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19-06-2013, 09:43
I like 40K and I like to read the fluff, I wanted know how many codex people buy and is worth buying them all. I haven't bought the CSM, Chaos Daemons or Eldar yet but I'm thinking about it.

19-06-2013, 09:54
I used to buy every single one, including all the fantasy books as well. Since they went up to 30 though, i have only bought the Tau and High Elf ones. 30 is too much in my opinion and is not value for money.

Its quite funny really, if they were 25 i would probably have bought every one since Jan, so 7 books in total I think so about 210, instead I have spent 60 on two.

19-06-2013, 10:03
Its quite funny really, if they were 25 i would probably have bought every one since Jan, so 7 books in total I think so about 210, instead I have spent 60 on two.

You're looking in the wrong places. :shifty:


19-06-2013, 10:05
Only the ones I need since 6th Ed. And even then, I'm still being ripped off.

19-06-2013, 10:14
There about $46 in the states, what about getting to know the special rules, weapons, ans stats for each army how do you do that with out the codex. Right now I don't get to play stuck in Korea with out a 40K army.

19-06-2013, 10:22
Getting to know what prospective opponents can and can't do is exactly the reason I used to buy them all, and at times because it helped me see which army I would actually go for in the end. With it being said that there are players out there who will willfully withold rules knowledge because it's somehow the responsibility of the other player to know all of the rules (even ones for the armies they don't play...) that makes it even more irksome. So in order not to fall victim to **********, I now have to make sure I am spending 30 quid a pop on books I don't need? Please.

19-06-2013, 10:24
Used to buy the Codices I considered using at some point, but since 6th edition I only buy the Codices I actually use... I am tempted to build a Tau army, but I'm not buying the Codex until I'm 100% sure.

19-06-2013, 10:35
I had several 3rd Ed Codices back in the day, I own every 4th Ed Codex and, if not all, then 90% of the 5th Ed Codices. I didn't play 4th at all (not even one game) and played only two games in 5th. With 6th, I have one Codex and I'm in the process of getting rid of all of my stuff because everyone I know who used to play has no interest in spending the money to get the current books and we've found other games to play (just to preempt anyone who may ask why we don't just play an older edition).

19-06-2013, 10:41
Ya apponents who willfully with hold info about their army because you should know it are a pain in the back side. I do have to admit though the new hardback codex with full color is nice, but $46 a pop is hard to part with.

19-06-2013, 11:14
I buy all of them. Don't think I will buy the supplements though.

Used to buy all Fantasy armybooks as well.

Means I knows other armies, can help people with rules issues and gains more knowledge how the armies plays.
The price have caused me to doubt my current strategy, but as soon as my local store puts up preorders, I still buys it.

19-06-2013, 11:39
used to buy every codex and army book, most in our group did the same. now don't buy any for myself, and we have 1 copy of each that is played shared between the group we play with (8 people). so sales to our particular group went from ~60 codexs in 5th ed, to 5 sales so for of the 6th ed codexes (2x C:CSM for some reason). great sales strategy there GW... idiots.

we're all employed adults easy able to buy every book, but an inherent sense of the value of a thing comes in to play when a person makes or considers a purchase. and pretty much everyone has decided the codexes are no longer worth the cost being charged. 1 book shared between 8 might seem odd, but we only play in 1 venue so whilst playing just need 1 on the premises to refer to. it works.

19-06-2013, 11:40
In 2nd ed, I had Eldar and Ultramarines (THE space marine codex for everything that wasn't a darkbloodwolfmarine). In 3rd ed, I got most of them - but I was running a club tournament and we had need of them. In 4th, I bought SM, Eldar that was it. In 5th, I bought GK. I haven't bought a single codex or army book since.
The internet provided me with research materials. Enough research to tell me I no longer liked the game. So I stopped.

40k is dying in my area. Fantasy and other games have stepped into the breach. I use my club's copy of the rules and HE army book for that (we have several players of HE) and since I only play at the club and not at home or in stores, that is adequate for the task.

19-06-2013, 11:44
I buy them all so I can know thy enemy and also I enjoy reading the background material. I'm not to fazed by the price, I could go out to the pub for a night or buy a codex, meh.

19-06-2013, 11:49
If you want fluff you're allot better off with black library books, in general you get about 10-15 pages of fluff which is mostly already known in a codex.

19-06-2013, 11:50
I usually only buy the books i intend to use. Of course since i have the hobby attention span of a gnat i usually end up with most of them as i flit from army idea to army idea.

Caiphas Cain
19-06-2013, 12:09
I buy them all so I can know thy enemy and also I enjoy reading the background material. I'm not to fazed by the price, I could go out to the pub for a night or buy a codex, meh.

You do 25 shots/beers in one night out!? :eek:

Er, I don't buy any codexes or army books anymore.

19-06-2013, 12:45
I like 40K and I like to read the fluff, I wanted know how many codex people buy and is worth buying them all. I haven't bought the CSM, Chaos Daemons or Eldar yet but I'm thinking about it.

I play orks and IG and plan for a dark eldar/craftworld eldar army. Besides those four I own the chaos space marines and necron codex out of the current codices in use (plus a few older ones). Will probably buy some more but not every single one.

I love having a collection of them. I don't read a great deal of the fluff but I get inspired by going through the pictures as well as reading and re-reading the rules for particular units, even in periods when I have no time for painting. "Ah, one day I'll have this really awesome painted valkyrie and drop my veterans on objectives with parachute insertion. My pals will never see that coming." To me, dreaming and planning are important parts of the hobby. That said, I hadn't bought a lot of codices at the swedish retail price cause it's just way too much money for something I won't need for gaming purposes.

19-06-2013, 12:59
If you want fluff you're allot better off with black library books, in general you get about 10-15 pages of fluff which is mostly already known in a codex.

I buy those too ;)

You do 25 shots/beers in one night out!? :eek:

Er, I don't buy any codexes or army books anymore.

Haha, no not these days ;) At $6 for the cheapest beers it doesn't take too many plus a late night kebab and taxi, if I'm feeling the need, to equal the cost of a codex.

19-06-2013, 14:27
For fantasy, none. I last played in 7th ed. The 7th ed skaven book was the first I decided not to bother with even though its a much more fun book than the 6th ed one ever was and would suit my collection far far better. My other 3 fantasy armies will most likely never receive a new book either.
For 40k, it used to be all books, then just the armies I owned, then every other release, now its second hand one release behind. eg I currently use Codex space marine 4th ed. When the new 6th ed book comes around I'll consider picking up the 5th ed book on ebay if its cheap enough (ie 5 or less). My 6 other 40k forces have a current book, 3 of which should be safe for several years, 2 will be okay for me to skip an edition and the final one I'll probably end up buying the book. I'll buy it cheap as I can as its my main army (nids) and the current book was just poor quality in the first place. It will be quite a test for my breaking point though. The tomb kings release was the straw that broke fantasy's back for me, will codex tyranids do it for 40k?

19-06-2013, 14:33
To be realistic, I believe that the value of an item is how useful it is combined with how often it gets used. Something that is absolutely essential but only gets used once for something critical can be just as valuable as something that you don't really need but use a lot.

The more I use a codex the better value it is; it's not a read-once book like most publications, it's a frequently referenced resource. Codex price divided by number of games it's used in gives it's value. If I use a 6E codex in 15 games then it's cost me 2 per game, and that's an hour or two at a time, so 50p per hour of use. Well cheaper than drinking, getting cabs and a lot of other stuff. Money well spent, IMO. Obviously that doesn't reflect the overall cost of your army per game but this thread isn't about that.

I make it a priority to get a new codex for any active force that I collect as they're updated (four in total) and any forces that I frequently go up against I'll consider getting a codex for from eBay just so I'm familiar with their rules.

19-06-2013, 15:01
I used to buy them all, now I just buy the ones for the armies I play.

The reason is cost. I don't impulse buy from gw at all now.

19-06-2013, 15:08
I only buy the codices for the armies I regularly play (CSM and Tau so far). I have a Draigowing army but that is just for painting/modelling as it is somewhat bland to play. I usually try and download a pdf version when a new codex comes out so that I have some idea of what my opponents might be throwing at me.

19-06-2013, 15:14
I used to buy them all, but now i only buy the ones i might play in the future (i play zero 40k atm). So Tau, Eldar and space marines when it is out. And maybe orks if they get some cool stuff.

19-06-2013, 17:39
the thing is, at least for marine codexes it only really takes a couple of read-throughs to memorise the whole book (rules section) anyway, there's so many common traits between them that you only have to remember the exceptions like stubborn instead of combat tactics, those guys have hit and run, and this is what their grenade launcher does. i've not actually referred to the DA codex in months now that i think about it... (obviously this doesn't apply if you don't use army builder etc for list building, and need to know points costs).

19-06-2013, 17:59
Since they went hardback I have bought exactly zero. I used to buy almost all the 40k ones. Now I find them in other places. :shifty:

If GW is intent on stealing from their fan base, I feel they deserve nothing less than to be stolen from.

I still buy plenty of models though. Even finecast (which has gotten a lot better). No flyers though. Won't do it.

19-06-2013, 18:49
I also used to buy the WHFB Army Book each edition for Lizardmen and Vampire Counts (I got into GW through a friend who played WHFB and moved on to 40K before I had an army, but, I had the book). Lizardmen were my gateway drug into plastic addiction.

The point of 'more use=more value' is also a valid one. As I've grown older and my friends and I have all moved on with our lives, we've played less and perceived value has, therefore, decreased.

Also, I think it has to do with when you got into the game itself. I came in at the end of 2nd Edition and my first boxset was the 3rd Edition starter. I remember when Tactical Squads were barely over $20USD and everything I read was holycrapthisisallsoawesomeZOMG!!!8headasplodes. As I've grown and things in the game have changed, the player base has changed and, through talking to friends who've just gotten into the game in recent years, everything they get excited about, think is awesome and cool, I seem to think is just dumb and get that whole old-person 'back in my day' perspective.

That all said, as 4th Edition proves (from my experience, see my previous post), if the game weren't so damnably expensive, I'd still buy at least one of everything, whether I played or not.

TL;DR: If I still were active in the community, I'd do almost the same thing the kids do these days; Buy my army's Codex and...'acquire' :shifty: the rest to familiarize myself with their rules. And buying my own is one step better than what the kids do these days (at least, all the ones I've talked to who got in with late 5th Edition).

The Illuminated
19-06-2013, 18:54
Buy my army's Codex and...'acquire' :shifty: the rest to familiarize myself with their rules.

This seems to be the norm amongst most gaming groups that I've played in.

People show faction loyalty to their own book, and buy it- and then 'acquire' the others in a more piratey fashion. Yo-ho.

19-06-2013, 20:03
I buy all of them so I know the rules, and to appreciate the art and fluff. Picking up Iyanden when my FLGS gets it in stock. Only book I have skipped so far is Crusade of Fire. And it would have been nice if the Codex supplements were paperback and priced like Skies of Death, rather than full codex sized.

19-06-2013, 20:10
I stopped buying codexes when they switched to hardcover, $49.50. It's just not worth it anymore.

Freman Bloodglaive
19-06-2013, 20:26
I only buy the Codexes for my armies, so that would be Empire and Space Marines, I suppose Space Wolves when they get updated.

Once upon a time I bought everything, but the perceived value is too low now.

Friedrich von Offenbach
19-06-2013, 21:50
Ive bought none and of the 40k players i know (about 7) they have bought none. If we had all bought the codices for the armies we play, you'd be looking at around 8 codices. I think the obvious issue is cost and perceived worth; i am probably the only one of us who likes to read the fluff and look at the pictures, while the rest just want the rules to play. Perhaps a soft cover, "white dwarf quality" would be a good idea. i think nearly every player would then buy every "white dwarf quality" codex for every army. Furthermore those who already have bought the current hardcover codices, probably would still buy the expensive ones for the pics and stuff anyway. This might mean that those who don't buy a codex, but acquire it by "other means" (as has been mentioned in a few posts in this thread and i'm not endorsing it, just pointing out that it none the less happens), might actually buy something rather than nothing.
Also Even for GW the price is unusually high given that a codex is 2/3 the price of the main rulebook but only a quarter the size (Another comparison would be that in my country an imperial Armour book costs the same as a codex).

19-06-2013, 22:44
I've bought two fifth edition codexes: Orks and Codex Space Marines, so I could play Assault on Black Reach with an opponent.

I doubt I'll buy any more though - I'm more interested in the modelling/painting side now.

Evol Intent
19-06-2013, 22:56
I like to stay up to date on the capabilities of my enemies, and as such, I used to purchase new codices as they were released for all of the various factions. With the recent price increase, however, I doubt I'll continue doing this.

I imagine pirated PDF's will be all the rage, if they're not already.

19-06-2013, 23:04
I buy every single one.
And all WHFB armybooks too.
And everything of FFG.

I regret nothing!

Losing Command
19-06-2013, 23:22
I started buying all the 6th codices so far because there isn't anything to add to the armies I have, and no other faction I'm really intrested in playing. The fluff if nice to read and compare, knowing the rules is helpfull and reading from a monitor is not my thing (short stuff like a forum = ok, but pages worth of reading material ...) and I got nothing else to spend my spare money on :p

colonel kane trine
19-06-2013, 23:42
I used to buy every codex and armybook.
So far i have 1 hardback but im trying to trade it

Il buy 6th ed necrons and orks and thats it

30 with a 20% discount is still alot

War Corgi
20-06-2013, 00:03
As a family, we have a number of books to support our armies. I play IG and Space Marines (total of four books), my wife plays Necrons and Sisters of Battle (one book and two white dwarf magazines), and my son plays Tau (one book). While I would be interested in owning some other books, I would rather spend that money building out our armies with additional models.

20-06-2013, 07:16
Everyone I know who plays the game (My brothers and a few friends) has their codex and thats it. The only 6th ed codex any of us have bought was the new Tau codex which my older brother bought to update his army. When our new books come out we'll buy them but nothing else.

20-06-2013, 14:06
How many Codex do I buy? One - Eldar.

20-06-2013, 14:19
I've bought no 6th Ed Codexes yet, simply because none of the armies I'm really interested in have been covered yet, I used to buy Every Codex as it was released.

I do own a Daemon army, but until there's some new models for the Greater Daemons I'm holding back on getting that book, I'll need to spend quite a bit on getting the army up to scratch for 6th and I'd prefer to be able to plan my purchases based on what's available, not on what I hope GW will release in the near future.

20-06-2013, 14:57
You do 25 shots/beers in one night out!? :eek:

Er, I don't buy any codexes or army books anymore.

I need to know where you get 25 shots for $46 :D

Or maybe I dont want to know...

20-06-2013, 15:01
I bought the Chaos Space Marine 6th ed codex to see what a 40K hardcover codex would look like, and now, as an eldar player, have recently bought the eldar codex, I will probably buy the SM codex to see what my mate will be able to field but apart from that I can't see myself buying many more (except DE when they eventually come out again). I started when 5th ed was just being released and can still remember the codices being 15 those were the days!

20-06-2013, 15:13
If I can flip through the book, I might buy it.

There was a time (when they were $20-$25 each) that I just bought all of them. Now I have to judge if
1) I might actually play the army
2) The rules are worthwhile enough to use
3) The background or art is new and/or superior to books I already own

Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos got purchased due to the merits of 1 and 2 - I'm more pleased with the latter than the former, but both are good and usable books.
Tau Empire got purchased on the merits of all 3 (number 3 as I don't have a previous Tau book).
Dark Angels got purchased because someone was offloading the Codex for cheap and I figured "Meh, I could use some more gothic" :p

I would love to have all of the newest edition army books and codices, but they're not worth the cost unless I can get some use out of them. I'm likely to pick up the Eldar book at some point, and will probably splurge for the collector's version of the next Dark Eldar book (and maybe a Salamanders supplement if Codex: Space Marines gets one), but I think I'll pass on the rest (as I assume Sisters of Battle will never be properly updated).

Fantasy has already updated the armies I care about that have non-hideous models. The only exception is Wood Elves, which I'm happy enough using the models in a different gaming system than WHFB.

20-06-2013, 15:28
It used to be every one that came out for fantasy or 40k...... now I haven't purchased a single book since they became $50 hardbacks..... It's getting harder not to do so now since I have both Eldar and Tau armies :(

21-06-2013, 09:44
I think I'm going to pick up Eldar but for sure will get Blood Angles and Necron.

21-06-2013, 09:59
I've bought only the ones that I need for my armies, and since I'm still building my CSM and Daemon armies I really don't have the money to buy any other books - I'd rather buy more minis than books I really don't need.