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17-06-2013, 02:14
++This is a distress call.....out there? I repeat, is anyone out there? ... ….Draconis Extremis is gone. Help us! Please, for the Throne of Terra ........traitor Astartes......... fleet destroyed...........they're coming!. ++ Transmission ends++

Fragmented distress call from the Draconii system, sent shortly after the outbreak of the Horus Heresy. Due to warp-turbulence engulfing the galaxy at that time, the message did not reach its intended destination until 44 years after Horus' defeat

“They arrived without warning. Throne alone knew how they got through the storms, but there they were, a whole fleet of them. Scared our augury serfs half to death when they translated, but we were glad to see them. Those bloody storms meant we hadn't heard anything from anyone for nigh half a year and suddenly a whole damned fleet of Space Marines appear from nowhere. It's the stuff of stories.

We let them come, even powered down our defences for them so they could dock. Well why wouldn't we? They were humanities greatest champions, our sword in the darkness of Old Night, you know, all that gak that the Remembrancers like to come up with. I was up in the tower, watching them on the scanners. One of my lads reckoned they were the Emperors Children. Another said they were Sons of Horus. He'd seen them in the news-picts, he said. The Warmasters own. Turned out that they were both right. Two legions of the Emperors finest and we were just sitting there dumbfounded. They didn't announce themselves, so I opened a vox-link, welcoming our glorious guests to our little corner of the galaxy.

They didn't reply. They just opened fire....”

Watch-officer Herlan Marvitz, survivor of the destruction of Draconii Extremis long range monitoring station. Found inside an escape pod drifting in deep space by the Imperial cruiser Alonsarr.


Pict-Capture of the translation of the Warmasters fleet from the Warp, recovered from the cogitator banks of the destroyed Draconii Extremis facility. Of particular note is the Glorianna-class Battleship, identified by Imperial Records as the Wolf of Cthonia and the unknown vessel of indeterminate class (second from left). Such a concentration of vessels indicates the a sizable presence from the XVIth Legion. This, alongside eyewitness accounts of III Legion vessels, suggests a large scale mobilization of rebel forces into the sector.

This image was suppressed by the Inquisition post-heresy, save from their own Ordos archives

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Ooh, intriguing. Looking forward to see this develop. :)

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Interesting stuff - I hope to see the Traitors destroyed later on! :)

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Interesting stuff - I hope to see the Traitors destroyed later on! :)

There'll be carnage on both sides, with plenty of Legions, Mechanicum and even maybe imperial army getting involved.

It's kind of a reboot of my old plog, but with more fluff behind it. JackDaw's Three Hives Rebeliion plog is massive influence here. I'm aiming for a look at a Heresy campaign away from the major players from the novels (that's not to say I'm ruling out them getting involved later on). This was galaxy-wide civil war and so far we've seen a very narrow view of it.