doing some cutting and sticking. I've now completed the sunshark/ razorshark to the point where, by the GW instructions you should decide which its going to be. As I've said I want to set it up so I can swap between the two. It's proving tricky as there are quite a few parts that need to swap about but I think I've got it sorted in my mind. I do know for sure that its going to take a load of magnets and careful checking all the way through. Anyway on to the point of doing this separate post the pics. These are just to show what I've done with the bars that, if constructed as per GW's instructions, would join the wings to the tail. I wasn't sure about that so I mocked it up and sure enough I didn't like it. I decided to chop out a section and still use them as not using them at all would have left gaps in the wings. The slots on the top will be filled as will the corresponding slots on the tail fins. Anyway a closeup from below and a wider top shot:


09-07-2014, 07:22
A bit of an update, but no pics (sorry). I finished doing the magnetisation for changing between the bomber and the fighter. It turned out to be quite easy actually. I've moved on now and everything is basecoated with white and just about all the bits (drones etc) have been painted with Stormvermin Fur. I've also sorted out the base where I'm using the obelisk from the Arcane Ruins scenery set as the flight stand. I'm very pleased with the progress I've made as it should mean that I'm on track to finish in time to post in the new Tale of 40K Painters thread at the beginning of August. That's still some time away but I'm not going to get much of a chance to paint for the next couple of weeks so it could still be tight.

11-08-2014, 19:41
I'd rather hoped that this would be a post to show off the finished Sunshark/ Razor shark but unfortunately not. Although I have probably got further than I might have hoped a month ago I haven't finished the flyer as I've still got the washes and details to do on the model itself and all the painting and adding of grass for the base. However I do have pictures so first up is it in Sunshark mode:


As I haven't got the thing mounted on the base yet it is balanced on 3 jetbike stands

11-08-2014, 19:56
Next is the flyer in Razor shark mode:


and finally what has to be one of the least interesting photos ever - the base. I've deliberately over exposed this a bit to get some definition to show up and so it doesn't just look like a black lump.


I have to say I'm really rather pleased with it all. I think my changes to get it to switch between the 2 models work well. I like the bits and bobs to turn it into a sort of massive drone. I'm also quite pleased with the base, particularly how I cut the obelisk and patched it up to make it look like the top chunk has fallen off. There wasn't really enough room on the base to do anything else but I would have liked to have some deeper dunes and possibly had the top part buried more. The one thing I'm not so happy with is that it all the bits fit really tightly because f being a good fit to start with and then being painted so changing it between one form and the other is not easy.

Anyway comments welcome.

14-08-2014, 20:53
A little update for you - I'm well into the washes now on the flyer with just the underside of the plane itself to wash with seraphim sepia, which means with any luck I will get the washes finished by the end of Saturday. The remaining details and base will take another couple of days after that so projected finish will be Wednesday next week. I still haven't quite worked out the details of how I'm going to attach the plane to the base yet but we'll deal with that when we get there.

In other news I've signed up for the next year of the Tale of 40k Painters (sign up thread here - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?398624-The-Tale-of-40k-Painters-2014-2015-Sign-Up-Thread). I would encourage anyone think of trying the Tale to give it a shot. I hardly had anything painted before starting and now I've got a combined Chaos force of about 5000pts painted up. It has also do wonders for my painting ability. I'll be trying to finish off my Tau, about 1000pts worth, which will include fire warriors, kroot, crisis suits, Long Strike and a railhead, Piranhas and Broadsides. When I started the Tau it was meant to be a one year project but I kept buying stuff such as the Riptide and the flyer so I'm in for another year. However, as long as GW don't bring out any new stuff for Tau, then what I have left should keep me busy for more or less the next year. I was tempted to try to do another force as well (Orks, Eldar, CSM, Daemons) but I've tried that and failed. I would very much like to do my Orks as I have a ton of them and they are all, bar a couple of testers, grey plastic. If this next year goes well I'll try to construct a load of Ork stuff to set me up for the following year.

24-08-2014, 16:50
I've finally managed to complete the flyer. Here it is in the Sunshark bomber set up:


24-08-2014, 17:25
And here it is in the Razor shark set up:


This is the alternative air caste disc on the Razor shark:


I'm still in the process of doing stands for the interceptor drones. I'm using the thicker steel wire I have so I can reliably pop them on and off - the thin wire I usually use for drones is no where near strong enough for that. I've also started work on the missile drones for the Broadsides that will make up the points for the last month of the Tale of 40K Painters - I'm doing just enough to reach my 1500pts target. As tomorrow is a holiday in the UK and the forecast is for more or less solid rain all day I should be able to make some good progress on the drones. I might even finish them next weekend. The Broadsides themselves will have to wait until the next year of the Tale (September).

24-08-2014, 20:43
Wierd that this thread is still unranked. I think you deserve at leas a 4. (EDIT - it seems my vote was the one needed to get the thread a ranking.)

Always nice to see people going above and beyond on the bases. it can really improve the model. The pins for drones hidden inside shrubberies are really clever.
It seems like the meleeweapon of the etheral is a bit crooked though. I don't know how difficult it might be to get it strait though, but a not too hard pin should do the trick since you can reposition the blade slightly even if your drilling isn't 100% straight.

25-08-2014, 08:02
Wierd that this thread is still unranked. I think you deserve at leas a 4. (EDIT - it seems my vote was the one needed to get the thread a ranking.)

Always nice to see people going above and beyond on the bases. it can really improve the model. The pins for drones hidden inside shrubberies are really clever.
It seems like the meleeweapon of the etheral is a bit crooked though. I don't know how difficult it might be to get it strait though, but a not too hard pin should do the trick since you can reposition the blade slightly even if your drilling isn't 100% straight.

Thanks Zywus. I'm quite pleased with a 4 star rank, maybe I'll get a few more views. The blade of the ethereal's is slightly crooked, you're right. It looks worse from some angles as the blade slopes on one side but is straight on the other. I'll have a go at fixing it but I'm not really that bothered as it's not that noticeable in real life - its just in photos you see details like that that you miss otherwise.

25-08-2014, 19:57
Love the scheme and the general wear and tear weathering looks really effective! I like the simple bases too, keeps the focus on the models themselves. Very smart use of long grass, well done

26-08-2014, 16:27
Love the scheme and the general wear and tear weathering looks really effective! I like the simple bases too, keeps the focus on the models themselves. Very smart use of long grass, well done

Thanks very much. I was trying to get bases with a bit of interest and a definite style but that weren't so detailed that they drew your attention from the models. I think I'm doing quite well on that aim and its nice you think so too.

07-09-2014, 16:55
Hi everyone,
I've finished the missile drones for my Broadsides (that I will hopefully get to next) and that completes another month for the Tale and another year. I'll do a comprehensive highs and lows type post in a week or so but for now I'll just say that I think this has been a great year.

Anyway the pics:


I've also finished the bases for the interceptor drones:


And the complete army:


Left to right we have the Sunshark bomber with interceptor drones detached; the pathfinders with ion rifles and recon drone; the stealth suits; the Ethereal and his drones; the skyray; the other pathfinder squad; the fire warriors with pulse carbines; the fire warriors with pulse rifles; the Battlesuit commander; the Broadside missile drones and finally my Riptide.

12-10-2014, 15:21
It's been well over a month but I haven't been twiddling my thumbs. I thought I better do some Broadsides to go with the missile drones that I did to finish of last year's Tale so here is the first of them:


12-10-2014, 15:34
And there's more


The SMS and seeker missile are magnetised and I also did the optional plasma rifles and a support system, which I think I'll use as a target lock when he's with the other two that I will be going on to next. Some pics of the alternative load-out:


I'm quite pleased with the pose; I wanted to make it look like he was stepping up onto the rock to get a better firing position, which I think I achieved. He needed a the pneumatic struts on the back of his legs swapping over. I also put the little fins on the legs 'the wrong way up' to reflect the fins on the Riptides legs. If you were wondering there are only 8 transfers on this guy. Currently I'm thinking the other two will have standard poses as I haven't had any inspiration for anything different at the moment.

As ever comments welcome.

03-12-2014, 19:29
I'm going to be posting the 2nd broadside in the Tale very soon but I'll give you the full 360 here first. I am very pleased with how he turned out. A more conventional pose than the first one but this time I've magnetised the main weapons as well!

So the pictures. First with the missile pods:

03-12-2014, 19:31
And now with the railgun:

10-02-2015, 17:16
Well its been a long time but I have finally finished the third Broadside. Nothing particularly special to say other than this is the Shas'vre and he has a velocity tracker. I should also say that as a result of some changes in my hobby area I've moved my photo taking set up and its not right yet. The result is that these pics are a bit poor. Once I get the set up right I'll take some more pics of all three Broadsides together with their drones. For now here is the final Broadside with SMS and seeker missile and then with plasma rifles and velocity tracker.


24-02-2015, 16:55
Just a quick one to say that I'm closing in on finishing 2 pathfinders, 1 of which has a rail rifle. I'm also working on a conversion for Longstrike. He's based off the standard crewman with pathfinder arms and head and will have a selection of little add-ons from various sources. Pics by the end of the week.

25-02-2015, 17:19
OK so as promised I have some pics of another 2 pathfinders and a WIP of Longstrike. First the pathfinders:



And here's Longstrike. He's only got one arm so far and his body still needs a fair bit of work (head and chest bits are just tac-ed in place right now) but I think you can see where I'm going with him. I'm hopeful that I'll get him finished for posting in March for the Tale of 40K Painters.


01-03-2015, 10:13
I've hit a bit of a roadblock. The parts I'd ordered to complete my scratch built Longstrike arrived but there was a mistake. The right arm I'd ordered was supplied as a left arm. After thinking about it a bit I've decided to go ahead and order Longstrike from GW. I won't be able to do any painting this coming week so when I'm back to it next week my order will have arrived. I've finished the cupola that he will stand in and it'll only take a few days to finish him as well. With just 2 pathfinders and Longstrike it'll be another month I fall short of my 100pt target but at least I'll have something to post in the Tale.

12-03-2015, 18:23
Just posted in the Tale my 2 pathfinders and Longstrike. Here is another pic of just Longstrike:


I decided to go with a grey suit for him as I don't really like the GW white colour scheme and this way he sort of fits with my stealth suits. When I got Longstrike I also got Darkstrider, the pathfinder character so I'll be painting him next. After that I'm torn between starting my crisis suits, piranhas or kroot.

24-03-2015, 18:08
toonboy78 asked for a pic of Longstrike in a tank and I thought that was a very good suggestion so here we go. It's the Devilfish/Sky Ray I painted about a year ago rather than a hammerhead but it gives the general idea.


Longstrike turned out quite well and he stands out quite nicely in his grey battlesuit against the desert camo.

I've just about finished Darkstrider so I'll have pics of him very soon.

26-03-2015, 18:06
He's finished!

Yes, I've finished Darkstrider and here are the pics to prove it:


He was predictably easy to paint with the only decisions being what colours to go for when painting his hair (Fortress Grey), sash (Merchite Red then Blood Red) and his structural analyser viewfinder (standard 'lens' recipe so Solar Orange etc). I have to say he was a lot more difficult to clean up than Longstrike was beforehand. I decided to cut most of his scenic base topper away as it didn't fit well with my desert theme. A couple of bits of slate, some Milliput and some fine sand later and his base fits right in.

Next up will be some crisis suits. I'm going to be chopping them up a bit as the kit is quite poor and showing it's age. I won't be going as far as I did with my battlesuit commander as I want him to stand out. I'll be repositioning the jet pack so the two parts are closer together and slightly higher on the back of the suit in a similar way to these http://leskouzes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/6-crisis.html. I'll also be doing a bit of work on the arms and legs to reposition them. Finally I'll be mostly using Broadside heads that have less neck than the crisis suit ones so they will be closer to the body. I'm planning on doing 2 as bodyguards for my commander and so I'm planning some conversions for signature systems. These will hopefully be magnetised and capable of being swapped between the bodyguards and my commander. First up will be some pics from the chop shop, hopefully this weekend.

06-04-2015, 08:56
I've got some progress to show on the Crisis suits this morning. I worked on the bodies first as they need the most work. Once I had the first prototype worked out I went in to production line mode and did all the work for 5 suits. Next I started on the legs. Here I'm cutting out the back of the thigh above the knee and thinning down the calf so it looks like the leg can actually bend at the knee by more than about 5 degrees. I've so far cut one leg below the knee and repositioned it so it is bending more. This is quite tricky so I aim to reposition just one leg for each suit. I've also got about half way to magnetising a heap of weapons and support systems but the rest will have to wait for more magnets. Here are the five suits all arranged:


As you can see each body needs six small pieces of plasticard which get layered up on each side to fill the gap where the jet pack is repositioned.


Here is a closer look at the one where I have repositioned the leg. Its not a big change but I think it will make a lot of difference. You can also see that I'm going to be repositioning the arms too.


And finally here is my take on the Onager Gauntlet. Its mostly made from plasticard and Broadside support systems bits. I decided to go with a sort of short powered blade design which fits over the right forearm.

04-05-2015, 10:30
Well I'm just about to post my work in the latest Tale of 40K Painters thread but before I do that I'll share the full pics here.

I was working on the first of my crisis suits that I had decided to tackle. I decided that he would be a bodyguard for my commander mainly because I knew I'd only get one finished this month having had to do so much prep work that the extra 10pts over a standard suit would be needed to get close to my 100pts goal. In the end I did two gun drones in addition to all his equipment so I got well past my goal. So on to the pics...



Back for more in just a minute

04-05-2015, 10:37
A set of pics of a bodyguard wouldn't be complete without one of him with the commander he is meant to be guarding so...


I have made some other progress; I've got a couple more weapons and another support system painted. I've also made a start on the second suit:


That's not all. A while ago someone requested a pic of all my broadsides together. I have finally got around to it:


06-05-2015, 22:16
Nothing new to report on the painting and modelling front, I'm making good progress but no new pics.

As anyone who has been paying attention to my participation in the Tale will know it's usually about this time of the year that I start thinking about what I'll do for the next Tale. Except that this year I'm not really feeling it. Back at the beginning of the year I thought I would go back to my daemons or CSM but now I'm not sure. There have been possible distractions in the shape of Harlequins and Craftworld Eldar and even the mechanicum but amazingly none have really grabbed me. As things stand I can see myself carrying on with my Tau, who knows if the rumoured codex update comes to pass maybe I'll be inspired. I am still very much feeling the love for the Tau and there are several things I still want to do but I can't see it amounting to a full years worth at the moment. I suppose we'll just have to see what happens between now and September.

08-05-2015, 23:46
Nice work!
Would you mind sharing the technic for painting this used look?

10-05-2015, 19:15
Nice work!
Would you mind sharing the technic for painting this used look?

Sure thing. I haven't done a complete stage by stage with pics yet but if you look back over the log you'll see some typical pics on page 3 of what the models look like before washes. Up to then Its just sprayed white and then a couple of thinned coats of white to give reasonably consistent coverage. The basic colours are Stormvermin Fur for the darkest bits and Baneblade Brown for the fatigues etc. I thin sponge on Stormvermin for the worst of the battle damage/weathering. I found it a bit daunting before I started but it's pretty easy and if you go too heavy you can always repaint the basic colours. The sponge is just a bit from an old blister pack which I dab into the top of the pot and then on tissue paper until it seems to be about right. I try to concentrate on edges and front areas that would get most wear and tear. The washes are Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade in that order. I use either a size 0 or a size 1 for most models but I used a size 8 on the Skyray!. I don't load the brush up that much and work quickly to cover areas that are adjacent to each other so there is no chance of a dry edge forming. If I miss a bit I've found its best to just leave it to dry and go back to it rather than try to patch up when its still a bit wet as that just makes a mess. I think the main thing is to go quickly and get coverage rather than try to get it super smooth. When applying the Agrax I tend to load up my brush a bit more and plop it in a recess as a sort of reservoir trying to get shading rather than all over tone.


The second crisis suit is coming along nicely. I've got the basic colours done on a load of weapons and the arm holding the rock. I've got some spraying to do on a couple of drones and the head and other arm so I hope to get that done before the light fades completely this evening.

11-05-2015, 08:59
Looking good, d! Will you do an updated army shot when that huge pile of crisis suits is done? It'll be a very impressive force with all the big guys added. I count many more weapons than crisis suits though. Does that mean more on the way? Or magnetization?

11-05-2015, 17:01
Looking good, d! Will you do an updated army shot when that huge pile of crisis suits is done? It'll be a very impressive force with all the big guys added. I count many more weapons than crisis suits though. Does that mean more on the way? Or magnetization?

Always a pleasure Lew. You're right on both counts sort of. I have most of the bits needed for another crisis suit and I also have a Finecast Commander (which explains the airburst frag launcher on the end of the line in that pic above). Also the painted fusion blaster is a spare from my converted commander which somehow managed to get in there. But I have magnetised all the weapons and support systems so I can swap them about. All the weapons will be underslung the same as the most recent crisis suit, with support systems or additional weapons on (usually) the left jetpack. The exception to this will be the suit I'm currently working on. Although holding the rock will look cool he won't be able to have a weapon on that arm as the rock is in the way. I've given him magnets on both jetpacks to make up for this.

In other news I have started a little side project that is in part inspired by you Lew, which is a sniper drone team. I haven't got that far yet and it will be a slow burner project completed as and when I have spare time but I have worked out that I am going for an asymmetric drone sort of similar to a markerlight drone. I haven't completely worked out the spotter yet but I have the landing gear from my Skyray that I intend to use somehow.

06-06-2015, 14:32
I'll shortly be posting my latest crisis bodyguard in the Tale of 40K Painters thread for June but before that I have the full multi angle pics to share:


and the drones:


and then all together:


I'm really pleased with how he turned out. I think the whole 'jetting in and steadying himself for a snap shot' pose works very well. I'm kicking myself on not realising that gripping the rock would mean that he wouldn't be able to have a weapon on that arm. It's not a big problem as I've given him two weapon mounts on his jet pack but I'm just surprised I didn't realise sooner.

The question now is whether I should stick with crisis suits or move on to something else. I have a resin battlesuit commander as well as 3 more crisis suits. In addition to that I've got piranhas, kroot and more fire warriors.

10-06-2015, 21:18
I love how you hide all your flight contacts with terrain. its really inspiring. I'd love to see some pirhanna work if you're taking requests!

10-06-2015, 21:34
I love how you hide all your flight contacts with terrain. its really inspiring. I'd love to see some pirhanna work if you're taking requests!

Thanks mate. It's funny you should say that cos I've just got the bits for another piranha, which makes 4 that are sitting waiting for some paint action. I've decided to go with the battle suit commander right now but the piranhas could come after that.

06-07-2015, 17:28
It feels like ages since I last posted pics so lets rectify that.

Here are pics of my finished Finecast Battlesuit Commander:


The back view is really weird as he's sort of leaning back. I particularly like the two three-quarter views. I realise now that the front view is a bit fuzzy.

Being Finecast he was a pain to get ready - loads of bubbles that I kept finding. I didn't go with the pose straight from the box as it sort of looks like he's flinching back (not a good look for a commander) rather than stepping back to shot, which is what I assume it's meant to look like. Instead I went for a 'coming in to land' pose. This was quite an easy re-pose, although it did require a bit of careful repositioning of the sash on his honour blade so as not to clash with the left side jetpack. Overall I'm pleased with this guy. I didn't have time this month to do drones for him so I'll do them next. I think I may also do the sniper drone team as I have all the bits now.

19-07-2015, 16:02
I've been away for a week,which was great. What wasn't great was coming back to find the right foot of my commander had warped with the weight of the model. He now looks like he's preparing for a limbo competition. I'm currently trying to figure out how best to pin the foot/leg to fix it. I'm thinking I will cut the leg off just above the ball joint with the foot and drill through the big toe into the base. I will also drill up through the shin as far as I can. Finally I'll reattach the leg so that the body is in a more upright position.

I will be doing a couple of gun drones for the commander but instead of the sniper drone team I'm going to be doing some Vespid. Here is some WIP on them:


Being metal they are a bit of a pain to prepare. With only 3 poses all of which have both feet on the ground they are incredibly static for jump infantry but they have a quirky charm. I've started work to add a bit of variety, although I've still got to do three of the eight. Hopefully when I'm finished they will look a bit more varied and mobile than the originals. I'm planning a fairly traditional blue colour scheme but working from a pale base colour and using washes as per my other Tau.

21-07-2015, 15:14
Amazing Tau! Puts mine to shame :p

21-07-2015, 16:41
Amazing Tau! Puts mine to shame :p

Cheers. The colour scheme hides quite a bit that would otherwise be quite noticeable. For any other future project I would definitely try to come up with a scheme that uses the same approach of basic colours then washes.

The Vespid are proving to be quite a pain being metal but when I'm finished at least some of them won't have both feet on the ground.

21-07-2015, 17:35
[QUOTE=The Vespid are proving to be quite a pain being metal but when I'm finished at least some of them won't have both feet on the ground.[/QUOTE]

The exact reason I never bought Vespid: Their poses. Looks so awful :/

09-08-2015, 08:39
I thought I'd quickly show the progress I've made on my Vespid. As the armour and all the bits to be the sand camo colour are 'behind' arms etc I've started with all the sand camo bits first. That's all finished and I've now started on the skin. So far I've basecoated with Space Wolves Grey. Next will be washes, mostly Asurmen Blue but I also plan to use purple, red and green to stop them being too uniform.


As ever comments are welcome.

15-08-2015, 07:55
I've made some more progress on the Vespid:


There's a bit more washing to do on the wings plus finishing off the details such as the Tau symbol on their chests and then it's the bases. I didn't say previously that I've put these guys on 32mm bases, the ones from Age of Sigmar. I think they look better with the slightly larger bases compared to the pics in the Tau codex.

24-08-2015, 13:44
Nice to see another glowy Tau army coming together nicely. I did however notice a distinct lack of Farsight in this blog, so if you're still in the market for an over the top commander, I invite you to consider your own take on either of these designs from my Dubstep cadre:
http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/577962-Broadsides%2C%20Dub%2C%20Dubstep%2C%20Feather%2C%2 0Flail%2C%20Glow%2C%20LED%2C%20Mace%2C%20Missile%2 C%20Purple.html

Just food for thought since you have some room for a crazy commander suit build, and I'd hate to stop inspiring.

24-08-2015, 17:37
Nice to see another glowy Tau army coming together nicely. I did however notice a distinct lack of Farsight in this blog, so if you're still in the market for an over the top commander, I invite you to consider your own take on either of these designs from my Dubstep cadre:
http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/577962-Broadsides%2C%20Dub%2C%20Dubstep%2C%20Feather%2C%2 0Flail%2C%20Glow%2C%20LED%2C%20Mace%2C%20Missile%2 C%20Purple.html

Just food for thought since you have some room for a crazy commander suit build, and I'd hate to stop inspiring.

Thanks for stopping by. Those two are pretty over the top. I've seen pics of the second one before, impressive indeed. I'm hoping that the rumoured codex reboot will be accompanied by the rumoured (and badly needed) new crisis battlesuit. Fingers crossed for parts for both a generic commander and Farsight. If a new plastic battlesuit turns up I think I may tackle a Farsight conversion.

I'm just about there with the Vespid. Just some highlighting to do. Pics won't be for a while as I'm going to be away most of next week.

I've pretty much decided not to take part in the Tale of 40K Painters for the next year starting in September. This is mainly because I've felt under pressure to achieve my 100pts target for most of the past year and I'm now getting to models that are low points but will take some time to paint, such as kroot - I'd need to paint about 16 in a month to get 100pts. The other reason is that I've been wanting to do some random conversion projects and I just haven't had the time this year. I therefore plan to continue with my Tau doing the kroot etc that I have plus whatever takes my fancy from what turns up with the codex reboot, do a few random conversions and build a load of stuff ready for returning to the Tale in autumn 2016. What I'll do when I return is very much to be decided. Right now I'm thinking Orks as I have a load of plastic waiting in boxes but possibly some brand of traitor marines, particularly if the Horus Heresy rumours come to pass. Lets see how that pans out?

13-09-2015, 10:43
Another month has flown past but I have finished the Vespid and 2 gun drones for my recent commander:





I've also collected together all the models I've painted in the last year for a group shot (which has turned out a bit dark):


As I said recently I'm continuing with my Tau but I won't be taking part in the Tale of 40K Painters for the coming year. This will probably mean that I will post fewer finished models but it may mean I will post more WIP stuff. I'll be taking a little break and then coming back with piranhas, kroot, more fire warriors, the hammerhead and who knows what else.

See you in a bit.

15-09-2015, 21:14
I've just seen breaking pics over at BOLS from the November Warhammer Visions (so releases in October) for a new missile and rail gun Riptide - KV128(?), (presumably) Fire warriors with more angular helmets and new pulse carbines and a new battlesuit that looks like a stealth-crisis mashup seemingly called XV95 which has some kind of ion weapon on one arm, two fusion blasters on its shoulders/backpack and possibly another blaster on its other arm (difficult to see. This new suit looks crisis commander sized. It also has two drones with it with unknown function, a bit like Shadowsun's command link drone but without the long downwards fin.

Everything looks awesome. I'm not sure about the new riptide arms/ missile pods, they look a bit odd but the rail gun type thing on the shoulder is cool.

Looks like I'll be putting those piranhas off again.

30-09-2015, 17:03
Well a lot seems to have happened in the last few weeks in the world of Tau. I must say I'm looking forward to the next few weeks with all the new models coming our way. I will be getting at least one box of everything. I'm very interested to know how well they combine with existing kits, particularly the fire warriors. In the meantime I have been cleaning kroot bits. We'll have to see how far I get with them before the new kits arrive. I have some of the old jungle trees that GW used to pack in the battalion boxes which I think should make good palm trees. I'm not sure if I'll use them on the bases of any of the kroot, possibly just the shaper, instead I think I'll make some objectives for them like mini oasis! I was also thinking about how to make maker light counters and thinking about using some of the old square bases I have but I'm going to hold off to see how the new codex handles them before going ahead with that little plan.

13-11-2015, 17:15
I've been holding off posting as up until now I haven't had much to show and I didn't want to post again without any pics.

I've been busy, and I suspected it hasn't really had much to do with Kroot.

First of all I have for you pics of the new plastic Ethereal from Burning Dawn:


I had the base made up in anticipation of doing more Crisis suits, but as it had a large flat-ish area I thought I'd use it. The flag fitted nicely but because of the angle of the sand dune I needed to change the orientation of the hover drone. Fortunately I was able to turn the drone through 120 degrees with the result that he's facing the same direction as the drone is leaning, which looks good. Painting-wise he is done in my usual scheme. I'm particularly happy with the red of the robe. I decided to do the banner as a non-specific ork banner, possibly from some Badmoons, as I thought this would contrast nicely with the colours of the ethereal and also I see my Tau as mostly fighting orks.

I said in my previous post that I intended to get one of every new kit. And that's exactly what I have done:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/uV3rV7wcb-We6BiK-S9sxiavN7aQ-zIu4YcvMI6lr_kqr-kDJ0MnA8dmPbC6-rRGiQ5QFwbXL9JcPenO_T7yS5D0t7KTrkbJeu_x8E6B61MehRd Ui5Ku7rvtB10pR8yZvuapquDRfIB6lBTc4dC3qVlCIcBX6fRQi ZSxXNA0x_HFVRHKSfK532bkoDyPJjJFA4YfqAiTFnt4vJnGlq-wrKVGd_7cs0flNFS7XNG0PJbol1iJpwGQcTpufCYUn23orpwTO Y-rF4kIIcgEGJrT8tOCZvQTPwsiTEGrN4yhCyhv70W2tQNyCytU6 20EUWaY7iy2yO-glNsoEFjxHMf9GkVzbIrx22wkFBXekonGfwnnsm1Nc6TRhb2Bb 6UgxcAEnGWDk4QMLu8nVWjx4D06PnGR7lxPQIFxvA1BkGYUB9u jKccqgz3RL3ql7B5tXgJ0ru8VQC2xuPOG8Af9F1xSTSYDCeOL9 Vkft-NKsme4VFBZYjI3BapCaSjhzDEO-_OvAj_Ouz182Bkr3e0Zz5P_YxsolBDY-0t-AM4NvotP3ePyi0aAtvvobPG9NnPx_ysaEScByEdhRQn3DNWrBa eSonUPtBMUfX9acToMX58L9F7czXntYY0=w1055-h791-no

What's not shown it that pic is that I've also gone a bit made and got a Tidewall Rampart, so I guess I'm going to be very busy!

08-12-2015, 17:13
I decided I'd have a go at the Ghostkeel from that big pile of Tau goodness so I have some progress to share.

This is a complicated kit and it really does pay to go through the instructions carefully and dry fit everything. I've ended up with a huge number of sub-assemblies that I'll paint before assembly. There are some bits that benefit from being painted even before they become part of a sub-assembly so I've tackled them first.


The cockpit details would be impossible to paint once assembled. That said much of what I've painted isn't going to be visible - the side panels for example. I've painted them simply because I know they are there and therefore couldn't leave them unpainted. I think its worth saying that the front panel with all the small lights and the dome thing that goes over the pilots head are designed to move so its a good idea to try to avoid getting paint on the little nubbins. I decided to paint the pilot as I would any other infantry but I didn't do any sponged battle damage. Also I'd say learn from my experience and glue the pilot into one side of the cockpit before sticking the two halves together. The pilot will not go in afterwards.

For the colour scheme I'm going with the stealth suits scheme (see page 2) but there will be more grey armour sections. The stealth drones will also be in the grey and brown stealth colour scheme.

15-07-2016, 21:03
It has been an age since I last posted. I've been slowly plugging away at the ghostkeel and am pleased to say I've finally finished.

The stealth grey colour scheme turned out to be quite a lot of work but looks great.


More in just a moment

15-07-2016, 21:20


You'll notice that I've swapped the support weapons to the arm and the electro-doodads to the right shoulder. The main and support weapons as well as the head are magnetised so can be swapped (both main weapons are shown above, but I haven't quite finished the fusion blasters) and the cockpit opens. If I do another I won't bother with the opening cockpit or pilot as it was a bit of a pain and as indicated in my last post I messed up gluing and had to prise the 2 halves of the torso apart. It all worked out OK but next time I won't bother. I also found getting the feet glued a bit troublesome, something to do with getting the angle right and the way the ankles join with the feet.

I'll be tackling something a bit smaller next, probably Shadowsun, before moving on to the big daddy - the Stormsurge. I've got plans to enclose the crew compartment and give it arms - something like the missile pods of the Broadsides. If my progress on the ghostkeel is anything to go by you can expect the stormsurge sometime around the beginning of next year.

17-12-2016, 08:46
It's been a while, but I've only just discovered that Warseer is back. As it happens I haven't had much to show in the intervening period, but I do have Shadowsun!


And now with drones:

Just the drones:

And now with helmet:

A few things to note. I based her on one of the 'new' 32mm bases with the battlefield debris remodeled as rocks. While remodeling the rocks I took the opportunity to make her lean forward a bit more than would otherwise have been the case, which I think gives her a slightly more dynamic pose. The colour scheme is my standard stealth dark grey. I decided not to add any transfers or markings. This was for two reasons; I wasn't that happy with how the markings on the stealthsuit squad turned out but also she has loads of Tau symbols on her - 4 on her and another 2 on the command drone, so I didn't think she really needed any more. I thought about going with the classic white armour but I decided to keep with my stealth scheme as she is the archetypal stealth unit. Plus I've not really been overly convinced when I've painted white on a large scale previously as they seemed to either have almost no definition between light and shade or they turn out rather too blue. I haven't tried for a long time so I suspect that with the current range of GW paints I could do something I'm happy with. I'm sure I made the right choice for Shadowsun.

I've decided to tackle the big daddy of suits - the Stormsurge next. As well as the usual trying to magnetise everything that I've done with other suits I hope to do some interesting stuff with the base and pose, instead of the standard 'half squat on level ground' that seems to be the norm. I also want to do something to give it 'arms' in a similar way to the Broadside heavy missile pods. Finally I plan to do a 'hostile terrain enclosed crew compartment' conversion using leg armour that I've bitz ordered. All of which may take a while but I'm quite excited and looking forward to the challenge. I'll try to take pics as I go especially of the conversion elements.

17-12-2016, 10:56
Well executed mute colours.

06-05-2017, 10:59
Hello Folks,
It's been a good long while since I posted anything but I thought I had now got to a point that it was worth sharing my progress, but first thank you to H3L!X, glad you like her.

As I said in my last post I've decided to tackle the Stormsurge. As mentioned I had identified a number of points that I wanted to see if I could improve on, or at least make my version stand out from the crowd. Those points were:

The pose - just about all the examples I've seen have used the standard GW leg arrangement of knees bent and have been standing pretty much on the base. Although I have seen a few that have tried something a bit different none have really inspired me.
The missile pods - I've never been taken with the missile pods coming straight out from the sides of the body. Although I suppose this makes sense I think that if you are going as far as making a bipedal walker why not give it arms too.
The open crew compartment - I like the idea of being able to model the crew and I think it works well for the Ghostkeel, but for the Stormsurge with it being open to the elements I'm not convinced - it seems that many others aren't too.

Taking these points in turn the easiest one to do something about is the pose. I have taken inspiration from my Riptide with its foot up on half the spacemarine statue from the Honoured Imperium terrain set. I didn't want to do the same thing so I've used a peice from the Arcane Ruins terrain to provide something for the Stormsurge to put its foot up on. The pictures here show the front and back of the base:


You can see from the back photo where the left foot will go and the right foot will be up on the plinth thing. I sliced a sliver of the bottom of one end of the plinth and then built up the sand dune using bits of sprue and plasticard off cuts. I'm quite pleased with how this has turned out and I think it will work nicely. I've got the legs built in a number of sub-assemblies and sprayed white so they are ready to paint.

For the missile pods I've done a lot of thinking but not a lot else! As mentioned before I think something like the Broadside missile pod arms would work. I think that if I put together the missile pods pretty much as per the normal construction but leave the smart missile systems off then 'shoulders' and 'elbow' joints can be attached in the space. I'd have to find somewhere else for the SMS but I don't see that as a major problem.

I have however made quite a bit of progress on enclosing the crew compartment. I said in my previous post that I was thinking of using leg armour but after playing around with this I decided to go in a slightly different direction. Taking inspiration from the Forgeworld R'Varna battlesuit and the idea that this is a ballistic suit rather than a battlesuit I've come up with the idea of using a front body section to go over the top of the middle part.

I'll have to come back to this as Photobucket is not playing nice right now.

...(some time later)




The first pic shows the work I've done to start with - cutting the sides of a separate front panel, cutting down the view ports and generally starting to fill the gaps. It also shows the rearranged right side where I've taken the secondary head socket out and replaced it with an extension of the front panel with a head front.

The second pic shows a rear view including the work to the primary weapon mount so that I can take the weapon off and swap bits.

The third one shows the targeting array that I've sliced diagonally which is just tacked in place but shows how it will replicate the R'Varna 'head'. This pic also shows how I intend to do the other crew enclosure. It is part of the front panel that was cut off, again this is just tacked in place.

The last pic is the same but with the primary weapon in place.

I'll come back in a while to show how I've magnetised the bits so I can have either of the primary weapon options.

07-05-2017, 09:11
Following on from my previous post here are a few pics to show how I've magnetised the bits of the primary weapon so I can have either the Pulse blastcannon or the Pulse driver cannon. There are quite a few bits that make up each weapon but they are all based of the same rear section. This meant that I was going to need to get drilling. I ended up putting 7 magnets into the rear section - 4 for the cylinders of the pulse driver and 3 for the power coil or pipes that go on the other side (2 of these aren't that easy to see, they look white rather than silvery):


The main barrels, sensors and rear cover (of the blast cannon) are all a good fit and didn't need magnets. Although I did put 2 magnets on the mounting point I quickly realised that a weapon this big would also need a wire pin. So here are the two different main weapons:



There are a number of bits that I haven't completely worked out, for example the air intake that goes behind the head normally will need to go at the back somehow. I'm also trying to think of ways to make it slightly less obvious how I've converted the central part.

As ever comments are welcome.

Captain Brown
09-05-2017, 05:57

Great photos showing the adding of the magnets. Glad you are back doing some posting here on WarSeer again.



09-05-2017, 17:00

Great photos showing the adding of the magnets. Glad you are back doing some posting here on WarSeer again.



Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Capt B. WIP photos is not something that I've done much of before as I tend to think they can be a bit boring, but with the Stormsurge being such a large kit and wanted to do a fair bit to it a few progress shots are needed, if only to prove that I'm still here and doing Hobby stuff.

Posting these updates has also proved useful as I now have some ideas about how I'm going to disguise the top section a bit and also how to integrate the air intake in a way that prevents it looking like a stuck on afterthought. Progress is slow but I will share more photos when there is something to share.

Captain Brown
12-05-2017, 23:15
Well a 5/5 from me to encourage others to come and take a look.



18-06-2017, 13:19
Well a 5/5 from me to encourage others to come and take a look.



Thanks very much Captain.

The bad news first - there are no new pics in this post.

I am making slow but steady progress on the main body of the Stormsurge and it won't be long before I have something more to show you. However, what I wanted to do was share some of my initial thoughts on the Tau having received my copy of Xenos 2 yesterday. This is in no particular order, just as it comes.

Our bomber seems to have been improved quite a bit, some of which is due to the way aircraft are handled now but pulse bombs seem to be rather good now - dealing mortal wounds on 5+, or 4+ for infantry strikes me as being very powerful. Plus the fact that there's no possibility of not generating a new bomb. (Actually bombs in general seem to be rather good now, looking at the various Ork options)

Pinning isn't a thing anymore so pulse carbines are less useful.

I'm not sure how I feel about Kroot having been split into 4 separate units. I was rather hoping that the shaper would be a HQ choice so we could do a whole Kroot detachment. They have lost the sniper rounds, which were cool. The hounds have lost Acute Senses so I'm not sure we'll see much of them, although they are quite cheap so might be taken in larger units as a melee screen, although with their low leadership they'll be wiped out pretty quickly.

All the special characters seem to have remained special, although not always in the same way. Just to pick on one - Darkstrider I wonder how good his structural analyser will be with the changes to the Toughness chart, -1T might not do much now.

Seeker missiles don't seem that great any more as you will need markerlights to get a reasonable chance of hitting but then its just 1 mortal wound. On this the Skyray seems rather weak - you're going to need both markerlights to hit to make it worth firing any of the missiles, but you only get 6 of them.

26-06-2017, 22:29
I like the grey Tau especially. Also: Those bases are really well done. Non faff, just well done desert sand.

27-06-2017, 16:58
I like the grey Tau especially. Also: Those bases are really well done. Non faff, just well done desert sand.

Thank you very much sigur, thank you very much indeed.

02-07-2017, 08:29
I have some pics for you! They show the progress I've made on turning the Stormsurge from a cabriolet into a hardtop. The first 3 pics are from various angles but basically show the same things. The first thing is I've filled in the section on the front of the additional piece across the top so there is a continuous ridge. The second thing is I've added a section at the back to continue this ridge and join it up with the back of the main body. The air intake will go on top of this new section somehow. The last main point is the boxing in of the left shoulder area, which is obviously not finished with the piece of plasticard sticking straight up from the side highlights but its getting there. The final pic shows the targeting array which is just tacted on for now but is a bit more worked up - I'm quite pleased with how I've dealt with the side where I cut through the round bit that would have attached it to the outside of the missile system. There is still quite a bit to do and a whole bucket load of filling to be done eventually on all these bits but I'm quite pleased with the progress. As always please let me know what you think.


10-07-2017, 01:31
Hey I replied to your PM about how to switch to Google Photos from Photo Bucket and I have also included said instructions in my Plogs now for anyone else....I am going to post some more pics of my 99% complete three Tau fully magnetized Battle Suits in my My MAGNETIZED MINIS log. good luck with the tedious job of now fixing all your in post pics.

12-07-2017, 12:55
Hey I replied to your PM about how to switch to Google Photos from Photo Bucket and I have also included said instructions in my Plogs now for anyone else....I am going to post some more pics of my 99% complete three Tau fully magnetized Battle Suits in my My MAGNETIZED MINIS log. good luck with the tedious job of now fixing all your in post pics.

Thanks Redeath. I'm not sure if I can face reloading 9 years worth of photos, may just do my Tau. I'll be sure to check out your suits.

Captain Brown
24-07-2017, 17:39

Don't let Photobucket deny us your work. I am slowly correcting my links, already have one PLOG fixed and am working on a second. Doing it mainly because I did not like the way that the rules were changed the same day they blocked everything and demanded $499 US from me...if they had given warning and asked for a few dollars a month I would have probably bought the service.

Look forward to your progress.



25-07-2017, 16:41

Don't let Photobucket deny us your work. I am slowly correcting my links, already have one PLOG fixed and am working on a second. Doing it mainly because I did not like the way that the rules were changed the same day they blocked everything and demanded $499 US from me...if they had given warning and asked for a few dollars a month I would have probably bought the service.

Look forward to your progress.



I feel much the same way - would happily pay something but to be cut off with no warning is not on. Hope they have people leave in droves. I will try out both Flickr and Google to see which I get on with and go from there. I do intend on getting all my old pics back on here but it might take a while. Thanks fr dropping by Captain.

19-08-2017, 14:23
I decided that it was time for another update. Things haven't moved on a great deal but I have sorted out the air intake and got the top section attached to the main body. Now I need to finish the main optics bit, which I've tacked on in the bottom pic (I've also put the main weapon on to give an idea of what it will look like). Then it's a load of gap filling and smoothing out, but the end, for the body is in sight.


I've been wondering about the main missile pods and whether I should just go with them as is or do as previously planned which is to do Broadside style shoulders. Any thoughts?

10-09-2017, 17:06
I haven't posted anything here for a while as I've been distracted by new Chaos stuff and starting a new thread for that. I now have all the bits to do broadside type shoulders for the main missile pods so I'll get back on that soon, once the initial excitement about all the new plastic death guard dies down.

One issue that I find myself in two minds about is whether I should base my new chaos minis on desert bases like my Tau, or stick with the old, darker bases. What do you think?

25-10-2017, 14:54
I'm still distracted by Death Guard and will be for some time to come but I wanted to post here because I've discovered a work around for the Photobucket image no-show problem in the form of an add-on for Firefox (there is also apparently one for Chrome too). So far it seems to work just fine. Get it here-

21-11-2017, 21:04
I'm still distracted by Death Guard and will be for some time to come but I wanted to post here because I've discovered a work around for the Photobucket image no-show problem in the form of an add-on for Firefox (there is also apparently one for Chrome too). So far it seems to work just fine. Get it here-

:( the link does not work I get "We're sorry, but we can't find what you're looking for.

The page or file you requested wasn't found on our site. It's possible that you clicked a link that's out of date, or typed in the address incorrectly.

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22-11-2017, 20:17
:( the link does not work I get "We're sorry, but we can't find what you're looking for.

Sorry, don't know, I get the same message. I can tell that the add-on is still working as images on page 2 of this thread are showing up for me but I haven't as yet got around to transfering them. I think there is a sticky post somewhere on here. I think I got that link over at Dakka Dakka but I can't say for sure.

05-12-2017, 20:12
It has been quite a while since I did a proper update and that won't be changing as I have accepted a job offer that will see me moving about 170 miles north. I'm really excited about the job as it seems like the type of thing I have been aiming for for a number of years. However, I've got a busy few months ahead of me that will mean that I will have limited hobby time and probably won't be able to post anything new for quite some time. I will eventually be back, next year at some point.

18-09-2018, 17:06
Hello everyone,
I'm back to the hobby after my move. I'm currently working on some chaos models (go check out my chaos log via the link in my sig). I will come back here eventually and continue with the stormsurge conversion and possibly take the plunge into the boxes of grey plastic I have for some alternative xenos action in 'Orktober'.

09-12-2018, 11:54
It's been a while for sure but I'll just be leaving this here for now:


Captain Brown
11-12-2018, 15:01

Is that a customized Kroot? I do not remember them having a slotta base.



12-12-2018, 15:07

Is that a customized Kroot? I do not remember them having a slotta base.



It is the Kroot mercenary from Blackstone Fortress. Although I was tempted I didn't buy Blackstone Fortress, but I did get this guy from a bits service. I'll use him as a shaper and a test run for th colour scheme I intend to use for the Kroot I have when I gt around to painting them (whenever that might be).