View Full Version : OK 3 000pts, slaughtermaster or butcher+bruiser?

The French Guy
16-06-2013, 14:46
Hi all! :)
Here is my list at 3 000pts.
I only have one question:

Should I keep the slaughtermaster,
or replace it by a lvl 2 butcher and a bruiser?

I was thinking of:
butcher: lvl 2, fencer blades, scroll of shielding.
Bruiser: two hand weapon, heavy armor, tricker helm (+1 armor save, successful rolls to wound must be rerolled)

What do you think?
Thank you very much!

Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
Fencer's blades, Talisman of preservation, Scroll of shielding, Ironcurse icon, level 4. 385pts

BSB, Armor of destiny, Ironfist. 184pts

Fire belly:
Heavy weapon, Dispell scroll, dragon bane gem, potion of speed, level 2. 199pts

11 bulls: ironfists, standard, Bellower. 372pts
10 ironguts: standard, banner of discipline, Bellower. 475pts
10 gnoblars: trappers. 50pts

6 leadbelchers: Bellower. 268pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
4 mournfang cavalry: ironfists, heavy armours, standard, dragonhide banner, Bellower. 350pts

1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 Stonehorn. 250pts

TOTAL: 2 999pts

16-06-2013, 15:42
Keep the Slaughtermaster, he'll do so much more for you than a pair of heroes. In fact, that list is really rather good, I might however suggest dropping the Stonehorn and adding some more bodies to your Ogres and Ironguts. If you wanted to be quite *******, you could also drop the armour on the BSB and give him the Runemaw, but by then your list might not be making you many friends.

The French Guy
18-06-2013, 13:45

The SM works really well and I have the spell I want (on 4 spells, I usually get the +1 T or S).
But I would like to give some punch to the bulls, and a bruiser could do that.
Well, I guess I can't have everything!

I think I could use a runemaw banner, but only if I go irongut horde deathstar, and I would have a dispell scroll and scroll of shielding just in case. ;)