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17-06-2013, 19:55
Edit: Noticed an error in my question - Does "ease" of transport influence your army composition?

I was curious as to how many people factor in transporting their figures when building an army list and if it has influenced decisions on the type of army you ultimately build. Another thing is that you may have limited storage space in your home which may also impact your decisions.

Frequently I find myself scrapping potential army lists/new projects simply because it would not be practical to lug it with me to work and then to my local GW afterwards (I would be on the subway during rush hour). Luckily I find none of the flyers appealing because they would definitely take up a lot of space.

Generally I find myself sticking to builds that are light on vehicles (4 or less) and preferably the troops are static (firewarriors) or naturally fast (bikes, jump packs, etc..). If the army can't fit in my KR kaiser1 bag + my slim backpack then it is a no go for me, but that space usually gets me up to 2k points easily.

It will be interesting to see how many people say screw it and go through the hardships to transport their army OR own a car :D

Lord Damocles
17-06-2013, 20:00
This is why I only ever fielded a Monolith once.

17-06-2013, 20:21
Absolutely. Due to storage and transport constraints, I now have a one-in one-out policy for my chaos army, and will never own something that doesn't fit in the army case.

One army case for Chaos (which is now full).

One army case for sisters (lots of room left for infantry, but not sure how many rhinos, exorcists, and immolators I can store).

Horus Lupercal
17-06-2013, 20:23
Lol no. I tend to buy things and thing think "hang on........ Where the F am I going to keep this?"

17-06-2013, 20:23
I have ~17.000 points of Eldar, that is multiple kg of metal and resin super heavies. I don't mind. I buy what I like.

17-06-2013, 20:27
I do it, but it is the part of the hobby that annoys me the most, not matter how careful you are, it seems that some models break, and some models are just impossible to transport if you don’t magnetize them. But it doesn’t influence my choices all that much, maybe a little. As a non-GW example, I’m not too keen on taking PP Bane Knigths due to their spears, I can’t see myself moving them without some spears breaking.

17-06-2013, 20:29
Nope, doesn't affect me. If it did, I wouldn't have converted a bunch of Chimeras into AT-AT walkers with long spindly legs. Those things are obnoxious to carry!

When we bought our house, one of my stipulations was that it have a hobby room for me, so I've got lots of storage space. No worries! :)

17-06-2013, 20:29
For regular play lists, absolutely. It's exactly for this reason that I don't even give thought to including any fortifications beyond Aegis line.

17-06-2013, 20:35
What hardships?

Put in box or boxes, drive to venue, play.

Even better: opponent(s) arrive(s) here. Play.

In a little more detail, I have a fair few carry cases. I do juggle trays so that I carry the minimum number of cases. More than two is mildly irksome, though I have been known to carry 4 (2 shoulder slung carry cases; two other cases or boxes).

17-06-2013, 20:36
Ease of transport is a low consideration except in Apoc games.

My main consideration is completed/painted models, since I tend to leave models in parts to paint.

17-06-2013, 20:39
Never really thought about it until I wrote my car off and smashed up my leg six months ago, I went from only worrying about the defiler in a shoe box with a hole cut out for the head and banner to not being able to play anywhere apart from home every 2/3 weeks against the same person who comes to my house. My local gaming group would take three buses and about 2-2.5 hours, way too far even if I planned a list with just two cases.

17-06-2013, 20:51
When im done with my list(s) i will field in excess of 25+ drop pods, no i dont mind to lumberthose around, its part of the hobby. as for the mini's i have a really big trolley which fit all my models nicely

17-06-2013, 21:25
I just picked up 6 valkyries... feth, had not considered transportation. .. oh wait, they are transports!

War Corgi
18-06-2013, 00:37
Not yet... I've only played at my FLGS, so transportation has never been a hardship for me. I am looking to attend my first GT this fall and my mode of travel will influence whether or not this is an issue in the future. I would certainly tailor my list if travelling by plane, but can fit most anything in my car for a weekend tournament.

18-06-2013, 01:35
Frequently I find myself scrapping potential army lists/new projects simply because it would not be practical to lug it with me to work and then to my local GW afterwards (I would be on the subway during rush hour). Luckily I find none of the flyers appealing because they would definitely take up a lot of space.
Funny you talked about flyers. I won't even buy any of them, mainly because of storage and transport issues.

Actually, it's more like a choice than true issues. I guess I could drive my car, burn some fuel in order to waste my time in the traffic jams and then struggle to park it, just in order to field a flyer and watching it be shot down on turn two. I guess I could free some space or sell some other games.

But I really don't care. Stupidly large models are just, well... stupid. :o

18-06-2013, 01:38
Worst thing I have purchased yet to transport are plague drones.

I have 2 1520 battlefoam xl and one 740. One 1520 is for orks. The other is for CSM and CD. The 720 is for overflow of the two armies. I still cannot carry everything, and this is not including apoc sized models. and fliers.

18-06-2013, 02:14
I have a big cardboard carrier for strawberries and a friend has an Ork Sack (plastic grocery bag). As far as I can tell, the Orks in the Ork Sack are fine and I know my Dark Eldar are actually safer when they're not in battle foam.

Chapters Unwritten
18-06-2013, 02:28
I will say that I consider the durability of the model when deciding what stays in my case but I may not make a list out of that stuff. It's more a storage option than anything else!

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18-06-2013, 02:50
Transport doesn't influence what I buy- I collect whatever I want, and have no problem in making things very spindly. I keep these things on display, where they don't get damaged.

Transport is a big consideration for my actual army lists, and what I move around. My Monolith hardly ever sees the table.

18-06-2013, 03:50
It does have an effect. My current collection has a predetermined hard limit (which hasn't quite been hit yet) of the two custom cases I built for it. There might be some exception for a really special unit like a Proteus Land Raider, but otherwise I've got a definite stopping point.

18-06-2013, 04:10
Nope. I got a PACK 1520xl simply because my armies are hard to transport.

18-06-2013, 04:40
I keep my stuff in a warhammer dedicated garage and pack it all in my dodge magnum when I go to game..... no issues with that stuff here. :D I do normally game in my garage though as it is easier than transporting stuff.

Sir Didymus
18-06-2013, 06:18
One of the reasons I dislike how GW is scaling up the game. Those big models are just a pain to fit in a standard case w. standard foam.

I won't say, I let logistics dictate my army choices however, but I do have different sized cases ;)

BTW: I can't recommend Kaiser Rushforth enough :)

18-06-2013, 10:09
I can never run 3 war walkers and 2 Wraithlords (that I have, in fact I have more but that's all there is in a force org) as their designated areas in the carrying case are the same as I have run out of walker sized slots in all my cases.

None of my Falcons or Vypers have seen a game for ages, as I've run out of grav tank slots too (and my serpents are quite squeezed).

Who knows what I'll do when I get a Wraithknight.

18-06-2013, 10:21
When I eventually solved my defiler problem ( recommend this to anybody who uses a car ) It was when I got two under-bed storage boxes for 10, and a large block of foam from a hobby shop for ( I think ) 15 and carved out the slots for all my big stuff, I'll post a pic and measurements soon, but I thought it was well worth it for essentially 12.50 a box. Only downside is having to transport them flat.

18-06-2013, 12:27
If I'm playing away from home then I will consider writing a list that uses the least army cases / boxes as possible. I have a car and can fit loads in it, but less boxes are more convenient and if I'm at a LGS then the less stuff I have to keep watch on for sticky fingers the better.
Home storage is a small issue, there isn't much that doesn't have a box to live in. Nearly all of my armies are now 'finished' though as they have reached the space limit within their allocated boxes.

18-06-2013, 12:49
Absolutely. I'd love to add some Slaaneshi chariots to my Daemons, but i know those whips wouldn't last three seconds. Likewise my forces tend to be infantry heavy because it's easier to transport them than tanks. And my Soul Grinder has yet to make it to the tabletop intact.

I don't even know where i'd begin with things like the Wraithknight.

18-06-2013, 13:11
This is one of the two cases I made, it measures 24x16 inches and is 8 inches deep, could have planned it a bit better to store more stuff if I'd thought ahead but I'm happy. The second one just has a land raider and rhino sized vehicles all on there side.

18-06-2013, 13:19
Yes it is an influence for attending games stores in CBD of a city but not for gaming at friends houses.

Feel sorry for people with monoliths, land raiders etc. 1 large case but not 2. Problem is BRB+Codex takes a lot of space too. Lends itself to gaming at houses and not stores.

Spiney Norman
18-06-2013, 13:31
Yes definitely, my Dark Eldar army used to be a "use only at home" army because of the massive difficulty with transporting the raiders without knocking off spikes or the little chains that hang off the bottom. Last Christmas I bit the bullet and invested in a KR custom case, which was probably the best hobby money I've spent in years.

Necrons haven't been a problem for me because I haven't used the monolith since 6E came out., but I have a cardboard box which is about the right size to transport it when I need to.

18-06-2013, 16:08
These days I'm more concerned about ease of packing up. I don't know about you, but I hate having to stand there and listen to some spotty 14 year old preach about the wonders of 3 helldrakes while I pack away, especially when I have just lost epically.

19-06-2013, 01:16
Yes I do make lists keeping storage space and transportation in mind. I walk everywhere I go so an army needs to be something I can conveniently carry down the street or on the bus. No flyers for me, despite the fact that I think they rock and really fit in with my IG theme, and I limit my use of tanks and walkers. Basically, if the number of slots that something takes up would provide enough room for more points of solid infantry then infantry wins.

Lord Squidar
19-06-2013, 07:14
It did for a while. I love horde armies, love em to death, but they are a real pain in the rear to transport and set up (which is countermanded by the fun of moving that around)

For a while I moved from car to bus transportation to and from club, and carrying all that stuff got annoying, quick. So i bought an elite army (eldar) to be compact and it was fun but not my thing.

Now I am back to playing the army I want to play and lugging it around in multiple boxes, hang the difficulty.

19-06-2013, 17:07
Yeap, I have one carry case planned (I'm still working out what trays I need for beyond the initial 1,000pts) for my solitary 40k and Fantasy army - if it doesn't fit into said case then it doesn't get used/bought

20-06-2013, 01:42
As a die hard Krieg player, I have mastered the art of logistics, despite only having four GW cases plus the bolter shell case, and two Army Transport ones for partial duty on several armies, lacking quality carrying cases for some armies, and any carry cases for the rest. There are Mondays, our group's scheduled pickup day, where I cannot decide what army I want to play so I grab two or three and debate while I make the 30-45 minute drive, traffic depending. I have an '87 Mustang convertible, so the trunk is a formality and the backseat is really not meant for people with legs, making it the ideal place to store cargo. What many people fail to realize about the old fox bodies is that they can haul a surprising amount of stuff, especially if you load it with the roof down and then either secure it from the wind or put the roof back up. Needless to say, there are times, especially for larger Apocalypse games, where I'll have two or three large toolboxes, the old Guardsman backpack, several shoe boxes, some loose foam trays, an Army Transport bag full of Krieg stuff with several loose foam trays, a bolter shell case, and maybe a plastic video camera case from the 80s or two, and I will still have plenty of room. Also, if necessary, I also bring a box of terrain with me if the event warrants it. I also have some models that I gently have to rest in my lap because I have no means of safe transportation for them as of yet. So I would have to say that no, ease of transport has no bearing upon anything I do as I make easy or otherwise convince myself that it is easy and stop making a big deal about an extra trip or six to and from my car.

That being said, I do wish to find a varnish so strong that I can transfer my 500+ Ork models to a large metal pail and not have to worry about chipping paint; something like encasing them in a coating of clear plastic similar to the old GW blisters, you know the big hard plastic ones they got rid of in the late '80s (if you don't then I'll see if I can't snap a picture of one and post it later). Currently they are mostly unpainted and live in two shoe boxes. It is amazing how little space the models themselves actually take up and how much is really just air and foam in carry cases.

20-06-2013, 08:34
Yes it definitely does! I never play at home so I always have to transport my minis to my friend’s house and usually with a tram. If I could use a car the situation would be much better. I use Citadel figure cases and always to try to fit everything on one case which means limited amount of vehicles. I even designed a 2000 points BA troop army just based on the fact that I can fit them in a small figure case :D We often play larger games so then I need to pack Defilers, Rhinos, etc. separately and it pisses me off that usually something breaks. My heavily converted Helldrake is the worse – its spidey-legs are always living their own life after a hard match and even a harder voyage. I definitely need a custom transport system for it.

And storing the figures is a whole another issue...

20-06-2013, 11:22
If it made any sense army-optimization wise i'd play an extremely gaunt-heavy tyranid list, because I love the nids for their representation in the fluff. Sadly, horde-nids tend to be both weak and slow on the battlefield, which is why i don't do it actually. But if it made a playable army, i wouldn't mind carrying two buckets of bugs in each hand, with 3 bags strapped around my torso and a few extra minis in my pants and shoes. Though I wish hormagaunts didn't have so many weak spots, they would be so much more carriable.
Most of my other armies are fairly small because i like them that way (they're eldar and marines) apart from my orcs, with which i have no problems tossing all of my plastic poys into a box, they can take the rougher transport.

20-06-2013, 17:23
I guess I'm also spoiled by the fact that I don't play at stores(home, or a select few friends houses). Can't smoke ganja, get drunk or take 7 hours to finish a game at a store so half the fun of the game is gone for me.

20-06-2013, 18:00
Storage isn't an issue, but after coming into a few gluts of surplus models I realized how much was "too much" for me. So having found the ceiling and since dialed down from it I've been treading water on model count. I did break down last month and bought a bigger case after single armies stopped fitting in it.