View Full Version : Is my list legal? Having a Ld8 general with a Ld 9 BSB...

11-06-2013, 13:35
There is a problem that I am facing...

I'm preparing for a tournament with very small lists (1,250 points), and as I was planning my DE list I encountered a problem.

I wanted to put a L2 sorceress and a BSB (my only two characters) and make my sorceress my general.

The problem is that a DE sorceress has a Ld of 8, while the BSB has a Ld of 9.

Thus, to my mind, neither can be general (one does not have the highest Ld, the other cannot be general, already being the BSB), and my list would be illegal.

Am I right?

11-06-2013, 13:48
If I'm correct you need to take the character with the highest leadership who is able to be the general, so you sorceress must be the general. I'm not totaly sure so you might need to check the brb

11-06-2013, 14:54
It's almost clear in the Main Rule Book, but you have to read both the rules for The General and The Battle Standard Bearer on page 107 ...

Short version : the model with the big banner cannot be the General unless specifically said so (IIRC, only the Slann from the lizzies can do that), AND you must use the eligible model with the highest Ld to be your General.

So yes, having a Ld9 BSB and a Ld8 General is possible ... if they are in the same unit, you'll use the Ld9 (best in unit) for that unit Ld tests, including rerolls granted by the big banner, and the Ld8 for the 12 inches "bubble" of the General.

Wierd, but that's the rules, and it's legal.

11-06-2013, 18:11
If you are bunkering your sorceress in spearmen you can use the standard of discipline.

12-06-2013, 12:08
There's nothing wrong with your characters. If there were, then the only way a Vermin Lord (Ld 9 Skaven, can't be General) could be taken is if you also took Queek Headtaker (the only other Ld 9 Skaven, special character). That kind of limitation is ludicrous.

12-06-2013, 16:16
Thanks for the answers!