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14-06-2013, 20:23
Well I'm starting up my Tyranids again so I'll be posting them up here. While most of the army is done I'm just finishing off small details like bases and chitin so the force looks much better when fielded together.

The painting is rather simple yet very striking. I undercoat everything white then wash the flesh with casandora yellow shade. The chitin is painted black then feathered from dark to light green with a green wash and then given a coat of 'ardcoat. Claws are painted black with grey highlights. Fleshy bits are washed with reikland fleshshade and then a red wash, together it blends really well. Tongues are painted purple, eyes red and teeth grey to white.

Anyway time for some pictures! First up is my converted Doom of Malan'tai that popped up on the GW blog last November. This photo was taken by the dudes at Warhammer World:


Overall really happy with how it turned out after I spent hours searching the internet for inspiration. I can go into detail explaining how I did it if you guys want but most of the parts are fairly obvious xD

I also have pictures of my newly finished Tervigon. While the model was painted the base needed finishing which was finally completed after waiting hours for the water effects to dry.







Next on the list will be my first converted Tervigon I made back when the current codex was released. It may be smaller but it's still just as mighty!

14-06-2013, 22:58
i love the pink/green/yellow combo on the tervigon, works really well

15-06-2013, 16:33
when i saw the first pic i was like WTF! But man what a great paint job. the colours go very well with each other and the flesh great job.

22-06-2013, 13:04
Thanks for the feedback guys! I was surprised at how well the yellow shade went over a white undercoat and the chitin just makes it all work. Anyway I haven't had time to finish my converted Tervigon but instead I have pictures of my Hive Tyrant!







For reference that is a Blood Angels Dreadnaught xD

29-06-2013, 20:13
This week I finally finished painting my first Tervigon which I converted 3 years ago back when the current codex was first released. My first major conversion and one that was really enjoying to do. To help show that it was spawning I added some Termagants, some either post or pre birth. The only downside is that now there is a Tervigon model he looks like a lost little brother yet still cute, in a Tyranid sort of way.








With all my big beasties done now along with the rest of the army the only things left to do are to do a quick repair job on my Mycetic Spores and perhaps some Tyranid-themed objectives if I have the time.

29-06-2013, 23:10
this colour scheme is absolutely gorgeous! im loving the doom of malan'tai, it's so different from the usual 'super zoanthrope' conversions, props to you for the awesome nids. keep up the awesome work, im subscribing now ;D

30-06-2013, 15:31
Ah thanks, I'm surprised how effective the yellow wash over the white undercoat turned out. The green chitin turned out better after I learned to feather it a bit shorter on the edges after trying out the scheme on some test models.

01-07-2013, 22:27
There is something very gribbly about your nids, that look very cool!

02-07-2013, 14:53
Thanks! When deployed as a full army they look very imposing (and shiny). In fact here are some pictures I took last November while I was at Throne of Skulls in Warhammer World. The pictures aren't of the greatest quality and you can see what models weren't fully painted at the time (as well as a certain old test model who, fluff wise, is the most successful Tyrant Guard in the fleet). I plan to take some better army shots in the coming weeks.




10-07-2013, 12:54
Well it took a few days longer than expected but here are my fully painted and repaired Mycetic Spores!






With all that out of the way I'm just left with tidying up the basing for my Termagants and Hive Guard so pictures of them will be up soonish.

12-07-2013, 08:47
Nice fleet! Very vivid colouring - I really like the shiny carapace - they look very exotic and suitably alien. I really love the mouth/door thing on the spores too- really creepy and gross!

12-07-2013, 10:11
Thanks! Yeah I think the glossyness of it all really pays off.

Those where a last-minute addition when I was making them. I realised the beasties needed a way to get out then I remembered I had a bunch of Hormagant scything talons lying around and the rest was history haha.

13-07-2013, 18:20
Finally finished the basing on both squads of Termagants, enjoy!









And with those done I have only 8 models left to finish off. Nearly done now :D

18-11-2013, 20:06
So it's been a loooong time but I finally found some free time to finish off the army.





And that's the army pretty much done. All I need to do now is take some group shots of the whole army deployed and maybe properly paint those spawning gants I have which number around 70 >_>

The only thing left to see is what will be in store for the Tyranids for their future update. It seems time that in a few days or weeks everything will become clear xD

11-01-2014, 17:32
So I got some new Nid stuff today. It's a shame I need it all built and paint by next Friday D; (I have built around a third of each model so far).


Codex is 362/2000 if anyone is interested haha.

11-01-2014, 20:32
Glad to see you weren't too put off after losing your Doom and Spore Pods. I can't wait to see how your Haruspex comes out (or are you making an Exocrine?).

I have some input on the Hive Guard, however. I think they'd look tons better if you added fleshy pink to the details on their guns and changed the spikes at the end of the guns to their whitened tooth color, or at least the talon black. Would really balance the colors out and make them fit in with the rest of the army.

12-01-2014, 22:43
I was a little disappointed (more so at the loss of spores) but I still like the new book, sadly I'll be going with the Exocrine instead though although I plan to use the Haruspex head/mouth for a terrain conversion. I'll take you up on that advice. I need to do a little re-painting on them for repairs so those additions should make them look better.

As of now though all the minatures are built. Tonight I'll just finish their basing and gap filling then tomorrow prime for painting. Also ordered another Venomthrope and Cadian Flesh Tone so hopefully that stuff arrives on Wednesday. The Venomthrope was a joy to build and I am SO glad it is in finecast! I'd go mad if it was still metal.

Anyway here is a picture of my three big beasties so far (the head on the Exocrine won't be glued on till after painting):


12-01-2014, 22:54
I plan to use the Haruspex head/mouth for a terrain conversion.
I look forward to seeing that, sounds fantastic! After seeing how easy the kit is to magnetize, I think I'll be picking up the kit after all...

I plan to look through the Fortifications supplement and see if anything looks like a Spore could sub in for it, size-wise. Some back-field Void Shield generators, maybe - psychic pods dropped in from orbit to protect the swarm's advance? Shame to let the models go to waste!

13-01-2014, 09:43
Yeah, I plan to use that head and maybe a spare Tyrannofex/Carnifex head for the turrets of the ones you can buy in stronghold assault. Two quad-lascannon turrets (made with 4 venom cannons each xD) should be good for Nids.

Sadly my spore pods are waaaay to big for the generators, I could use them as plain bastions. My poor Doom though, he is my favourite conversion and I can't think of a suitable proxy for him.

24-01-2014, 18:03
It has taken me a while to upload but here are all my Nids! You might have seen them if you were at last week's Throne of Skulls.











Continued next post.

24-01-2014, 18:04
(Continued from previous page)





Flying Hive Tyrant:






Well that's all for now. I painted all of those beasties (including 12 Termagants >_>) in 5 days so I'm going to rest for a while. Happy with the army but if I ran Tyranids again at the ToS you would be seeing...more big monsters. Tehe.

03-02-2014, 09:21
I like your painting colour scheme. And the quality of your painting too :) The fleshy parts are well done, and your yellow skin is spot on! I also like the glossy green/black carapace. Keep it up!

07-12-2014, 20:44
A bit of threadomancy here but hopefully it's not frowned upon (Dx). Taken a bit of a break due to work and life etc but got back into the hobby again a few weeks before the Shield of Baal hit. Working on a new 40k Nid army with plans to use it at the next Throne of Skulls when they start up sometime in 2015. Anyway a few weeks ago when the cogs started turning in my brain I decided to update my Nid scheme a bit just to give it some more details as it was pretty basic. This picture should help show what I've done:


Not the greatest of shots (I need a lightbox haha) but hopefully it can show what I've done. To add more detail I've used the red glaze to tint the mouths, ends of limbs and other details on the miniatures. I've also added edge hilights of light bone and then white, then applying a yellow glaze to help blend it all together. These where already painted models but I still wanted to improve the scheme. As I have an airbrush now I thought it would be a great opportunity to test it out.


With an old Trygon I had lying around I first re-undercoated it with Vallejo grey surface prime. Next I basecoated it all in VMA white grey then shaded with VMA light grey and highlighted with VMA white. Looked good at this stage but I was worried that the grey would show up too much with the yellow wash (as it was darker than I expected). Sadly the grey did show through too much when I applied casandora yellow so I had to go over again with the VMA light grey and then only the VMA white. Here's what it looks like after that:


Turned out far better than before. Really happy with using the airbrush for applying the wash as it was far more even than with the hand brush. Here's a quick picture of how it looks now:


Hopefully it's clear to see the highlights and places where the red glaze was used. My only worry is that the paint can now rub off with enough force so I'm debating whether to airbrush it with matt varnish but I'm not entirely confident with how it will work and effect the paint job.

Anyway that's it for now. Some of you may have noticed the stealthy Gargoyles in the back which I'm working on. Once they're done (one is nearly completed) I'll get some pictures up. For the basing of the army I've settled on a swamp theme with lots of foliage but that will take a while to do as I focus more on collecting the main parts of the army. I'll also try to update the tread at least once to twice a month so it doesn't look quite so dead.

08-12-2014, 07:56
Really good skills & well done on the yellow.. I never realised that the gun on the Tyrannofex was so big, but your painting really brought its full horror to life - yikes!

22-12-2014, 08:37
Great stuff! Really like the fleshy innards of your tyranofex's vents - might nab that idea myself!

14-01-2015, 19:38
Thanks! Yeah the Tyrannofex kit is pretty big, the guns are nearly the size of a Carnifex's body. As for the painting of the insides of the vents it just kinda seemed natural for me haha, glad you liked it.

Anyway, apologies for the delay but here are some pictures of a Gargolye with the finalised scheme for my Nids:





Hopefully the highlights and red glazes around the mouth/flesh bits/limb ends are more noticable now. Also, for the winged beasts, I've decided to added stippled dots and veins to give something interesting to look at and paint. Plan to reduce the size of the veins with future models but really happy overall. I plan to make proper bases for the Gargoyles once the army is complete.

Anyway hope you all enjoy it. Soon I will be showing my exploration into the realm of magnetism...

Warlord Nazgred
14-01-2015, 21:28
Those wings look great! Might just have to steel that idea for my nids :p are the veins just painted on freehand?

Edit: also are you just using the citadel glazes to pick out the details?

14-01-2015, 23:13
Thanks! Haha go ahead, yeah they are. I think I might need a finer brush to paint them on.

The way I paint my Nids is a bit long with my airbrush now but you can work from a pure white undercoat. Mine goes: Vallejo grey primer -> VMA white grey basecoat -> VMA white zenithal highlights -> wash casandora yellow with airbrush -> pick out fleshy bits, mouth and limb extremities with bloodletter -> highlight screaming skull -> highlight white -> lamentor yellow with airbrush -> re-apply bloodletter to bring back the subtle redness.

It's a bit tedious with the drying times and the airbrushing is optional but I prefer it for the smoother and more even application.

Warlord Nazgred
15-01-2015, 11:53
I think the amount of effort you've put in the yellow has really paid off! Even if it takes a while to paint, I might try and adapt something similar for my nids since I'm using something really basic at the moment.

Also what kind of paint did you use for the stippling and veins on the wings? Looks like a glaze or wash.

Keep up the great work!

15-01-2015, 20:03
Ah thanks, it actually doesn't take too long. Painting the wings is actually what slows it all down. I haven't experimented with any other wash colours over a white undercoat but I think purple would be interesting.

Well for this model I used carroburg crimson. First the wings were basecoated with VMA white grey then washed with a thinned seraphim sepia and reikland flashshade wash. I then applied many, many, many.....layers of small dots. I did more on the top side just to make the wings stand out. Hightlighted the wings with VMA white grey then just a fine highlight of white.

I tried on another Gargoyle with Vallejo red shade (because it's closer to the old baal red) but I'm not sure which one I prefer.

Warlord Nazgred
15-01-2015, 21:23
It might have take ages but it looks great! They're the best wings on nids I've ever seen, were the dots just applied with a stipple brush?

The one in the picture you've posted it's came out quite purpley but I think it's a good contrast to the yellow, you'll have to post a photo of the other one.

15-01-2015, 23:07
I approve of my HiveFleet :evilgrin::chrome:

16-01-2015, 02:36
The red glaze is a subtle but incredibly effective update! Great choice!

17-01-2015, 16:53
@Warlord Nazdreg: Thanks! I just used a detail brush and spent ages dotting onto the wings with the tip of the brush. It takes a few layers to get a good effect as well as applying more dots in certain areas for shading purposes etc.

@Drakon: Originally my Hive Fleet was named after an insect that looked the same but I lost the old army list naming it a few years ago (D; ), went with a Greek (I think?) dragon instead haha.

@Pekel: Thanks! I was surprised it worked so well. I had a fear it would be too strong but it seemed to blend in perfectly.

21-02-2015, 22:32
Sorry for the lack of updates but here's some stuff I've been working on; magnetised wings for my Hive Tyrant and Harpy! The videos are from my Tumblr account because I'm not sure how to directly post them on Warseer.

Magnetised winged Hive Tyrant (http://pathoftheart.tumblr.com/post/106487901470/how-to-magnet-tyranid-style-xd)

Magnetised Harpy (http://pathoftheart.tumblr.com/post/108200817715/harpy-wing-magnetising-complete)

I used 3mm x 2mm N52 magnets for the Flyrant. For the Harpy I used those magnets as well as 2mm x 2mm N35 magnets to help lock in the wings at the small sockets further down the body. I'll probably do a step-by-step when I have some time. The magnetic joins are pretty strong although I might add some 1mm x 1mm N35 magnets to the Flyrant's wings to make them a little stronger.

I also got 2 Winsor and Newton brushes. A series 7 miniature 000 and a series 7 00. Coupled with my two weeks off I plan to get my 3 units of 10 Gargoyles out of the way so hopefully I have some more Nid posts soon!

22-02-2015, 11:56
Looking forward to seeing some more form you soon- love the wings on the the gargoyle -they look great. Nice job on the magnetising too!

26-02-2015, 22:39
Thanks! Yeah I'm really happy with how they turned out but it takes sooo long to do. Speaking of my Gargoyles here's a quick picture of them. It's not the greatest picture but it'll do for now.


Bottom 3 are done, top 3 have wings done, 7th one is currently in the process of having its wings painted leaving 3 left. Hopefully I can get the squad done by Monday and start work on the next squad.

01-03-2015, 08:50
The gargoyles are looking great- nice to see a little bunch of them- the wings definitely look worth the effort [if that is any consolation!]. Really love their orange jaws as well- looking forward to seeing them finished- keep it up!

01-03-2015, 10:34
Love the wings. They look quite realistic.

02-03-2015, 01:03
Beautiful wings on the Gargoyles... I'd love to see you go back and apply that technique to your flying Tyrant!

08-03-2015, 01:45
Thanks guys, glad you all like the wings. Might go back to my Flyrant but I'd prefer to start from new ones. If I have time I plan to get another kit so that I have 3 new Flyrants in total to paint up. Anyway here's the first finished brood!





I also got some new Winsor and Newton 000 (miniature) and 00 brushes so I was able to do much finer veins. I'm really happy with how they turned out.



So many dots...and lastly here is a close-up of one of the Gargoyles:


With those out of the way I have the next brood built as well as half of my second Flyrant done (mangetised arms and wings completed too). Will build another Harpy next while starting to paint the Gargoyles most likey. I also was able to get my hands on a Mucolid spore body which I plan to sculpt tentacles for once a I get Bees Putty tube tool. I plan to see if I can convert another spore from the Venomthrope box I ordered as well so more news on that once my kit arrives.

As for the bases I ordered 32mm bases for all my Gargoyles. Once the whole army is done I'll get around to basing them with my swamp style idea.

Warlord Nazgred
08-03-2015, 22:06
Like I said before the wings look great! The veins look especially good with the finer brush, cant wait to see them on some bigger nids.

Hopefully I'll get some of my nids painted soon.

Keep up the good work!

10-03-2015, 22:09
They look great! I have no idea how you had the patience to do all those wings but it really paid off! Looking forward to seeing what s next- your plans sound great!

16-03-2015, 18:22
Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you all liked the wings. I've got most of the stuff I need (and built too!) so there'll be some pics up soon. My first plan was to just build and paint unit by unit but now I'm just going to mass build and paint in bigger batches. My deadline for the army is the middle of June so hopefully I stay on track.

23-04-2015, 18:45
It's been awhile but I've been busy away painting. A lot of my Nids have their skin completed and I'm just doing the details, as a teaser here is a picture of my Zoanthrope heads:


Not the best photo but just to give you guys a quick I dea what they'll all look like.

Another thing is that I've decided to rename my army to Hive Fleet Pyronota after the Manuka Beetle to which my army looks similar too. Now only if I knew how to edit the topic title... :cries:

Warlord Nazgred
23-04-2015, 20:08
Like the new Hive Fleet name, dont think you can change the topic name without the help of a mod.

Zoeys look good, tried a bit of detailing using glaze on my nids after seeing it done on your thread. Don't think it turned anywhere near as good as yours though.

24-04-2015, 01:32
Looking really good mate.

To edit the topic title you just have to email a mod or admin as there is no way for a member to do it themselves.

24-04-2015, 08:09
Zoey heads are looking promising! Keep 'em coming!

30-04-2015, 06:53
Thanks for the input guys!

Warlord Nazdreg, how did you paint your Nids? I found the glaze to oddly work better over the yellow shade than just pure white. They seemed to blend together naturally, luckily enough for me.

Warlord Nazgred
30-04-2015, 12:47
Thanks for the input guys!

Warlord Nazdreg, how did you paint your Nids? I found the glaze to oddly work better over the yellow shade than just pure white. They seemed to blend together naturally, luckily enough for me.

I put a photo up in my blog (link in my signature) I'm working on a couple of warriors as well so I'll put up a couple of photos of them when they're done too.

02-05-2015, 15:30
Ah. I think the blue glaze was a good choice but it looks like the base paint is too strong. Maybe a watered-down wash might be better.

04-05-2015, 07:01
i'm liking the color scheme, the yellow is very vibrant and the tyranids have always had some nice models.

Warlord Nazgred
05-05-2015, 20:12
Ah. I think the blue glaze was a good choice but it looks like the base paint is too strong. Maybe a watered-down wash might be better.

As opposed to the glaze? or water down the final wash?

06-05-2015, 19:45
As opposed to the glaze? or water down the final wash?

Yeah I'd replace the glaze with a watered down wash. It should get the results you want but with better blending. I've found the glazes to work best on bright base coats or colours of the same type.

@Gorthaur Thanks! I originally experimented with GW base yellows to their brightest but found the process too long and not too great (the paints were just a mess after the base and took too many coats). The white base with yellow wash just works, surprisingly, so well and easily.

Warlord Nazgred
06-05-2015, 22:01
Okay I'll give that a try thanks :)

11-05-2015, 21:43
A quick update while I continue painting, I recently got all my basing stuff. A bunch of Silfor basing supplies to be precise.


I plan to use them all for my swamp/jungle basing. I will explain with the help of my faithful assistant!


With the plant-tree foliage I'll use it to represent all the dead plant life on the floor as is the norm in a jungle. I just love how small and detailed those leaves are.


The ivy is something I've just always wanted to use. It'll be wrapped around the trees and such on the bases.


The moss pads didn't come out too well in the photos but they look great. Will be put on the rocks and trees/branches.


The reeds will be used at the edge as well as being slightly submerged in water pieces of the basing.

To close out I have the picture of my final Flyrant (wings magnetised). With that built I only have to get my FW Rippers and Malanthrope. You'll probably see a few sneaky WIPs in the background...


17-05-2015, 15:50
Just another quick shot of some stuff I've painted. 90% of my Nids now have their skin done. Once they're finished I'll paint up the last few things (as my FW stuff should have arrived by then). Anyway here it is:


The Harpies are now pretty much complete with only the black highlights and fleshy bits (weapons) left to do. Really happy with how they came out. Will finish off their wings soon.

07-06-2015, 21:21
Here are pictures of my completed Zoanthropes:




And here's a close-up of the basing:


Hope you all like them, I'll have more pictures up soon hopefully of my other completed stuff.