View Full Version : 2,000 Points High Elves (Chrace themed and a return to Warammer Fantasy)

14-06-2013, 13:57

I use to play high elves back in 4th, 5th, and 6th edition and feel it is time to do 2 things ressurect my white lions painting log and begin playing fantasy again. 40K is beginning to lose its lustre so its time for a change to avoid losing interest in the hobby.

So it has been some years since i last attempted to play fantasy, and I will need to read over the newest edition rules a few times to get myself familiar with it. As I said I'm theming it around Chrace. So what I have so far is a rough outline of what I'd like to do. I like the idea of a prince/archmage combo so if its posible to keep that I would like to. Especialy since I just finished converting the newest rendition of my prince on foot.

Units I will still consider to use are:
Shadow warriors
Silver Helms
Great Eagles
Repeater Bolt throwers

I'd consider dragon princes because I have seen some nice "lion princes" conversions online, but only if you think the cold improve the list.

So here is what I have so far. There are points left for some magic items or changes to units. C&C are welcomed!


2000 Points High Elves Army

heavy armour
lion cloak
great weapon
Total: 161 pts

lvl 4
Total: 220 pts

heavy armour
battle standard
Total: 105 pts

30 spearmen
light armour
full command
Total: 300 pts

20 Archers
Total: 200 pts

Lion Chariot
Total: 120 pts

Lion Chariot
Total: 120 pts

25 White Lions of Chrace
great weapon
heavy armour
lion cloak
full command
Total: 355 pts

Frostheart Phoenix
Total: 240 pts

Army Total: 1701 pts