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09-06-2013, 14:14
So I bought the mortis engine when it came out, then I made and converted my own second mortis engine model for a double engine list, and then I recently acquired a third mortis engine model when I purchased my friends vampire counts army from him...so now i have three mortis engines which I'm dying to see all the on the tabletop at once so here's my attempt for a synergetic army:

Master necromancer level four.

3 baby necromacners with a dispel scroll.

40 ghouls with a ghast.

50 zombies with a standard.

20 zombies with a standard.

3 units of 5 dogs.

A horde of 36 grave guard with great weapons, standard, musician and banner of the barrows.

Another horde of 36 grave guard with great weapons, standard, musician and banner of eternal flame.

4 vargheists

3 mortis engines, one with the blasphemous tome.

So? Can it work? Would you like to play against it or with it? i would appreciate any feedback and comments!

09-06-2013, 14:25
This could definitely work. 2 Regenerating blocks of Grave Guard can be pretty dirty.

To beat this I would just suicide a unit into wherever you placed your necromancer and kill him and watch your army crumble. That is really the main weakness of the army, but you could say that about any Vampire list. The difference being when you take a necromancer, he is infinitely more vulnerable than a Vampire lord.

I would watch out for really high initiative Cavalry units with the flaming banner hitting one of your Grave guard units. They'd crumble pretty quickly if it was say a large Skullcrusher unit.

I would try to cut some stuff and put 2 terrorgeists in.

Also, I don't know if this was a typo, but only one of your necromancers can have a dispel scroll.

09-06-2013, 16:53
Haha yeah if only I could fit in 3 mortis engines and 2 terrorgheists into my rare section, now that would be sweet. And yeah don't worry, only one necromancer has a scroll.

I know what you're saying about the vulnerability of the master necromancer, but in a non vampire list that is inevitable. Also the bunker that contains the necromancers will be surrounded by three mortis engines with their screams and impact hits, so most typical mage hunters probably won't last too long if I'm careful.

Honestly I would love it if my opponent charged me with a big unit of skull crushers to the front of my grave guard. They won't kill all of us, I'll heal some of the wounds taken in my magic phase and then hit him with triple screams from the mortis engines and a bucket load of s6 attacks. I feel confident I could grind him down over a few turns.

09-06-2013, 17:53
I totally forgot that Mortis Engines can scream. I've never seen anyone use one.

On that thought the list does seem more viable.

09-06-2013, 18:45
Not a terrorgheist scream mind you, just a banshee howl, but still pretty damn useful in a lot of situations.