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30-05-2006, 18:09
Hey peeps,

After my last warhammer army, the Dwarfs (ok they still need a few slayers) I am looking at the Bretonnians as a second army.

Now this will again be a 3000 point force but I may increase it with a further 1000 including the Fay enchantress and maybe her guardians. So anyway here's the deal.

I have two options for finishing my list and have listed them bth at the end, so I would like your opinions on the two choices as well as C&C on the rest of the list.

And yes i know there are rather a lot of characters here.

Bretonnian Lord
Grail Vow
Virtue of nobel disdain
Sword of the Lady's Champion
The Grail Shield
Barded Warhorse

Bretonnian Lord
Grail Vow
Gilded Cuirass
Heartwood Lance
Barded Warhorse

(Should I find the points to give my two paladins below the grail or Questing vows or leave them?)

Paladin: (BSB)
Virture of duty
Banner of the lady
Barded Warhorse

Virtue of Empathy
Morning star of Fracasse

Damsel of the Lady
Lvl 2
The verdant Heart

Damsel of the Lady
Lvl 2
Prayer Icon of Quenelles
Dispel Scroll

9 Knights Errant
Full Command
Errantry Banner

8 Knights of the Realm (joined by the second Lord)
Full Command
Banner of CHalons

8 Knights of the Realm (joined by the BSB)
Musician and Champion

19 Men at Arms (joined by the foot Knight)
Full Command

20 Men at Arms
Full Command

9 Questing Knights
Full Command

7 Grail Knights (joined by the General and the mounted damsel)
Full Command
Nanner of Defense

Now here come the options

Option A)

Increase the size of the two men at arms units by 4 each

Give the Questing knights the Valorous Standard

Add in a unit of 5 Pegasus knights with full command

This means the army has no missile weapons which is quite fitting considering the Generals Disdain

================================================== =
================================================== =

Option B)

Add 4 Men at arms to ONE of the two units

Add in a unit of 3 Pegasus Knights with NO command

add in TWO units of 10 archers with light armour, braziers and standard bearer + musician

This gives me a few missile troops to play with, modelling flaming arrows and the braziers could be cool, plu smy brother fields wood elves....


So guys what do you think?

Oh and sorry for the mega post


31-05-2006, 00:51
Anyone ? Anyone at all?

31-05-2006, 14:36
I don't play Brets (Yet) but I do have the book and have made some lists.

-Why do you need 2 lords? Thats alot of points... get rid of the second one and add another unit of KOTR.. or a unit of Pegasi.

-Leave the BSB without the Vows.

-skirmishing archers rock ;)

I like the big blocks of knights! and the M@A's.. those are fine. But the reason I say get rid of one Lord is if your big expensive GK/QK's get bogged down.. you'll be in trouble in a 3000pt game!

31-05-2006, 16:06
yeah it is a lot of characters, but what cn I say I wanted to model both lord LOL, and besides it gives all my units some extra umph

02-06-2006, 11:47
So if I replace the Lord with a Paladin, what should I use the remaining points to do ? And how should I finish off my archers.

Oh and why no Vow on my BSB?