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Kroeger The Bloody
12-06-2013, 16:27
With the release of the new Tau codex, I finally decided it was time to repaint my ageing Tau army from 4th edition... With some new updates of course!

Previously, I had painted my Tau in an iceworld style color scheme. However, I am now bored of this, and with the passage of time my painting skills have dramatically increased since the army was initially painted.


I'm using the Cerberus color scheme from Mass Effect 3, with the addition of some branch colors inspired by the clone troopers in Star Wars. I'm splitting the army into 3 branches. Suits, infantry, and vehicles. Suits branch color is red, infantry is yellow, and vehicles are orange. Rank is denoted by the amount of the branch color on the model. The suit Shas'ui have only the red antenna, whereas the Shas'vre have their entire helmet painted red. The fully red suit is the Shas'O, being the highest ranked suit officer in the list, he is completely red (also because I wanted the bodyguards to be mostly red, like the royal guards from Star Wars).


Currently I am painting them with the following process.

Black Prime, Airbrush Ulthuan Grey, pin wash of Nuln Oil, Edge highlight of Ceramite white. Averland Sunset for the yellow panels, with a Yriel Yellow highlight. The black portions are vallejo black with Dawnstone edging, and the red is Evil Suns scarlett with Wild Rider red highlights and Biel-Tan green pin wash.

Stay tuned for more updates. I have a lot more of these guys to paint!

Nomrana Est
13-06-2013, 17:29
Really like the cleanliness of those suits, and the Shas'O looks great.

Nice, simple scheme executed well. Nothing more I can really say.

13-06-2013, 17:45
Love how your color scheme looks on the broadsides

Kroeger The Bloody
14-06-2013, 16:10
@Zombie: Thanks, I agree that the Broadsides have taken particularly well to the scheme.

@Nomrana: I wanted to go with a much simpler color scheme this time round. My last few armies, while very nice to look at, where mind-numbing in their completion because I tend towards much more time-intensive painting styles.


Kroeger The Bloody
17-06-2013, 16:08
I worked some more this weekend. I got quite a bit done.


This is the collection of suits together and mostly done.


Here is one of the Riptides, this guy is mostly done. just a few details here and there, and the magnetic weapon attachments remain to be painted.

Kroeger The Bloody
24-06-2013, 16:20
More work completed over the weekend.

I got a pair of Bodyguards finished, along with the third suit in one of the Crisis teams I had previously started.


I also finished off the magnetized arms and weapon systems for the Broadsides and the Riptides.


And finally, I spent quite a bit of time painting all the magnetized weapons for the Crisis Suits. While I am reasonably sure that I wont use most of them in regular games, they were simple enough to do that I think it was worth the time.


I have also completed some marker Drones, and I am working my way through 20 Pathfinders, Dark Strider and a Fireblade.

Farseer Dave
02-07-2013, 07:29
Your attachments are not working!

Kroeger The Bloody
02-07-2013, 15:27
Fixed them!

Kroeger The Bloody
04-10-2013, 15:58
Finally did some more work on the Tau.

I roughed in the colors on a Skyray


05-10-2013, 07:14
Really nice! White looks awesome on your Tau. I don't know their fluff very well, so I don't know if it's an existing scheme or your own creation? Anyway, keep up the good work! :)